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Re: Tracking down disconnects/crashes

Sun, Sep 10 2023 6:38 PM (475 replies)
  • SamSpayed
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    Wed, Jan 12 2022 10:45 PM


    Normally if one contacts either of these 2 links . Member Services is happy to reimburse and or refund lost fees or payments .

    Customer Support

    The correct email address to use is

    Paul, we've told you this before.  Please update your notes.

  • SamSpayed
    4,895 Posts
    Thu, Jan 13 2022 7:19 PM

    I went through my saved emails from WGT Member Services, and all their replies came from  The one you mentioned will not work.

  • ggemini65
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    Sun, Jun 11 2023 1:01 PM

    I just had the same thing happen t me, maybe if they can compile a list of players it happens with, they can find out if it's some kind of hack players are using to pause the game indefinitely so you try to reconnect and forfeit the game when you don't want to or its a programming problem. The few times it has happened to me is when they were losing fairly bad and almost no chance of winning. Just my experience tho, this last game bout a half hour ago with Fella256 and a member of Nothing But Bunkers country club, I started to report this a while back with the name of the player so I hope they take note of this, I like the game and enjoy playing but when it costs me country club points and coins, it kinda sucks lol. I hope this helps and you are not alone in trying to get to the root of the problem

  • KMY091047
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    Thu, Aug 10 2023 3:12 PM

    On several occasions the shot clock counts down to zero and just sits there.  I receive a warning when that happens, but my opponent can sit on zero for ten minutes.  If I exit and come back in, sometimes they have resumed, only to spin and spin. WGT should correct their code to prevent players from milking the clock for more than 90 seconds (45 time 2).  If they disconnect, keep the clock running.

  • Stephanie964
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    Sun, Sep 10 2023 6:38 PM

    Over the last two weeks I've been forfeited by the game at least a dozen times check internet connection full strength all the time it's becoming extremely frustrating or conversely been watching the resolving shot go around and around then the game doesn't exist.  I don't care about the coins lost,  I just care about the general playability of this game,  more and more people are going to just leave than put up with it,  probably myself included. A couple of months ago none of these problems existed,  we've had new clothes,  new pin's and everytime something is added something else is becoming an issue,  next update just concentrate on fixing all the problems PLEASE