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New Pings - Please slow them down

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Wed, Apr 29 2009 5:53 PM (14 replies)
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  • Kaslo
    428 Posts
    Sat, Apr 18 2009 10:27 AM

    Well I must say I am disappointed. I was looking forward to the new clubs. I have  been struggling since their release watching my average skyrocket. Today I have finally given up and gone back to the tour clubs. I did a quick look and most the top 10 amateurs are not using them. They are just to fast for no real benefit. I really would encourage you to slow them down to make them usable. I hope some of you higher ranked amateurs can weight on this. I mean if Tibbets is not using them the designer should ask why? :)


  • hagenking
    13 Posts
    Mon, Apr 20 2009 9:36 AM

    I agree they are too fast for as jerky as the swing speed is.

  • jbowles824
    67 Posts
    Thu, Apr 23 2009 11:38 PM


    I have taken a cue from many on this site that are way better than I am. I am using all the tour starter clubs except I am using the burner driver. A lot of the best players on this game seem to shy away from the pings. I have all the clubs that have been offered, but I will forget distance to get control. The older clubs work better for me at the moment.

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Apr 23 2009 11:54 PM

    I play the PING woods/wedges with TS irons.  I've tried the PING irons out on quite a few different occasions, but they still haven't found a home in my bag yet.

    It's not so much the speed that bothers me.  It's the near-perfect mishits that fly wildly off target.  If you mishit in the forgiveness zone it should still be a decent shot barring any deviations or whatnot.  I feel like I absolutely can't miss at all or I might be in big trouble.  You can miss with the TS irons and still have reasonable birdie putts.

  • Kaslo
    428 Posts
    Fri, Apr 24 2009 9:42 AM

    Thanks for the replies. I see lots of complaints about the Pings. Even harder now as for some reason the game is getting more lag. The $64,000 question is...Is WTG going to do anything about them? They don't seem to have recognized this is an issue.

  • iconian
    599 Posts
    Fri, Apr 24 2009 2:04 PM

    agree with nivlac, speed is better than before, but near miss is expedited into a big miss

  • SG13
    3 Posts
    Mon, Apr 27 2009 2:22 PM

    $17 bucks for this Ping set and now my average is going up because they're too fast to hit.  For the money it should have be easier to hit the ball, not harder.

  • ncviz
    527 Posts
    Mon, Apr 27 2009 8:46 PM

    Lee just shot the lowest round on the site, lowest that I have seen anyway. And what was in his bag... Pings. So they may not be all that bad. We just all have to get those Avatar reflexes!

  • tibbets
    1,043 Posts
    Mon, Apr 27 2009 9:37 PM

    LOL  By all means, equip your bag with them then!

    Yeah, I shot 15 birdies in a round too.  So, at BEST, the Pings are as good as the other clubs.  At worst, they are much worse.  Lee is a top player, so if you're comparing apples to apples, that same 57 would have been shot with the Tour Starters, since it's really all about getting favorable deviations and putting.  For the best of us, it has little to do with the club and everything to do with the skill of the player.  As I've stated in a previous post, if you're not up to the task of handling the PIngs, you will score much worse than with the Starter Pros.  The PIngs have the same amount of deviation as the Starter Pros, and give you 5 extra yards.  Who needs 5 extra yards from these tee boxes though?  I can regularly shoot 60 or less, and whatever misses I have are about deviations and missed putts, not about length.

    I've shot 27 on the front and 27 on the back with the Starter Pros.  I don't think that any clubs you could give me at this point would improve that, since shooting lower would require an eagle or hole in one, which is more about luck than anything else.   So while the Pings may not be "all that bad", they really aren't "all that good" considering the extra credits you spend vs. what you get.  It's a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless.


  • AvatarLee
    1,644 Posts
    Tue, Apr 28 2009 4:48 AM

    I have to go with Tibbs on this one... it's just a matter that I have adjusted my game to know the distances of the new clubs through practice, and I like a faster swing meter for timing.  However, I will say there is an odd occasion where I find myself with an approach that is a club lower than with the Tour Starters (would be in between clubs) and the little added spin (and I do mean little) helps control the landing a bit better.  Overall though, yes, this could have been done with the Tour Starter clubs.  It was just a lucky night and I was able to sink some really critical putts to post that score.

    Oh yeah and upgrading from 1GB of Ram to 2GB helped A LOT with a steady swing meter.  Now I can go 2-3 games without restarting my browser rather than 1. =/

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