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Tue, Mar 10 2009 12:16 PM (76 replies)
  • JanOve
    12 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 12:33 PM


    I agree. Nothing is as before. I stop playing till the game has improved. It sucks as it is now!!

  • vanguard56
    40 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 1:31 PM

     I have no problem with the game. Just like other pay games things change and get harder. I 've been on in 2 3x on 7 with the new Ping and never got on before.

  • CocoaKrispies
    9 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 6:04 PM


    I like the idea of the new driver... You want more distance it will be a bit harder to hit. What I do not like is that the sensitivity on the clubs are so much harder. I think it is too difficult to play as this is. Frankly... Not very fun! I was in tourneys and everything and was just getting to get a hang of everything. Now you miss hit by the slightest degree and you are not even close to your target. The wind seems to mean nothing and putting is 10X harder. I like to have some challenge but this is just mot fun. I know it is a work in progress but I think it would be better if you went back to some bit of human error allowance. I love this game but I think it is a bit too hard and I think this game Digressed and did not improve at all. I hope this gets fixed soon. I played about 20 practice rounds and still feel this way. I gave it a chance. Thank you for the game.

  • drivnchaos
    286 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 7:53 PM


    still think realism rules. my score gets better and better with practice. the club upgrade brings more challenge. dropped a couple more long putts today. thanks for all the hard work and look forward to the new holes and courses. couldn't be more happy with a video golf game. have played console games for years but this takes the cake !  waiting for more !

  • DeerRun
    230 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 8:12 PM

    Your are so right. It all boils down to practice.

  • woodleigh
    14 Posts
    Mon, Mar 9 2009 8:44 PM


    Gotta say, the changes are slowly growing on me and as mentioned previously, with practice will only get easier.  Nice work WGT for putting up with us whingers so far.

    That aside though, I dont think the sensitivity issue with the swing meter should have such a big impact on our games.  Yes, your swing on the real course has to be spot on if you want to hit the mark, but the slicing and hook compensation is ridiculous in comparison to the real thing.

    Only a small modification needs to be made.  Maybe a wider strike zone line.  I dont know, you're the experts but at the moment, its way too punishing. 

    I'm happy to persist for now.  I have managed to ace one with the new clubs so far.



  • markb91731
    6 Posts
    Tue, Mar 10 2009 12:16 PM

    Even with the new clubs attempting to do a pitch and run stinks. I try to hit my 7 iron from the fringe as I would on the course and the ball goes nowhere.They need to work on the touch part of the game