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Tue, Mar 10 2009 12:16 PM (76 replies)
  • TXBowhunter
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 7:57 AM


    I think an upgrade that you could make would make the "perfect shot" line thicker.  The starter clubs could have a wider sweet spot (line), and the advanced clubs could have a thinner sweet spot.  But this way, with the slight delays in the internet, we don't get penalized.  If you are outside of that sweet spot, then let the slice and hooks begin.

  • Cherokee0524
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 8:06 AM


    Just when I was getting my game with the old clubs where I wanted it, now I'm practically having to start all over again.  We will all probably adjust to them eventually, but for now it is really frustrating.  My desire to play has dropped significantly as a result.

  • Bellodian
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 8:43 AM

     I have been playing for some time now as have others. There is no doubt that these clubs you have stuck us with are the pitts. My score has gone up by a good 4 or 5 strokes. I hit within a line near the sweet spot and it careens off 10 yards or more as if I hit way outside. Even my real game does not react that way. These are so innacurate.

    But I must give a kudos to the marketing guys. "So how can we get the users to start spending more money? I know! Give them junk clubs and then post a "club upgrade" to tempt them to a better grade of club!" Brilliant.

    I have less desire to play now as I have seen others mention also. In essence, you are discouraging many players who was in a nice comfort zone with the pre-existing clubs.

    In the real world I use a middle grade set of clubs by Topflight. Cheap set yet I am neck and neck or better than my friends who have spend a fortune on expensive clubs. So don't give me the "they are lower grade clubs so they are not supposed to perform as well" story.

    It's about money when the bottom line is drawn.

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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 10:04 AM

    I have just played with the new clubs & whats concerning me more at the moment is its gone a lot more jerkier or laggier whatever you want to call it, i dont mind trying to master new clubs, hell........i'll play with with anything but the meter is deffinatley jerkier and ive noticed the ball is too,just as the ball gets to the hole for a split second the screen will freeze ,you then have to wait to see if its aqctually gone in!!!!!!!!!!!now that is pissing me off , anyone else seen this ? 


  • mosherkl
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 10:34 AM

     Yes, I've definitely noticed this. I've only played a few rounds since the update, but each one was definitely more laggy and jerky than prior to the update.

  • chuzeme
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 10:45 AM

    I agree totally  with everyone who feels the frustration with these new "clubs". I'm hitting the same club on the same spots and now with these new clubs there is no telling where the ball will spray. My new driver is totally inconsistant and when I tried my flop shot with the SW, the ball only went 2 feet with these "upgraded clubs". Are you telling me that there isn't a flop shot anymore! Now I see where we can "buy" clubs that are supposily better than what we have. But why in the hell buy a decent driver when your irons are totally crap!  Sorry about these comments, but this game is no longer any fun and looks like WGT got into the "profit" business.

  • snefani26
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 10:47 AM

     i'm very new to the site, and have to say that i'm very excited about what's going on here! Making changes alway's has i'ts drawbacks, which can hopefully be resolved. I love most of the changes, the trajectory is spot on now, and the options with the LW are very good, especially out of the sand. New club choices is a great idea if they really are an upgrade? Now, what I'm really concerned about is the accuracy bar on the swing meter. If you slightly miss the bar and don't have a "perfect shot", you are severely penalized? I'ts extremely hard to hit a perfect shot, especially with the site running slow alot. If there is any way of fixing this problem, I think you will have many more happy golfer's. Thanks for all your hard work on WGT, i'ts fantastic!



  • Giuseppe327
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 11:30 AM

    The fact remains, while we're all grateful for a free game as nice as this, the inconsistency in clubs, accuracy, and distance has ruined this game.  My game was neither perfect nor consistent before the changes, but now, it’s ridiculous.  On the Kaiwah skills, I can barely break 200!  Before, my best game was a 60, but I averaged around 100.  I was consistently within 20 of 100, with the occasional real bad game and occasional real good game.  It was perfect to keep me interested and keep me coming back.  Now I'm just not enjoying it anymore.  Also, the wind...what's up with the wind!?  A 7mph wind doesn't affect the ball at all!  Things have to change...I'm not playing it like this for too much longer. 

  • vbangle
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 11:32 AM

     The new "starter Clubs" are complete crap. Thanks for ruining what was a fun game....all to make more money? will be a cold day in Hell before I pay one red cent to improve my can take your updates and put them where the sun don't shine.

  • vpc1sgt
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    Fri, Mar 6 2009 11:35 AM

     I posted a comment earlier under "New Club Discussion" and now I'm posting one here.   The complaining is unreal!!   It's a computer game!!!   No one is going to get a pass to the PGA playing this game.   It's only day 2 and it's like it's the end of the world.  

    What EXACTLY is a "Perfect" shot????   The only ones would be those that go in the hole EVERY TIME.   I've hit thousands of "perfect" shots on a golf course with less than perfect results.   In fact, one of my most IMPERFECT shots, resulted in an ACE!!

    Relax people, adjust to the changes, keep trying and it'll improve.   My first few stroke play and skills rounds were disasters, but, I've already started improving.  

    For those concerned about stroke averages, play alone a few times, play to the last putt and quit.   Once you've adjusted to the nuances, your scores will improve

    Thanks again, WGT.   I like it!!!