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Uneven lie tutorial

Wed, Nov 6 2019 11:24 AM (120 replies)
  • LOLserver
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 10:31 AM

    Hello everyone I hope this tutorial will help you to understand the "uneven lie" feature.

    The faster the UL dots grid move, the bigger aim adjustment needs, either sideways or up & down. 

    To make the adjustments before the shot from fairway, rough and sand, I do the following;

    • look at the grid/box color; 

    black = even lie (flat shot)



    green = easy forward shot



    yellow = (some steep lie) possible forward shot but being aware of the dots speed



    red ,= almost impossible forward shot (very steep lie) you might need to hit backwards or to a place for a forward shot.



    • look at the dots moving sideways and then make my decision of how much I need to move my aim, pretty much like moving the aim sideways due to the wind amount & direction
    • look at the dots moving up or down and make my decision about hit power. Beware that on downhill or uphill lies the ball will fly either very low or very high, you need to learn this curb too; lets say more power with less or no spin with uphill lies (ball flies higher), almost same power as even lies but add back spin to make the shot not so low.

    Uneven Lies means ONE more estimating factor than the regular ones you use for even lies. It takes longer or even much longer time to make decisions for your shot, you need to have a good amount of patience. 

    Best way to learn it; grab the starter balls, pick up any course with uneven lies in PRACTICE mode. 

    Some tips:

    • fly of the ball is much lower when down hill shot, mind objects ahead. 
    • dots moving faster down or up = less distance (you need to add more power (lower iron) to the shot
    • less grip at landing when down hill shots
    • big lost of power when chipping, pitching or flopping close to the green, especially on steep shots
    • shots around the green can be nasty if you miss-judge the direction of the shot or miss the ding 

    There are many more tips ahead in the thread from cool guys, please read them too.

    Please be patience and remember that everyone can learn Uneven Lies.

    To me the uneven lies is nothing else but GREAT fun!

    Cheers, Eric

  • GambitMaia
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 10:59 AM

    Well here's my own tips, can't go (much) wrong with it:

    - Hiting the middle of the fairway when you drive and making the GIR are pretty much the best way to avoid a bogey.

    - The lie varies as you aim, watch it carefully as you move the pointer.

    - Greens are still the ones we're used to so it's better to be safe than sorry in some approaches. If you hit a green bunker you're not likely to sink it in only two shots.

    - Try to putt if you can, even if you're on the fairway or fringe. Chips and pitches are much more likely to go short or wide with uneven lies.

    - Avoid cutting corners and doglegs, if you miss the perfect shot you're f*****.

    - If you misdrive and end up in the rough or sand, pray not to get a yellow/orange/red lie or you'll AT LEAST double bogey. Never go for the hole in these situations, just wedge it back to the closest piece of fairway and keep going.

    - The faster the dots move and the closer to red is the lie color, the more it'll ruin your aim. I got a sick blinking red lie yesterday that made my ball go almost 90 degrees away from what I had aimed.

    Anything but a flat or green lie will result in a pretty random shot imo. But it's awesome, introduced a whole new difficulty level to the game and kinda broke the boredom for us stroke players. Thanks WGT

  • Corwyn
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 11:47 AM

    Thanks for starting this thread, Eric.

    Great to see you're both having fun (despite such colorful descriptions of the challenges!).

    • I'd definitely echo the need for sensible course management: hitting fairways and prioritizing GIR are key.

    • Lower your expectations: imagine you're playing in a U.S. or British Open (after all, these are Major championship courses). The rough and the bunkers are going to be brutal, so avoid them at all costs, just like the pros. Treat par as a great score, and if you're patient and hitting greens, some birdies will come.

    • That said, attack the par 3s whenever possible. Make the most of your perfect lie with the tee.

    • Learn the fairways of the course you're playing: it's no longer OK just to pull out the 'big dog' and hit driver as far as you can. Play for the flattest areas, even if that means holding back 20 yards. After twice putting myself on the nasty downslope, sidehill lie on Kiawah #18, I've decided I can't reach the bottom of that hill, and I'm better off leaving a 200 yard approach where I've a better chance of making GIR.

    • You can gain a measure of control with a sidehill lie by deliberately missing the ding against the slope, i.e. if the slope's going to take the ball left, miss the ding a little right. Woe betide you if you miss the ding with the slope (especially if the wind is also taking the ball that way; this is where you see the most extreme effects).

    • Don't expect to master Unevens quickly... It's like going back to the beginning, learning a whole new game.

    • Experiment with new shots around the greens. An uphill lie can mean you can use a Punch shot as if it were a Pitch.

    • Oh... and putt your lights out! Your scoring is now going to depend on great putting. But the good news is you'll frequently be so much further away from the pin, that your putting is bound to improve no end!

    Above all, approach Unevens with an open mind, and (try to) have fun!

  • LOLserver
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 11:49 AM

    Thanks to GambitMaia.

    Cool Corwin mate, now we are three giving tips away, Cheers Eric.


  • WGTicon
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 12:01 PM

    Great thread

    I am going to move it to the proper forum and then sticky it.


  • devonnnnn
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 12:01 PM

    Thanks guys for making the thread. Been having much fun with the lies so far :)

  • borntobesting
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 12:29 PM

    I can't add anything to what has already been said except to note that with uneven lies you really have to pay close attention to where you want to land on any shot. It puts an even higher premium on Course management. 

    big lost of power when chipping, pitching or flopping close to the green, especially on steep shots

    That is the one place that WGT really dropped the ball. And where it really is unrealistic and needs tweaking the most. Because in real golf unless you have an unbelievably steep lie around the green chipping pitching and flopping are not affected that much the steepness of the lie due to the relative shortness of the shot. Case in point I was 8 yards from the pin on #8,pitching with my Cleveland 64 degree. 5 avatar movements should get it 10 yards but with 30/40 rough it still should go around 8 yards.The shot was dinged and it went 2 yards forward and 6 yards straight left. In real golf the only way a shot would have done that is if you hit way behind it and blocked it out. In other words took and awful swing. That is where WGT really needs to tweak it. 

  • Pardiparpar
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 1:13 PM

    This is my first post but I have been following the forum since I joined the site. I appreciate and respect everyones opinions and advice. My frustration with the uneven lies is that its so unrealistic that it takes WGT further away from the game. One of the qualities that I have enjoyed about this game has been its attention to detail. I was skeptical about the uneven lies feature and am sorry to say its going to take a complete re-vamp, in my opinion, if its going to be realistic.

    Two examples, first, on a side hill lie, lets say the ball is above my feet, the tendency is going to be to slice the shot, where if the ball is below my feet it would be the opposite. Having said that, I would either open or close my stance to compensate and as long as my shoulders are square to my target line, I should hit a fairly good shot.

    Second, if I am in the sand and my ball is buried, or plugged into the side of the trap, then I would simply try to dig out the ball by taking more sand with my shot.

    Everything with golf is about the setup as many of you already know, and of course, course management is key as has been perfectly pointed out in earlier posts. I just think if they want to make it more realistic, then allow for those adjustments. The downside, is the games will take twice as long and people might start quitting or worse, the game will stall even more. Just my two cents. I hope I didnt offend anyone.

  • kilbraur
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 3:57 PM

    Thank you for this thread it ar nice when people is want to share

  • Imbroglio
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    Wed, Jan 2 2013 5:33 PM

    My only observation is that, while the uneven lie feature is both a welcome and wonderful concept, the effect on distance and direction of the various lies is ridiculously exaggerated.

    If you play real golf at all - and know a bit of what you're doing (I'm a 5 handicap) - you know that the effect is much more subtle in reality than is portrayed in the game.