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The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty CC

Fri, May 1 2020 1:46 PM by goldeena. 73 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Aug 7 2019 2:19 PM

    Clash 105



    OK - click the top Dr Who (1970) opening theme, then as soon as the MASSIVE PYEEEEEEWWWW has just finished hit the bottom Dr Who (2005) opening theme - keep both you tube volumes on max, adjust your master volume!!!


    This was my Dr WHO composition as promised to Andy :-)


    In this clash:


    - Fast Laps from a legendary muscle car - the Chevvy 454 ss-Chevelle (1970) in Assetto Corsa and for the first time a fast lap in an Aston Martin in Assetto Corsa Competizione (now they gave us steer gamma it is playable at long last, and what a game it is - state of the art!!).

    - More Andy inspired tracks plus the Megadeth track of the clash.

    - Hunting down the Sasquatch!! - how Legendary WGTer Yancy Can brought in the expert (deena, lololos), to perform a scientific analysis of Yancys aliens and whatnot and came to a startling conclusion using Black Hole Quantum Electro Dynamics and together with Steven Hawkings last paper solved the issue of 'soft hair'!!!! Nobel prize to follow for Team Yancy & deena!!!!

    - Along with all the usual action, analysis and round up..... and my oh my was that really deena putting in a 30 on RSG in the Ready Go's?? looks like a comeback is imminent!!!





    Putt of the clashes probably - used Magnets wind offset and my new dot alignment technique - I think sometimes I am close to missing nothing but VEM these days, I really do believe that such is the refinement of my measurement techniques these days....



    Very scrappy, but WGTLG are at it again - 20-30 mph winds on Chambers and it's a good job i started with the rock son, because that's where I will be sticking all clash - get nowt out of me WGTLG lololos!!!


    Put yer balls away deena (???!!), these cheap fkkers ain't getting the kiss of life out of me - AWWWWWWW DIDUMS ARE WE TRYING TO RESALVAGE MONEY LOST OVER THE XP BOOSTER GLITCH ARE WE??? 1-2-3....AWWWWWWWWWWW (that also had a lot to do with me because they only fixed it when a post of mine instructing club owners how to run month long XP booster par 3 tournies went up, they are what you would call 'spited' with me after I reported them to Oakmont, and the more they chase after me the more they get themselves fkked up ;-) you can't mess with The Quantum Goddess after all ;-)


    We are looking good in this one so I will take a time out (don't intend playing so many super high wind tournies, don't know about you......


    .......and thanks to an off-the-cuff comment by scottyhope I now have something to do when theres a bit of time to run down during the clashes.....


    IN. THE. CUP!!!!

    It's a good job it did too - but I think I have learned a lil extra something about short distances and high elevations. In-fact I have YET AGAIN made another devious little realisation to putting and dots and knowing which dots to choose and my putting up until now has been scorpion-sting deadly it has to be said. 'The learning Clash' this one for me.

    THAT is an obscene 30 on Erin Hills let me tell you that, the putting has never been as good and I have taken the last SP before dinner to play later - it's 'the cheeky girls' and we never beat them ever but we are in a commanding position and I feel the fight for this one. After dinner - it is poised most interestingly!!!


    Looks like we got this...

    (it's actually the beer babes we never beat, not the cheeky girls - who we always S.P.A.N.K!!).




    Currently in ....................................32ND lolololos!!!!!!!!!

    That ain't gunna last but it makes tomorrow ever easier.


    So, we will go in to the night of the first session with another of Andies music recommendations....


    #4 John Martyn - Solid Air

    This is late night music.  It makes me think of a smoky New York jazz club type place. Now John Martyn (RIP) was a force of nature.  Primarily folky, he mixed those roots with jazz and psychedelic rock to produce a unique sound and celebrated body of work.  His guitar playing was often percussive but could also be languid.  His voice he often used as an instrument as well as a vessel to carry words.  He was a proper wild man, almost the Ozzy Osborne of the folk scene.  Unlike Ozzy, JMs wild ways with booze caught up with him.  But it’s moments of melancholy like Solid Air, a song about needing nothing but life itself, we realise what a unique burning soul JM had - Andy.

    Spaced out, I dig it mannn - that will come in handy when they legalize cannabis plant growing here in Thailand next year, g'nite ;-)


    Wooo - we got our clash report sheets just before I sent one off to customer services. Just got a nice email back from mainzman - he's lost interest, and can you blame him, if they don't care why should we kinda thing. 

