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Re: Missing the ding on iPad

Fri, May 12 2023 3:24 AM (5 replies)
  • NickJS2
    3 Posts
    Tue, May 2 2023 6:08 AM

    Hi, my old Samsung Galaxy tab2 is agonizing so I got myself a brand new iPad. I can't play with it as the meter is inconsistently responding: there is a long delay between touch and effect on the meter and I am therefore missing the ding by miles every time I play a long shot. It works fine on short putts (less than 10 ft) but for anything else, it's just frustrating and I get random delays (I've tried to adapt but the delay being random I'm all over the place). Lost a bunch of balls already... has anyone experienced the same problem? This isn't to do with my WiFi as it's working fine with my old tablet... thanks!

  • Babzilla33
    910 Posts
    Thu, May 4 2023 11:37 PM

    Using a mouse for your iPad helps reduce your delay and timing by not requiring you to tap the screen 👍🏻

  • NickJS2
    3 Posts
    Fri, May 5 2023 8:55 AM

    Thanks I’ll try it out!

  • Fist0Blister
    28 Posts
    Sat, May 6 2023 6:57 AM

    I use a iPad and hitting the ding or very close is normal and much easier than on a PC.How old is your iPad and is the iOS up to date.As a matter of fact I mainly use my iMac for playing with friends and use iPad for CC tournaments.Also make sure you are on your wireless and not a neighbors.


  • NickJS2
    3 Posts
    Wed, May 10 2023 1:38 AM

    Thanks Fist0Blister. My iPad is brand new (9th generation) and l’m using an up to date iOS. I am on my wireless. Problem solved with a mouse, but it still feels weird that the pad isn’t responsive…

  • Freeman990
    2 Posts
    Fri, May 12 2023 3:24 AM

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