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Re: Unlimited play stroke play tournaments

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Sun, Mar 8 2009 9:31 PM (2 replies)
  • golfguy1800
    45 Posts
    Sat, Mar 7 2009 7:43 PM

    I think that there should be unlimited play stroke play tournaments, just like the skill challenges.

    In normal stroke play tournaments, you don't always play your best, so you should be able to play multiple times.

    Yes, i know that there would be much lower scores to have to beat, but sometimes you just don't play your best, so you should have another chance.


    Please reply if you agree or disagree

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Sun, Mar 8 2009 8:32 AM

    Disagree.   That's not realistic at all.

    Sometimes you don't play your best, oh well.  You shouldn't get another chance.  They only get one chance per round on tour and that's how it should be.

  • TrickMilton
    27 Posts
    Sun, Mar 8 2009 9:31 PM

    I disagree as well, the next step should and will be an 18 hole tournament, then I'm sure we will see a 2 or 4 round tournament. By making them unlimited, not only do you take away the advantage of the skilled players but you also take away that nervous feeling that some get when they have one to four rounds to do well. The ability to control that nervousness is another way the top players are able to show their skill tournament after tournament. Why do you think Tiger is Number One? He's able to handle the pressure. This is another reason why the scoring average should be tournament based, IMO.