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How do i buy clubs?

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Sun, May 17 2009 1:11 AM (6 replies)
  • dabeefcake
    7 Posts
    Mon, Apr 27 2009 12:15 PM

    Everything seems to be working fine, but it's asking for a CC before i even know how much they are??

    say i want a ping set, i see it's like 1600 credits, how much is that exactly?

  • Griz0613
    80 Posts
    Mon, Apr 27 2009 2:11 PM

    $1 is 100 credits. 1600 credits is $16

  • ShawnVanPar
    46 Posts
    Wed, May 13 2009 12:58 AM

    I think they definitely need to let people know that..its just bad business not to specify how much money it takes to buy credits and truth be known..many people probably don't buy them because they think 1 credit = 1 dollar.I bet they would sell allot more credits if players knew that wasn't the case.

  • atadad
    14 Posts
    Wed, May 13 2009 4:23 AM

      Spend $1.00 for the upgrade starter driver it will give you a few more yards off the tee.

    Any more than that seems to be a waste of money. The full set of Pings at this point in time are

    unplayable, and a waste of money.

  • justquit
    46 Posts
    Thu, May 14 2009 1:05 PM

    I can totally see what all the confussion is about. Its scarey making the decision to
    upgrade clubs or joining a tourny, knowing that it takes credits which you have to buy from wgt. I mean when me and my girlfriend sat down and made the big decision to upgrade my clubs we had to rebudget, reorganize and cut alot of frivolous spending knowing that if i bought 2000 credits that 2000 dollars would be a major purchase. So after long debate and a few rear facing choke holds i finally tapped, and she convinced me that it was pennies and not dollars for credits.And even then it was only when i just about blacked out that i realaized that who in thier right mind would pay 2 G's for a set of clubs you would never get to see, or join a tourny at 800 bucks. 

      And dont get me wrong i did some crazy buying off the internet like dehydrated water at 35 bucks a case, got me 7 of them for the bomb shelter i have and a satalite dish that detects aliens if they invade that was only 25 bucks but still havent got it. So when my bill finally arrived in the mail i grab it wanting to show her she was wrong so i her up made her come home so i could open it in front of her and said look $20.00 to wgt! After the scream down and the fourth smack to the back of my head i decided to dummy up and use common scents.

    Next time i have doubt about buying stuff off the internet i'm going to 7/11 or whereever they sell prepaid credit cards buy one and use it. That way i dont have to go through the beating of being a dumbass. I dont even know why i should of bought those clubs anyways sure they go further and are better, but it took me 2 weeks before my eyes didnt cross anymore when taking a shot. I think the real problems are not even being address. for example the clothes you cant even fart in those whites for fear of staining the back side of them, the blue and beige thing just dosent have that sliming affect i need to make me look good and thier unlucky for me for whatever reason. And if i wear just the black ones then i get bugged after a couple of weeks about not changing sure i may smell like *** but i play just as shitty as my rating shows for the time i put into it.   


    And if you want to write something about what i said here, please before you do read the blog on my profile at the very bottom of it you will get my reply.   and still i cant spell

  • Benderjak
    2 Posts
    Sat, May 16 2009 8:09 AM

    Ahhh -----got 2 LOVE that Canadian humour eh??

  • fathead4u
    1 Posts
    Sun, May 17 2009 1:11 AM

    I played golf last week in the nude! Slimming effect was only noticed on my Dicky-Do!

    A Dicky-Do is Okie (Oklahoma) for my belly sticks out further than my dicky do!

     Although I did shoot a good score that day! Unfortunately, I only shot once! LOL

    I have to ask this . . . Does WGT sell Cialis or Viagra? If so, how much for one of them there subscriptions!LOL

    I want to shoot good scores more than once a day!