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Re: Game freezing on head to head 9 hole stroke play

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Mon, Feb 5 2024 1:39 AM (57 replies)
  • AlaskanDame
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    Tue, Nov 28 2023 9:37 AM


    update 1.96.1 is out on Android, desktop will soon follow with IOS likely being tomorrow. This addresses the coin room putting/gimme spinning issues and cc leaderboard prizes visual issue. Just as a note though, until both players are on 1.96.1 the coin room issue may still occur. So until we are mandatory with the update, it's possible you will see the issue

    Days late and many dollars short, but I hope this really does fix the gimme glitch (without breaking something else!).

  • DanPHogan
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    Tue, Nov 28 2023 5:56 PM

    I got the update and it seems OK now.

  • Gibbit1
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    Tue, Nov 28 2023 6:20 PM


    I got the update and it seems OK now.

    I just played someone who got the update, and I got it, too, but the game still froze on one of our double gimme situations.  It worked on the first one we had, but froze on the second.  So...maybe still some issues.

  • MjReady73
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    Tue, Nov 28 2023 6:48 PM

              It is STILL freezing, spend money for sponsor, should get 3 games of 3 holes in, NOPE!!!!! Get stuck in 1 game and lose all the time for the sponsor!!!!

  • tommie2tone1
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    Wed, Nov 29 2023 3:52 PM

    still freezing on mine, got the update and still not working..I'm on desktop...come on WGT get this problem fixed update didn't do a lot of pissed off people in here!!!

  • JKJ3
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    Sun, Jan 28 2024 9:30 PM

    I played the final round of showdowdown and had to forfeit 6 of the 18 holes, because of game freezes.  When are they gonna fix the computer version of WGT from freezing?

  • JKJ3
    24 Posts
    Mon, Jan 29 2024 5:06 PM

    The game is still freezing on the desktop version of WGT.  I had to forfeit 6 holes in the final round of a showdown tournament.

  • Fist2k8
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    Mon, Feb 5 2024 1:39 AM

    I just played 9 holes in a coin room and my opponent asked me was I going to take his coins.......overall he came up with several weird statements....then when 2 down plus he missed 2 putts  and I had 3ft for a birdie he pulled the plug. He didn't forfeit he cut off his internet and left me haning......I rebooted but and it said it was reloading the saved game but never and I was awarded a loss.


    Unfortunately I can't see what WGT can do about it as anyone can get a powercut at anytime. I am in Thailand and during the rainy season we get a about 6 a day.


    Game has been very slow between shots of late but no freezing my end