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Re: An odd problem with my 3-wood meter

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Tue, Aug 1 2023 12:11 PM (1 replies)
  • RyjaTybas
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    Tue, Aug 1 2023 10:01 AM

    I've had an R11s TaylorMade 3W for years with no problems.

    But one of the recent game updates (or something else) is causing a weird glitch.

    The meter speed is the same as always in single-play mode - but its definitely and noticeably slower in H2H games, including in coin rooms. It's very unsettling and annoying.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems with clubs?

  • BlackBogey
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    Tue, Aug 1 2023 12:11 PM

    My first thought since you mentioned slower in coin and other unranked rounds was probably due to apparel attribute, but I just checked all the available attributes and none of them (at least on the apparel I have) offer Slower 3wd Swing Meter, so that theory seems unlikely. 

    I have Slower Driver, Hybrid, Irons, Wedges available but nothing for meter speed on 3wd or putter.

    That's all I have.