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Happy Birthday

Wed, Jul 1 2020 4:32 AM (1,330 replies)
  • ljbast
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    Thu, Oct 16 2014 1:13 PM

      Happy Birthday  Bobby Weir !!

  • DaddysKat
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    Thu, Oct 16 2014 2:24 PM

    What's a FIP ?

    Ah yes ... FIP, which sometimes is confused with FYP, means something completely different ... FIP stands for "Female Internet Personality". Along the same line as a FIP is the infamous MIP, which stands for "Male Internet Personality".  FIPs and MIPs have most of their followers from YouTube.  I subscribe to several FIP and MIP sites.  Here's one of my favorites ...




  • SweetiePie
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    Fri, Oct 17 2014 8:37 AM


    What's a FIP ?

    Ah yes ... FIP, which sometimes is confused with FYP, means something completely different ... FIP stands for "Female Internet Personality". Along the same line as a FIP is the infamous MIP, which stands for "Male Internet Personality". 

    Thanks Kat.....say, do they have any for people like, say Richard Simmons or a Rosie 0'Donnell ?

    October 17

                  1860 ~ 1st British Open ~ Prestwick Club ~ Willie Park ~ 164

    1253 - Ivo of Karmartin ( don't ask clue either ;-} )

    1696 - August III ~ King of Poland

    1848 - William "Candy" Cummings ~ created the 'curve ball'

    1896 - Spring Byington ~ actress

    1915 - Arthur Miller ~ playwright

    1918 - Rita Hayworth ~ actress

    1920 - Montgomery Clift ~ actor

    1938 - Robert "Evil" Knievel

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1346 ~ Battle of Naville's Cross ~ King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III of England <> House of Plantagenet <> at Calais, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years

    1456 ~ The University of Greifswald is established

    1610 ~ French King Louis XIII, age 9, is crowned at Reims, five months after the assassination of his father, Henry IV

    1777 ~ British forces under General John "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne surrendered to American troops in Saratoga, NY, in a turning point of the Revolutionary War

    1814 ~ The London Beer Flood ~ Yep....BEER!!!  it inundated the St. Giles district of the British capitol as a vat at Meux's Brewery on Tottenham Court Road ruptured causing other vats to burst as well and sending more than 320,000 gallons of beer into the streets; reports say as many nine happy folk gave up the ghost

    ~ Enjoy a blessed weekend ~

  • DaddysKat
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    Fri, Oct 17 2014 11:43 AM

    Hey all ... sorry for my spotty posts recently.  It's been a bit crazy since my operation ... now it's more work than anything else.  Hopefully I can get a bit better organized and post more frequently than I have been. 

    Kat ♥


    17 October ...

    PGA Golfer Ernie Els is 45 today!

    Some notables born on the 17th ... The daredevil that made the Guinness book of world records (most broken bones in a lifetime) ... Evel Knievel (1938 - 2007).  Now who said stunt people could spell?  Actress Rita Hayworth was also born on this date in 1918. 

    The director of the animated shows "Beavis and Butt-head" and "King of the Hill", Mike Judge is 52 today.  And the actor who played the role of "Norm" in the TV Series, Cheers ... George Wendt is 66.  Margot Kidder (Lois Lane from the Superman movie) is also 66 today.  And Director Rob Marshall, best known for his motion picture, "Chicago" is 54.

    Irene Ryan (played Granny in the TV Series, "The Beverly Hillbillies") was born on this date in 1902; and American Playright Arthur Miller, best known for the play "Death of A Salesman" was born in 1915.  Actor Montgomery Clift, best known for his role in the motion picture "From Here to Eternity" was born in 1920.  Wrapping this section up, Actor Tom Poston, best remembered for his roll as "George Utley" in the TV Series, "Newhart", was born in 1921.

    Singers ...

    One of my favorite Country Singers celebrates his birthday today.  Alan Jackson is 56 today.  For all my married FOP friends, here's a great song ... tell that woman you married so, so, so long ago how much she means to you!


    Bob Marley's son, Ziggy Marley, is 46 today ... for those of you who love Reggae, here's one great tune ...


