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Welcome to the Country Club Corner forum!

Fri, Jul 23 2010 3:29 PM (0 replies)
  • WGTniv
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    Fri, Jul 23 2010 3:29 PM

    If you are a club owner who is looking to recruit members for your country club or if you are just a single player looking to get started in a club then this is the place to make it known! 

    Country Club Corner Forum Rules:

    • Please keep yourself limited to one thread per CC or per person looking to join a club so you do not flood the forum with your advertisements.
    • If you already have a post advertising your CC then you need to BUMP your old thread.  Do not start a new thread.  Duplicate CC threads will either be merged together or deleted entirely.
    • Advertising your CC in someone else's thread is a no-no and will cause your post to be split off or deleted entirely.  Please respect other player's threads and stay out of them if they do not concern you.

    If you own a club, I recommend putting your CC's name in the thread title to make it very easy to see.  I've taken the liberty of editing some of the existing thread titles in this forum to include the CC name so you guys have an idea of how you should post your advertisements.

    This is not the forum for Country Club bug reports.  This forum is strictly for recruitment.  Please continue to post any bugs you find in the Bug Report forum.