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The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty CC

Wed, Sep 18 2019 9:03 AM by goldeena. 70 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Sep 18 2019 9:03 AM



    Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos.


    The Prodigy - Voodoo people.


    Megadeth - This Day We Fight.



    OK back in the driving seat and we will call the coursebuilder if this stays as it is.


    This ones coming up soon, it's time for....


    GUESS deenas PAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    any guesses?? we'll find out (hopefully) before the end of the clashes, maybe even tonight eyyy!!!


    I'll guess at joint first and about 5 big ones thanks bartender....


    Whilst we are stuck in limbo let's do an Andy recommendation....


    The Doors - LA Woman


    Continuing a 60s vibe with this sprawling classic from one of the best bands to come out of the 60s.  Although this was released in 1971!! They’re sense of freedom make them still relevant to this day.  The bass line and drumming drive this song onwards with some great ensemble playing from Manzarek and Kreiger.  Jim Morrison belts out a memorable vocal with perhaps some of his most iconic lines here. “Never seen a woman, so alooooone”.  “Mr Mojo Rising” etc!  This has been a favourite of mine for decades now.  Many moons ago I played bass in a covers band (we did mainly 60s/70s stuff) and we used to open or close with this! Anyway enjoy this belter!! - Andy.


    Isn't it just!!! AND THAT CAR!!!!! I did a bit of digging and found out it was a Mustang 1965. So I found the car mod for Assetto Corsa (this game has every car you can think of!!). Unfortunately the patch wasn't compatible with my by now purchased (SHOCK HORROR deena PURCHASES A GAME!!!), version of the game :-(


    So in the final clash report for a while (I'm tired, out of ideas, bit like Chris Evans after a few years of TFI Friday - it's been great, had some memorable moments but it's now past its sell-by-date save for some occasional nostalgic re-appearences - yep, you heard correct. It's the last regular clash report ever!!!


    Let's do my Favourite Muscle car again then!!!

    Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am (this ones 1973, my preferred is 1972 - my birth year funnily enough).



    It would be something if there was actually anyone in their club to be bitter!!! Clashes are dead - this is all so mechanical isn't it, no people. People are dead.


    ..........And the last game is on Merion and I don't wanna play it sooooooooooo, we will go in to the night with a very special track that was sent to me by Andy himself who wrote and performed the track. I saw good as to make a make-shift video for it, call it my take on things......the very aptly titled 'when it's over'...........

    War with Iran by Christmas, what a way to usher in perhaps the penultimate decade for mankind - have your 'fun' have your glory because in a little over 20 years from now it's going to start looking like that video.


    Nothing matters.




    2nd batch of results:


    In the driving seat..








    And that's it, looking forward to the days off, goodbye.