    It is one of the gameworld tragedies WGT is - imagine how brilliant this game could have been/ would have been if someone like me was in charge for instance - a multitude of virtual courses all rendered in state of the art graphics packages, a 'dr gadget' version along with a 'pro-version', an interface that was well thought out, efficient and interactive where you got to choose every single club in your bag (bags and avatars provided for free and even make your own), the very best servers to offer seamless live multi-play among a multitude of other advances taken from the community. A community representative/ team, time-outs and a 1-to-1 counciling team aimed at repatriation in to the community - not 5 year authortarian crack-downs and a whole team appointed to implement this fascist policy - it's the only thing they actually do make any effort about......This is what you get when you allow somebody to dictate an Eastern business model and people must fight back against it or vote with their feet/ wallet.


    Round up...

    In the bag...


    First 4....


    TFI Friday!!!


    Scrappy 34 on BPB puts us in the driving seat...


    I will keep a check on that because I want to call the coursebuilder at the end of this clash - but talking about driving seats - lets do a fast Lap in a vintage muscle car!!!


    SS-Chevelle-454, 1970, Silverstone


    I really love the Chevelle - it's my second fave muscle car ever (Pontiac Firebird 1972 Trans Am next week!!!), and here's one being renovated from the brilliant series 'rags to riches...OK the tube won't launch so lets do this short documentary on the SS Chevelle instead....annoyingly that one didnt post up either, lets try one more before we blame it on WGT Low Grade and their CHEAP SH1T servers but they don't care....


    1 more (notice the Pontiac Firebird early in the clip too!!)....



    That's better....


    And a 29 on Bethpage seals the deal for us on the coursebuilder - I am calling it.




    Right I am going for a smoke before launching the next one - we don't wanna repeat of that boredom and really I am itching for Southern England with 3 SP's at my mercy, fingers crossed we get someone I don't fkking like!!!!


    22 foot putt but more importantly than the putt is a personal confirmation as to when and when not to use Fmags wind compensation on the putt - of course I ain't goin' to tell you or anyone else - find out yourselves golf bores (it's my way of saying you never fkking speak or show any excitement on here now people like Paul Ton and Alcaucin have departed and one or 2 of you will be making your ways off my friends list imminently - fkking sick of all the dead souls in this game nowadays



    I just put in a very well hard fought 32 on St Andies, my putting has been on-fire this clash...


    Ok we will do 'the twilight moment' with one of Andys recommendations, it's raining tonight so kinda fitting for this Coldplay sounding track.....


    #5 Jeff Buckley - Grace 

    Here’s a singer/songwriter I discovered after he had died.  Apparently he was writing for his second album when he took a spontaneous swim in the Mississippi and unfortunately drown.  He left one amazing album called Grace, which I have chosen the title track here, several live albums and an unfinished album which was touched up and released by his estate in the form of mostly demos.  His voice was from another planet and he wrote with at times unearthly guitar textures.  His playing was very much influenced by the folk scene he cane out of, but embracing a rockier sensibility of the bands coming through in the early 90s which excited him.  Anyway as an introduction to Jeff Buckley this has some killer playing and an absolute killer vocal - Andy.

    You Tube Big Brother Fascist CNTs won't let the original tune host so this will have to do instead, fkking you tube and windows 10 - getting worse and worse everyday - but YOU, THE SHEEPLE ARE LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT, selfish cnts, as long as you're alright.....


    It kinda reminds me of the track 'Shiver' from the Coldplay album Parachutes:


    And that's 2 tracks for the twilight moment :-)


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Aug 7 2019 2:20 PM



    I am proud to announce a new custom-course Tournament beginning this coming Monday - the King Of The Gang Amateur. This tournament will be open to levels Hack - Tour Master and will have a Trophy all of its own.

    It will draw on all of our custom courses and not just our specialized KOTG ones, but all the other tour courses too so it will have great variety and I hope our lower level players will enjoy the chance of a shot at glory and take pride in our second custom course Tournament that will run in tandem with the KOTG.


    The King of The Gang Amateur begins this Monday - don't miss out!!!



    We just go from strength to strength at this club and all our weeklies and monthlies offer something for everyone and since we have 12 or 13 course builders lying around what more a better idea than the KOTG Amateur - it's all goin' on here folks, and a 'snot free' environment - no old boy snottery here, y'see - you gotta 'own it' to have it right otherwise you just banging your head against a wall because the club owner is bound to side with the w@nker see......that's why the LGTBQX is in the safe hands of myself :-D


    W@nker free zone RA-RA-RA!!!


    Tough Game against Great Danes, just couldn't prize away those jewels.....


    OK I will put my last score in for the evening and be back for the final game and round-up tomorrow.....


    Nice 30 on Bethpage...


