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Re: Missing country club

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Mon, Aug 7 2023 9:24 AM (2 replies)
  • GearHeadRob
    6 Posts
    Sun, Aug 6 2023 11:54 AM

    As per title, my cc is missing and with it the shot pal and putter pal are not available. I've asked about it a week ago and got a response 6 days ago but still am left with this problem. Fyi I'm still in a cc it just doesn't show or do I get the perks.

  • WGTNico
    618 Posts
    Mon, Aug 7 2023 8:46 AM

    I unfortunately was unable to manually remove your account from being "stuck" but I reported your name internally to remove you when they have the time to. Sorry about the delay

  • GearHeadRob
    6 Posts
    Mon, Aug 7 2023 9:24 AM

    Thank you for your attempt to help. The cc I'm in is called flippin tees and I could really use the pp and sp in the showdown that's currently on. I will attempt to reach the owner of cc and see if he can help.