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WGT National Enquirer - Top 10 Toy List

Fri, Dec 13 2013 4:02 PM by Beryman. 66 replies.
  • MioKontic United Kingdom
    3,729 Posts
    Fri, Nov 25 2011 2:41 AM

    they are flavored by the southbound end of a north bound mule

    Maybe that explains this sign I saw whilst travelling through the desert a while back...

    But, I can assure you G that my plate of beans was always kosher.  Just sayin'.

  • SGTBilko United States
    1,686 Posts
    Fri, Nov 25 2011 4:02 AM

    THANKS ALOT! Now I have to clean the coffee off my laptop screen for the 2nd time this week! LMAO

    #2 Plush Toy renniw52

    We've all played with Ren on, now we can play with him at home!  This 8" tall squirrel plush toy is handcrafted by artisans and has amazing attention to detail.  Nuts are included.

    And the Number One WGT National Enquirer recommended gift is!!

  • gsoup United States
    2,928 Posts
    Fri, Nov 25 2011 4:36 PM


    thats that room  they have under some peoples house, in the old day they used it to store canned food

  • IvaThongon Canada
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    Mon, Nov 28 2011 8:44 PM

    Stellar work as always andyson! I've had a trying couple weeks, the smile is very appreciated!

  • navigater United States
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    Mon, Nov 28 2011 9:02 PM



    yeah what he said



  • hpurey United States
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    Thu, Feb 16 2012 10:12 AM



    When is the next issue coming out?

  • drmoose United States
    3,435 Posts
    Thu, Feb 16 2012 10:41 AM

    Don't know how I missed this the first go 'round, absolute genius andyson, Thx for bringin' it back up hpurey.


  • sixkiller United States
    1,147 Posts
    Thu, Feb 16 2012 10:52 AM

    Yeah Andy, I some how missed the beginning of this post, great fun!

  • SgtDoodles United Kingdom
    3,112 Posts
    Thu, Feb 16 2012 10:59 AM

    Folks that are new to this... CLICK HERE and be prepared to rofl!