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Happy Birthday

Wed, Jul 1 2020 4:32 AM (1,330 replies)
  • hpurey
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    Fri, Jul 1 2016 1:04 PM

    HB at ya hp!   :-)

    Thanks Thomas


    Happy 357th, Ole Yella!

    LOL  I see what you did there.  :)


    Although I feel 357 since my oldest daughter turned 16 on Father's day.  LOL

  • MainzMan
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    Fri, Jul 1 2016 1:34 PM


    Although I feel 357 since my oldest daughter turned 16 on Father's day.  LOL

    It's unreal how turning points in your kid's lives make you feel old.  Mine are still all very young but my second lad starting school in 2 months time and his older brother moving in the the 3rd/4th class really makes it seem like the last few years went by in a matter of months.

    So you know who I'm talking about here's a picture of the taken nearly a year ago.  They're looking out of a side window of the caravan when it was parked up just outside Bognor Regis.

    From left to right they're Samuel (just turned 4), Benjamin (was 6 in March), Iva Marleen (2 in May) and Joshua who will be 8 in September.  A real handful at times but also pretty bloody wonderful  : ))

  • WigerToods2010
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    Fri, Jul 1 2016 2:47 PM


  • MainzMan
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    Wed, Jul 27 2016 11:25 AM



    What's up Johnny?  Did someone take offense at you suggesting having 4 kids meant a lack of things to do other than procreate?  The only person with any right to be offended would be myself and I sure as hell wasn't. 

    You post whatever you like mate, it takes a lot to offend me : )

  • frappefort
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    Thu, Aug 4 2016 9:46 AM

    Today i turn   65     ................             Geeeezzzzz              where did my life go ,  it is to fast .......     looking for 66 now  and it will come to fast again  lollllll. Good day all.            Frapp

  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Aug 4 2016 3:52 PM

    Happy birthday François, another year of stories to tell. ; )

  • newcastleb
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    Thu, Aug 4 2016 11:44 PM

    Happy Birthday at ya mon amie, hope the year ahead is best one yet.


  • drmoose
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    Fri, Aug 5 2016 4:10 AM

    Happy Birthday Frapp ! Treat yourself to something special.

    Doc :)

  • WigerToods2010
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    Sat, Sep 17 2016 1:30 AM

    On this day:

    September 1947: Dennis R. Anderson "Andyson".

    Miss ya, sir.

    Sort it WGT!


  • ScottHope
    7,734 Posts
    Sat, Sep 17 2016 2:43 AM

    ⇧ Bet he's throwing some shapes in a cloud somewhere, hehe.  : ) ⇧