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WGT National Enquirer - Top 10 Toy List

Fri, Dec 13 2013 4:02 PM by Beryman. 66 replies.
  • andyson United States
    6,415 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 11:10 AM

    My wife just got this in an email............

    With the biggest shopping day of the year just around the corner, the WGT National Enquirer staff has scoured the local toy stores to make it easier to shop for your WGT addicted loved ones. After days and weeks of hair pulling and heart wrenching decision making, here are the top 10 WGT-related toys to gift.


    #10 Mr. Potato Head - WGT Edition

    Our own loveable WGTIcon comes to life as Mr. Potato Head in this special WGT edition of a classic for all ages!!

    #9 Red Rider BolloxinBruges BB Gun

    One of the all-time greatest young boy's Christmas gifts is a Red Ryder BB gun! The new BolloxinBruges Special edition will teach your youngster to be a straight shooter just like Bollie!

    #8 Dr. Jedi's Medical Kit

    The perfect role model for your children, Dr. Jedi has helped thousands with their problems on  What better way to teach your kids how to give a shot?

    #7 Tickle Me Esssy

    This WGT Special Edition features lots of lols lol,  Tickle his ribs and he'll say the most amazing things only he can understand!  lol 

    #6 MrWGT's Monopoly

    Be an entrepreneur like MrWGT! Play the new (coming soon) Monopoly Challenge on using your credits not Monopoly money. Of course, WGT gets a 20% rake on all credit transactions.


    Bop them moles!! Help our good friend and fellow WGTer Yancy clear those pesky moles out of his Par 2 & 1/2 golf course with this WGT Special Edition Whac-A-Mole game!

    #4 LizzieRossetti's Silly Putting Ball

    Great stocking stuffers!!  If you've seen Lizzie putt you know how hysterical it can be (it isn't her fault)!  Now you can "Putt Like Lizzie" with this goofy ball made from the amazing world renown substance known to everyone as Silly Putty.

    #3 Gift Certificates to WGT's New Driving Range

    Gift certificates for a bucket of balls at the new WGT Driving range (coming soon in December, 2018!) are a welcome gift for any WGTer! Watch them practice hitting balls into Lake Tibbets and hear the squeals of laughter that it wasn't their own Callaway. (Add the YankeeJim blindfold from the WGT pro shop and they can learn how to hit by feel!)

    #2 Plush Toy renniw52

    We've all played with Ren on, now we can play with him at home!  This 8" tall squirrel plush toy is handcrafted by artisans and has amazing attention to detail.  Nuts are included.

    And the Number One WGT National Enquirer recommended gift is!!

    #1 WGT Transformers - Legend to Master


    Our most popular game.  Use your Legend skills from the Master tees in challenge and ready go competitions and amass millions in credits.  Up to 10 accounts are available.  Also available in Legend to Pro and Legend to Tour Pro.

    Happy shopping everyone!

  • opyeuclid United States
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    Tue, Nov 22 2011 11:19 AM

    I have been a good boy this year ,,   I want them ALL

  • duffer66 United States
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    Tue, Nov 22 2011 11:21 AM

    LMAO Andy, great edition, maybe the best yet.

  • MioKontic United Kingdom
    3,729 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 11:41 AM

    I smashed my piggy bank in which I've been saving for the last 15 years and have £7.93 exactly.  Hope that will be enough for all these great treats.

    [Running through front door and shouting back towards microphone] I'M OFF OUT TO GET THOSE BABIES BEFORE THEY ALL GET SNAPPED UP.

  • tiffer67 United Kingdom
    1,764 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:03 PM

    Andyson you are a living genius, endless quality, fantastic....

  • hpurey United States
    10,786 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:19 PM

    Great post, yet again Andy....very funny stuff.....

    Found this on the world wide webby thing,  couldn't not share it.   It's a gift for Multi accounters.........If you want to have more than one account then everything in the proshop costs double, and you must use the required credit card for the purchase.......


  • SgtDoodles United Kingdom
    3,112 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:21 PM

    ROFL!! Another Classic andyson ;-)

  • renniw52 United States
    5,385 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 12:24 PM

    Wow my friend, awesome is an under statement. What a wish list. I relent all profits from the  renniw52 plush toy to future Andyson posts. You made my day. Hope you and yours, as well as all WGT members have a very safe, and enjoyable Holiday season.

  • LizzieRossetti United Kingdom
    1,545 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 2:09 PM

    I remain undecided who I should thank most, Andyson, or the kind anonymous donor who bought all of these items for me already in exchange for just one or two pictures taken whilst I was working through University and needed the money. Many thanks Chad, I love them all.


    Lizzie xx

  • renniw52 United States
    5,385 Posts
    Tue, Nov 22 2011 2:20 PM