    And my FIP pick for today ... Dami Im is 26 ...


    Equal Billing ... MIP Mohombi is 28 ...

    (a bit too techno for my taste)


    And a great singer of the 60's, Gary Puckett is 72.  (add this one to my 60's competition list, GOP!) ...


    It's Friday everyone ... have a wonderful weekend.

  • SweetiePie
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    Sat, Oct 18 2014 9:28 AM

    ... sorry for my spotty posts recently.

    Just the fact that you do post is treasure.. regardless of frequentcy ;-}

    October 18

    1239 - Stefanus V ~ prince of Transylvania ~ King of Hungary

    1595 - Edward Winslow ~ Founder of the Plymouth Colony

    1679 - Ann Putnam ~ American accuser in the Salem Witch Trials

    1939 - Lee Harvey Oswald

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1009 ~ The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a Christian church in Jerusalem is completely destroyed by the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, who hacks the Church's foundations down to bedrock

    1386 ~ Opening of the University of Heidelberg

    1768 ~ The Mason-Dixon line, the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, was set as astronomer Charles Mason and surveyor Jeremiah Dixon completed their survey

    1776 ~ In a New York Bar that was decorated with a bird tail, a customer orders a "Cocktail"

    1878 ~ Thomas Edison makes electricity available for household use

    1890 ~ John Owen is 1st man to run the 100yd dash under 10 seconds

    ~ G0tta love Saturday ! ~

  • DaddysKat
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    Sat, Oct 18 2014 2:47 PM

    18 October

    We'll start off this wonderful Saturday with Zac Efron, who turns 27 today.  What a cutie!  And Jean-Claude Van Damme is 54 today.  The actress that played Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, Dawn Wells is 76, and the actress that played Joanie Cunningham from the TV Series, Happy Days ... Erin Moran is 54.

    Retired head coach of Da' Bears ... Mike Ditka is 75 ... and Frankenstein himself (from Mel Brook's The Young Frankenstein), Peter Boyle was born on 18 October, 1935.

    The wife of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), the wonderful mom, model and actress, Pam Dawber is 63.  The director of Two And A Half Men, Chuck Lorre is 62.  And now retired professional tennis player, Martina Navratilova is 58. 

    Whether you remember him as Scrooge, or Patton, George C. Scott was born on 18 October, 1927.  Composer Howard Shore, best known for his works in the trilogy, "Lord of the Rings" is 68.

    Professional boxer, Thomas Hearns is 56 today.  And actress Inger Stevens, whose best known for her starring role in "The Farmers Daughter" was born in 1935.  She was also in one of Clint Eastwood's movies, Hang 'Em High.

    Tuneage ...

    Okay ... this is a first for me hearing this tune.  Chuck Berry celebrates his 88th today!


    Here's a MIP for ya'all ... Andrew Garcia is 29 today ...


    And Laura Nyro was born on this day in 1947 ...


    Blues guitarist, Jessie Mae Hemphill was born on this day in 1923 ...


    Jazz bassist and singer, Esperanza Spalding is 30 today ...


    Pulitzer Prize winning composer and trumpet player, Wynton Marsalis is 53 today ...


    Country Singer Josh Gracin is 34 today ...


    And that's my take on 18 October.  Have a safe and happy Saturday everyone!

  • SweetiePie
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    Sun, Oct 19 2014 8:41 AM

    October 19

    1582 - Dmitry Ivanovich ~ Son of Sam of Ivan IV "The Terrible"

    1680 - John Abernethy ~ Irish Protestant Minister

    1718 - Victor-Francois ~ Marshal of France

    1784 - Leigh Hunt ~ British Writer  ( Lord Byron )

    1862 - Auguste Lumiere ~ Made 1st movie

    1885 - Charles Merrill ~ American investment banker

    ~ By the Bye ~

    202BC ~ Battle of Zama ~ Hannibal Barca, leader of the invading Carthaginian Army, is defeated by Roman legions under Scipio Africanus

      439 ~ The Vandals take Carthage in North Africa

    1216 ~ King John of England <> House of Plantagenet <> Dies !

