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Re: Stalling/cheating in coin games

Mon, Mar 11 2024 12:26 AM (37 replies)
  • JMcgo1979
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    Tue, Aug 29 2023 5:38 PM

    This didn't work. It booted me out of the game, but I got a screen shot.  

  • Crannyjays
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    Sat, Sep 30 2023 12:42 AM

    I believe i just ran into my first cheater or at least the first one I've suspected of it. First hole I hit a 12' 3" right to left breaking putt and he started calling me a cheater. Was up by 4 after 4 then the guy went lights out. Over a 150' of putts over the next five holes with little to no time taken to read the putts. Sad that people have to ruin what I think is a solid game. It has its issues but if they don't address the cheating it will slowly destroy the game.

  • HamdenPro
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    Thu, Oct 5 2023 2:49 PM

    I would appreciate anyone who can come up with an answer.

    1 win in the Tokyo gets you 450,000 on a 250,000 entry. It is 1 hole.

    When I played the "coin league", which catapulted me from Legend to Tour Legend, I worked my way up as you did and had the same results as you. After that, the next time I made it to number 1, I signed off and waited a while. Yep, not long after, I was no longer in 1st, this happened all the time and as I progressed through the levels, I noticed it was always the same guy.

    Eventually, I caught on. I got myself in 1st late in the week and waited for him to surpass me (btw, he was always in the millions of credits). I then played, and won, rounds in the Tokyo room and passed him and waited. We went back and forth for a day or so. Finally, I waited for him to overtake me and I did not play afterwards. I would always check to see if he had. It was apparent, he knew I was chasing him and only played to stay a few hundred thousand coins ahead of me.  Before going to bed on a Saturday evening, I set my alarm to get up before the week was "closed" and play more in the Tokyo room, overtaking him and giving him little time to catch back up. I assumed he was probably asleep at the time I surpassed him. Eventually, we became friends and chatted about it. He knew all along that I was chasing him and did, in fact, go asleep thinking he had won. Unfortunately, it turned out he was a "coin printer" and has since been booted from WGT.

    I only did this once, in order to reach the top of the league after working my way up. It takes way too much effort. However, the next day, not only did I win, but I was advanced to Tour Legend! Mind you, I had to work all the way up the ladder and stay in the top spots to keep advancing and had to win the last one.

  • lucky10057
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    Sat, Mar 2 2024 5:16 PM

    This game cheats. Every time I line up a drive and flush it, it goes left. I just lined up an approach shot on Bethpage 7-9 mph wind 134 yds  lined up on the r bunker  flushed a 7 and the ball went plumb across the fairway to the L ruff. Caused me to lose the hole and game. GEESH!!!!!!