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Tue, Mar 10 2009 12:16 PM (76 replies)
  • thebetterguy
    3 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 6:17 AM

     The new clubs suck,the driver dont go as far and your accuracy is all over the place ... i liked the old clubs a lot better ! it seems like everything is way off with the new clubs..

  • paulmcm
    449 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 6:31 AM

     The irons are a lot less forgiving, but distances seem to be a lot truer - so i suppose once we get used to them we'll start to see the benefit.

  • BoGilmore
    1 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 6:52 AM

    There seems to be a wind issue after the upgrade. Anyone besides myself having wind direction or any wind issues?

  • TitleistPro
    94 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 7:19 AM

    Dosen't ANYONE appreciate something NEW???

    THank you for giving us something new to play with....I am sure there will be learning curves, but, I for one am appreciative of clubs that go closer to what real ones do.


    THANK YOU and God Bless,


  • jcksnghst
    71 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 7:38 AM

     I agree. with tp. They "feel" better. Has a more realistic flight trajectory. Better face responce with spin and such, if you know what i mean. But guys,(kudos to the marketing dept.) that is the most homeliest putter i have seen in 15 yrs. I've  seen better looking putters at putt-putt. ;-p  Good Job!

  • Jarid
    31 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 8:36 AM

    Well, I know what i'm going to be doing for the next 48 hours straight. I really appreciate the updates and look forward to trying to master these new clubs and conditions. Congratulations on creating a fabulous online experience and enviroment. And tell Titilest a loyal customer wants to see thier presence ASAP.Thank you much.

  • Skipppppy
    16 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 9:21 AM

    I was pretty excited when I saw the new drivers.  I bogey #4 every time and these extra yards help a lot.  BUT the irons go way off if you don't hit it perfect.  I mean, I had a shot that was just a hiar off and it went to the right 4 extra yards.  This game was fun, now it's OK.  I don't want it to be easy. obviously, what fun would that be, but if I miss by a hair and that sends it off by yards, what's the point.  I guess I'll have find a new online game to play.

    7 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 10:48 AM

    The new clubs are great thanks WGT! Any1 who was getting bored with the game here you go we get to learn the game all over again.

  • Cotton949
    379 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 10:51 AM


    Yep, I agree, now it is so sensitive it is no fun to play. You can't depend on the same stroke now and with the wind it is irratic.

    I don't like the new clubs at all!

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 12:16 PM

    Love the new stuff. 

    Obviously we'll get new and better clubs as time goes by.  Better clubs will have better stats and mishits won't be penalized so much.  It's a good start, which is what it was supposed to be.

    Look past your nose fellas!