    1453 ~ 2nd Battle at Castillon ~ French forces defeat the English, end of the Hundred Years War

    1781 ~ British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown at 2pm; The Revolutionary War is at the end

    ~ Peace & Grace ~



  • SweetiePie
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    Mon, Oct 20 2014 8:38 AM

    October 20

    1632 - Christopher Wren ~ East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England ~ Astronomer & Architect of St. Paul's Cathedral

    1677 - Stanislaus I Leszczyriski ~ King of Poland

    1819 - The Bab ~ Persian founder of the Babi Faith ---- "how's that workin' for ya ?"

    1882 - Bela Lugosi

    1931 - Mickey Mantle     W0W!!!

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1714 ~ Georg Ludwig von Hannover is crowned King George I. This marked the end of the House of Stuart and the beginning of the House of Hannover.

    George I, was a paradoxical ruler. Though scandalously autocratic and even cruel as a man, as a King he was moderate, responsible, and steady. Private, uncommunicative, and distant to the end, he set a good course for the Hannoverian dynasty but died an unloved King

    1803 ~ The US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase....thanks to the brain of Thomas Jefferson....

    1818 ~ The 49th parallel forms as border between US & Canada

    1820 ~ Spain sells part of Florida to US for a paltry $5,000,000...not as much of a Real Estate deal as the one above, but still a dandy  ;-}

    1864 ~ President Lincoln formally establishes Thanksgiving as a National Holiday

    1873 ~ P T Barnum Hippodrome opens featuring "Greatest Show on Earth"




  • SweetiePie
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    Tue, Oct 21 2014 9:06 AM


    October 21

    1449 - George ~ Duke of Clarence ~ brother of Edward IV & Richard III ~ all ~ <> House of Lancaster & York <>

    1833 - Alfred Bernhard Nobel ~ Stockholm maker of prizes

    1839 - Georg von Siemens ~ Founder of Deutsche Bank

    1928 - Edward "Whitey" Ford ~ One of Jims Yankees

    1942 - "Judge Judy"

    1986 - Natalee Holloway ~ "Rest in Peace"

    ~ By the Bye ~

      335 ~ Roman Emperor "Constantine the Great" rules laws against the Jews :-{

    1520 ~ Ferdinand Magellen & crew reach Cape Virgenes to become 1st Europeans to sail into the Pacific

    1774 ~ The word "Liberty" on a flag is raised in Taunton, Mass in defiance of British rule in Colonial America

    1805 ~ Battle of Trafalger ~ British defeat French & Spanish fleet, but it sadly marks the death of the great "Admiral Nelson"

    1858 ~ In Paris, the "Can-Can" is 1st performed

    1959 ~ Guggenheim Museum, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece opens in the "Apple"

    ~ Thank You ~

  • SweetiePie
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    Wed, Oct 22 2014 6:34 AM

    hmm....rather slim pickens....

    We have spent 295 days...but 70 remain ;-}

    October 22

    1811 - Franz Liszt ~ Composer ~ Virtuso Pianist

    1845 - Sarah Bernhardt ~ of France ~ The Worlds most Famous Actress of her time

    In her own private words..... in 1883, to Jean Richepin, a french writer, she wrote : "Carry me off into the blue skies of tender love, roll me in dark clouds, trample me with your thunderstorms, break me in your angry rages. But love me , my adored lover.

    she also wrote him.... "I was born to be yours"

    she was, however, not born to be his exclusively, and the relationship floundered 

    1870 - Alfred Douglas ~ Oscar Wilde's "boyfriend"

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1746 ~ Princeton University received it's charter

    1797 ~ Andre-Jacques Garnerin makes 1st parachute jump from a balloon

    1897 ~ World first car dealer opens in London

    1934 ~ Bank robber, Charles " Pretty Boy " Floyd was shot to death at a farm near East Liverpool, Ohio ;-}

    1935 ~ 18th PGA Championship ~ Johnny Revolta

    ~ a sunny day to all ~