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Re: Website Quirks

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Mon, Feb 9 2009 3:38 PM (2 replies)
  • nivlac
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    Sat, Feb 7 2009 9:32 AM

    Couple of quirks I've found while browsing around the website itself.  I use Firefox.  I can do a video of the first two things if need be because some of this is hard to explain.


    There are times when I will be searching through the player list and I'll type someone in specifically.  Let's say Bob123.  I type 'Bob123' into the box and click search.  His name comes up first as it should but, within a second or two the list changes again and instead displays all of the people who are online at the time.  It's as if I just ran a blank search in the first place.  By the time I move my mouse the 2-3 inches to click on Bob's name, it quickly changes to someone else's name and I end up on their profile instead.  The whole series of events takes about 4-5 seconds in real time.  It seems to happen at least once out of 10 tries or so.


    I'm having a problem with the 'quick reply' pop up that appears when you reply to a thread on the forum, post on someone's wall or write a new blog.  There will be times when I am typing into the quick-reply window and suddenly, after 20 or 30 seconds, my STOP button and my loading bar will start flickering repeatedly.  This pulls my cursor out of the text window as if I'm manually hitting the STOP button or clicking outside of the field myself.  I can click back inside the text window to try to resume typing, but since the STOP button continues to flicker, it takes me right back out again.  Generally when this happens, I have to abort the entire post and start over again.  This never happens when I create my own post (such as this one) and there is no quick reply window.

    There are also times when I won't even get the chance to start typing in the text window and those two things will just start flickering immediately.  Again, the only solution is to close the quick-reply and try again.  Sometimes this will happens 2 or 3 times in a row and it's incredibly frustrating when I'm trying to post match play info. I'll be four letters away from finishing, it'll start acting up and I'll have to restart it.  This happens about 15% of the time.


    This one is kind of hard to describe, so here's a pic.  Names were blotted to protect the innocent :D

    In the Product Suggestions forum, it's showing that the latest post is titled 'Add a "Golf Clap" ...'.  If I click on that link, I'm taken to a post titled 'Display the actual ball lie depth in actual percentage.....'  It's the same thread.  That's where I'm supposed to go but, the last person to reply in that thread included his own subject in his reply and unknowingly changed the name of the thread title in the latest post section.  It's self perpetuating because anyone who replies to that thread going forward will have their subjects in their posts automatically set to  'Add a "Golf Clap" ...'.  That's assuming people reply to the last post and not one before it, but that's most likely what's going to happen.

    It's not that big of a deal because it doesn't change the title of the thread as it's listed in the thread itself or on the My Discussions tab but, it does change it in the 'Latest Post' section.  That probably could be abused somehow by a particularly unscrupulous fellow.

    That's all. :)  All in all the site works very well and is quite easy to navigate.  These are just nitpicky things.

  • WGTalex
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    Mon, Feb 9 2009 11:15 AM

    Thanks nivlac. One thing that might help with the WGT player search quirk is to wait until the page fully loads before performing the search.

  • nivlac
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    Mon, Feb 9 2009 3:38 PM

    Yup, you're right.  Usually I'm plowing through names as fast as I can so I rarely give it enough time to finish the initial load.

    After letting that load completely I was able to do 25 consecutive searches without a problem. 

    Thanks :)