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Happy Birthday

Wed, Jul 1 2020 4:32 AM (1,330 replies)
  • SweetiePie
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    Sat, Oct 11 2014 10:00 AM


    ...a big HS football fight for me...Canyon Cowboys vs Hart Indians...

    Awesome game ! With 45 seconds left, Cowboys fail on a 2 point conversion.....Indians 21 ~ Cowboys 20    ;-{

    October 11

    1611 - Hugues de Lionne ~ Marquess de Barry ~ French Ambassador to Rome

    1671 - Frederik IV ~ King of Denmark - Norway

    1758 - Wilhelm Olbers ~ discovered astroids Vesta & Pallas

    1821 - George Williams ~ founder of YMCA.....the Village People are grateful

    1844 - Henry John Heinz ~ "Heinz 57" guy whose fortune is still enjoyed by far away, much removed "golddiggers" fop, John Kerry and hog wife, Tereasa

    1884 - Eleanor Roosevelt ~ vastly overated 1st Lady

    1905 - Fred Trump ~ RE Guy & Father of "the Donald"

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1726 ~ Benjamin Franklin returns to Philadelphia from England...RETURNS.. he is only 19 years old....amazing guy

    1737 ~ Calcutta...kills 300,000 !!

    1852 ~ The University of Sydney is founded

    1890 ~ Daughters of the American Revolution is founded

    1902 ~ 8th US Open is won by Lawrence Auchterlonie

    ~ Have Fun ~



  • SweetiePie
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    Sat, Oct 11 2014 5:41 PM

    Although it is on Sister Kat's 'side of the street' I wish to include the awesome singer Daryl Hall as a  "HB" boy...he is 66 today. If I knew how, I would post his song "ain't no doubt about it" here. Taped at his house with friends...I love the tune ! ~ SP ~

  • alanti
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    Sun, Oct 12 2014 12:12 AM

    Hope this is the right one??

    Also must say thanks for this thread SP and Kat, I look forward to reading this....and away from all dramas lol

  • WigerToods2010
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    Sun, Oct 12 2014 4:37 AM


    Better late than never s'pose - been away - ty SweetiePie.

    You're amazing.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks once more, just cos it's you.




  • SweetiePie
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    Sun, Oct 12 2014 11:07 AM

    It was so nice to wake up to that smooth jazzy tune by Hall...and so kind of Alanti to provide it...special....say, old Daryl has a pretty snazzy pad...and that song kills..

    Then Johnny Boy (wigertoods) issues very kind words...And so to you both, if I may be so bold  THANKS!!   X00XX0X000X !!

    Columbus Day

    October 12

    we have spent 285 days, but 80 more are on the way

    1537 - Edward VI <> House of Tudor <> King of England

    Edward VI inherited the throne at nine years old, and died at just 15. A short reign but an important one. Under Edward England became a definitively Protestant nation, a change that, despite the efforts of his sister and eventual successor Mary, would never be reversed.

    1866 - James Ramsey McDonald ~ British Prime Minister

    1935 - Luciano Pavarotti ~ Modena, Italy operatic tenor

    ~ By the Bye ~

    539BC ~ The Army of Cyrus the Great of Persia takes Babylon

    1216 ~ King John of England <> House of Plantagenet <> loses his Crown jewels in a wash, probably near Fosdyke or Sulton Bridge....a blunder? Perhaps, but he did sign the Magna Carta so all is forgiven 

    1285 ~ 180 Jews refuse baptism in Munich and are set on fire

    1492 ~ Columbus makes landfall in the Caribbean---he believes he has reached East Asia....he was wrong by only 10,800 miles ;-}

    1773 ~ America's first iNsaNe aSyLuM opens in Virginia 

    1792 ~ 1st celebration of Columbus Day is held in New York

    1901 ~ Teddy Roosevelt renames "Executive Mansion" to "The White House"

    1915 ~ Teddy Roosevelt criticizes US citizens who indentify themselves with dual nationalites

    ~ Thanks ~   

  • andyson
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    Sun, Oct 12 2014 8:17 PM


    And David Lee Roth is 59 today.  This one made me think of my good ol' GOP buddy ... lol.

    A couple of days late I know........Thank You for the Beach Boys classic!   I loved it!



  • DaddysKat
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    Mon, Oct 13 2014 10:39 AM

    13 October ...

    Some notable birthdays today ... First off, the best NFL wide receiver ever ... Jerry Rice is 52 today.  And Margaret Thatcher was born on this date back in 1925.  NBA head-coach Doc Rivers is 53, and the only NFL owner to fire his head coach who was playing the best round of golf he ever played ... Jerry Jones is 72.

    He played "Lamont Sanford" on the TV sitcom "Sanford and Son" ... Demond Wilson is 68 today.  The screenwriter for the TV Series, X-Files ... Chris Carter is 57.  And the director of Stephen King's Pet Sematary and the sequel, Pet Sematary II, Mary Lambert is 63.  (I always wonder why people in horror films are so stupid!)

    Singer, Ashanti is 34 ...

    And Donny's little sister, Marie Osmond is 55 today ...

    Paul Simon (the vertically challenged one in this video) is 73 today ...

