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Re: Profile picture issues

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Sun, Feb 4 2024 11:09 AM (35 replies)
  • PureGro1
    1,653 Posts
    Fri, Oct 27 2023 11:10 AM


    Here is my update. 

    Just a thought and maybe worth the time to try- sign out of WGT on all devices including this web page, Use Scotts uninstall/reinstall method on one device of your choice- sign in and see if it works to change pic.


  • djgreuey
    19 Posts
    Wed, Dec 20 2023 6:23 AM

    Thought I would provide an update. Opened another ticket yesterday. Still getting same response from WGT. Know issue no timetable to be fixed and no explaination as to why. I did remove the game from all devices and run Scotts reboot. It did not correct the problem. 

  • ScottHope
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    Wed, Dec 20 2023 3:10 PM

    Sadly dj, none of my scripts can correct any errors at WGT's end. : (

  • ryry4321
    45 Posts
    Fri, Dec 22 2023 1:21 PM


    Well I wish I had an Ipad. I have an android phone, tablet, and a windows computer and it doesnt work on all 3.

    I have an Android and all I do is click the picture and it opens up my photo gallery and I can choose from there. 

  • djgreuey
    19 Posts
    Fri, Jan 5 2024 7:23 AM

    Yes, it used to work fine then it just stopped working.

  • mojouk1
    55 Posts
    Sun, Feb 4 2024 11:09 AM

    Still not working for me either. 6 months on and still no fix. Obviously only effecting some people and not others. Worked fine then just stopped working. Just get message saying I've exceeded the daily limit and wait 24 hours. After a few days try again and same message just repeating itself. Sent 4 tickets to wgt and they say nothing wrong their end. Tried on iPad, Android and PC, same thing on all devices.