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Apparel R&D Point Bug

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Wed, Jul 26 2023 8:18 AM (0 replies)
  • CrazyJoeBonano1
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    Wed, Jul 26 2023 8:18 AM

    I have Clayton & Mills knickers that are stuck on 19/20 and have been for over a year.  I have several pieces of apparel that don't improve, even when the sponsor box shows they should get points.

    When opening the box it will show something like

    Clayton & Mills Knickers 25/2 and it will make the sound indicating that the piece of apparel has levelled up, but the apparel in question hasn't increased in points as long as I can remember.  I have several pieces of clothing that do this and it's frustrating to open a Gold Sponsor Box and see most of the points diverted to clothing that never increases in level or points.