    Country singer/songwriter Rhett Akins is 45 today ...

    And "The Red Rocker", Sammy Hagar celebrates his 67th today ...

    Greek singer Nana Mouskouri is 80 today ...

    The world's greatest tenor saxophonist, Pharoah Sanders is 74 today ...


    and that's a wrap for this Monday, 13 October, 2014.  Have a great day everyone!

  • SweetiePie
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    Tue, Oct 14 2014 7:07 AM

    Well, as is her norm, another terrific showcase by the Sis-Kat. And I agree that Pharoah Sanders is comfy with the sax......

    October 14

    1404 - Marie Anjou ~ Queen of France

    1499 - Claude of France ~ wife of Louis XII

    1633 - James Stuart <> House of Stuart <> King James VII of Scotland <> James II of England.....son of King Charles I

    1644 - William Penn ~ Quaker & Founder of Pennsylvania

    1734 - Francis Lightfoot Lee ~ US Farmer & signer of the Declaration of Independence

    1784 - Ferdinard VII ~ King of Spain

    1888 - Katherine Mansfield ~ New Zealand born British writer ~ in a private love letter written to John Middleton Murry, January 27th, 1918, she wrote the following words:

    "My love for you tonight is so deep and tender that it seems to be outside myself as well. I am fast shut up like a little lake in the embrace of some big mountains. If you were to climb up the mountains, you would see me down below, deep and shining --- and quite fathomless, my dear. You might drop your heart into me and you'd never hear it touch bottom. I love you -- I love you -- Goodnight. Oh, Bogey, what it is to love like this !"

    1890 - Dwight D. Eisenhower ~ 34th President ~ Allied Comander WWII ~ West Point ~ played football ~ played at Augusta ~ smoked enough to reek of tobacco and sport the resulting yellow/orange fingers it creates...just like 0bammma ----- 0h and he screwed up big time by putting a collar on General Patton at exactly the wrong time...just a little jealous thing.

    1906 - Iman Hassan al Banna ~ Founder of the Muslin Brotherhood " you gotta admit this is real great news --- and interesting...Yah, you betcha --- worth at least 4 or 5 gold important stars" :-{

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1066 ~ Battle of Hastings

    1322 ~ Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeats King Edward II of England <> House of Plantagenet <> at Byland, forcing Edward to accept Scotland's independence

    1899 ~ Morning Post reporter, Winston Churchill departs to South Africa

    ~ Please have a Happy Day...Please ~

  • DaddysKat
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    Tue, Oct 14 2014 9:06 AM

    14 October ...

    Getting started, actor Roger Moore is 74 today.  He took over as "James Bond" when Sean left the scene.  Not nearly as good, IMO.

    And comedian Steve Coogan is 49 today.  He played the director in the movie "Tropic Thunder".

    And a true "Bruin" legend ... "The Wizard of Westwood", John Wooden was born on the 14th (1910 - 2010). 

    Today I have some FIP and FOP singers celebrating birthdays.

    First off, Usher is 36 ...

    Next up, Sir Cliff Richard is 74 ...

    and my first FIP singer of the day, Savannah Outen is 22 ...

    and another FIP, Pia Toscano is 26 ...

    and the lead singer of the now defunct female Country group, Dixie Chicks ... Natalie Maines is 40 today ...

    Wrapping up this Tuesday, Justin Hayward is 68 today ...


    Have a safe and happy Tuesday everyone!

  • SweetiePie
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    Thu, Oct 16 2014 8:39 AM



    What's a FIP ?

    October 16

    1430 - King James II of Scotland

    1751 - Frederika Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt ~ Queen of Prussia

    1758 - Noah Webster ~ lexicographer ~ Webster's Dictionary

    1815 - Francis Lubbock ~ Governor of Texas

    1854 - Oscar Wilde [Fingal O'Flahartie Wills] ~ Dublin, Ireland ~ Irish Writer....who wrote a note of admiration to Ada Leverson, English Novelist on May 20, 1897 after his release from prison where he served two years' for immoral practices. It reads: 

     Dear Sphinx,     

     I was so charmed with seeing you yesterday morning that I must write a line to tell you how sweet and good it was of you to be the very first to greet me. When I think that Sphinxes are monions of the moon, and that you got up early before dawn, I am filled with wonder and joy. I often thought of you in the long black days and nights of my prison-life, and to find you just as wonderful and dear as ever was no surprise. The beautiful are always beautiful.

    1886 - David Ben-Gurion ~ 1st Prime Minister of Israel

    1890 - Michael Collins of Sam's Cross County Cork ~ Irish Revolutionary Leader

    ~ By the Bye ~

    1781 ~ Washington takes Yorktown

    1793 ~ During the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France was beheaded

    1847 ~ Charlotte Bronte's book "Jane Eyre" is published

    1859 ~ Slavery abolitionist John Brown led a group of 21 men in a raid on Harpers Ferry in Virgina...ten of Brown's men were killed and five escaped. Brown and six followers were captured; all were executed

    1983 ~ 25th Ryder Cup is won by US 14 1/2 - 13 1/2

    ~ Thank You ~