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Is there anyway I can get new clubs without having to pay actual money?

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Wed, Apr 15 2009 5:13 PM (5 replies)
  • jagsfan05
    3 Posts
    Fri, Apr 10 2009 11:55 AM

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • mrboo
    211 Posts
    Fri, Apr 10 2009 2:20 PM


    You can play free tournaments to win credits, which can then be used to purchase new clubs.

  • imcoola
    228 Posts
    Sat, Apr 11 2009 5:25 AM


    I think it's too hard to get credits in the free tournaments.

    People who actually got the new clubs got a higher chance to get to the top then people without the new clubs.


    An other option is to play closest to the hole tournaments with random drawing. Perhaps you've luck and win credits or eventually 200 credits.


    greetings imcoola (sry for my's really worse)

  • FreddyFox
    60 Posts
    Tue, Apr 14 2009 1:46 AM

    Just gotta work at it. I've been on this site now for a little over a month. I've played in the free tournaments, haven't paid a dime and have been able to amass 311 credits to this point. It's not impossible, just takes a bit of perseverance and thought. A little luck helps too...

  • backspin63
    67 Posts
    Wed, Apr 15 2009 4:46 PM

    Jagsfan05: When mom & Dad are fast asleep... sneek into Dad's wallet or moms purse and get the card!.. then go back into your room in the basement, lock the door finsh your milk and cookies, then buy some credits!! $20.00 bucks = 2000 credits that should do. Dont get too greedy! for a twenty spot you will be grounded for about one month, this will be a great time for you to use your new clubs!

  • marioh
    1,055 Posts
    Wed, Apr 15 2009 5:13 PM

    I agree with FreddyFox.

    All the credits I have and clubs I use were due to winning credits in tournaments.   It's not easy though, you have to be able to shoot good rounds in tournaments (with credit prizes).