    Seals the deal - dead tied with dedon1 (I think he wants top place this week - better not to upset our clashmaster general when he wants something ;-)


    Right, I am going to put up 2 Megadeth tracks this week - there is a hell of a lot of good Megadeth let me tell you, and I am loving the album catch ups!!


    1. We the People.


    2.The Disintegrators


    What a great way to go in to the second night - don't forget tomorrow we have the final round ups and scores on the doors, the Aston martin hot-lap from Assetto Corsa Competizione and the scientific discovery as to what the hell Yancys Gobbledygooks are.......???!!!




    Level 19 club Trashed!!!!

    Second set of results:

    Looking good in this one.....


    Currently in 133rd, what a performance!!!!


    Anyway here's an Aston Martin in Assetto Corsa Competizione...


    Aston Martin AMR V12 Vantage GT3 Nurburgring

    OMG>G>G>G!!!!! AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








    BUT THEN, SUDDENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    KINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG NAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







    WHEN EVEN deena HAD THROWN THE TOWEL IN (i will never ever do that again, i feel so guilty, it's against our core values here, i don't know what i was thinking, forgive me gang - i will never let you down ever again)...












    THE CRAZY GANG TEARING DOWN THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    Looking good for it in the last clash and I used both passes because the roof is about to come down here - oh yes, there is more celebrating to come yet.....



    Because if they have played their last game, Chefs have got little over 40 minutes to overhaul a 2000 point lead, and even that won't save their sorry asses....


    Andys King Diamond song and Yancys Aliens have been postponed until next clash and I appologise to both of them, but this is far too important to take the focus away from.


    ******sucks in air and waits*****


    Let's do the final standings - I am shaking here, lololos......


    Last results:


    9 wonderful participants this time around and do notice the little things we do here at the crazy gang - like making the effort to make the final crop for 1 player - little rosse down there in 9th, that's what we are about - we make all the effort just to cover every little detail (no offence rosse :-)


    Game of the Clash has to be against Bundesgolfverein - OBVIOUSLY!!! What an incredible turn-around to put us within a hairs-breath of beating 'THE NASTIES' - Pray with me in this last hour, we might have a 'special award for them too ;-)


    ***I will just go and get the party streamers, we wait..........***


    Look at this now as the clubs come in with their last scores!!!!!....





    Coming through the pack....








    IT'S ALL OVER.....



    Ladies, Gentlemen and Undefined, it gives me great pleasure as owner of the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty to present a very special award and I want them to know it comes from the bottom of my soles........


    So congratulations Southern England Links for winning the very first 'TRASH OF THE CLASH AWARD', I hope you wil ltake it with you and have no doubt it was meant whole heartedly.......


    Give 'em a round of applause folks - such worthy winners.











    Back on the ready-go circuit - JUST IN TIME FOR TEA, I'm hungry!!!




    I know from the weekends Clashes that my putting has now taken the final little step to perfection and the formula really will hit the target 90-95% of the time.


    If I was a bodybuilder I would be fkking ripped to shreds right now and I ain't scared of anyone - Miantiao, Walk, even Peter. Although Miantiao and myself have become good friends since so I am not making any direct challenges to him, we're going to meet in the RG's at some point anyway - along with the rest of them.


    You know what - when I beat one of those elites I won't even celebrate, I might host the score here but such is my re-assurance now I believe I AM AN ELITE PLAYER.


    The only thing I cant do is put a 55 in over 18 holes, something just goes in my focus - my game is so so intense and really better suited to 9 or 18 over 2 split sessions.






    Another one (I have perfected the formula, I ain't sharin' and I couldn't give a fk about the community - several players about to be perma blocked, kicked off my wall and banned from my mail)....


    'winning takes care of everything'.




    King of The Putters (KOTP): July-Aug.




    Starting from pro to tour pro I will now be giving away a special award to celebrate your wonderful achievement every time you tier-up.

    Lets enjoy your special day together here at the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty.



    The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty - From Strength-to-Strength......




  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Aug 15 2019 3:52 PM

    ............................Club Advertisement


    ..................TOUR PROs ESPECIALLY WELCOME





    Just look at how much fun we are having at the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty!!!!.....



    10 Tournies per week is STANDARD FARE here - because that is what I put up and guarantee to put up every single week!!! And as I have gained more experience as the clubs owner I have fine-tuned the competitions to offer every possible variety for every kind of player at every level in the game!!! 


    Now with an Uneven Lies weekly - 10 - 11 tournies running weekly, without fail.


    We now host a second primary custom course competition for all levels up to Tour Master so everyone has a chance of glory here and we have by far the best trophies and awards system - I hand trophies out not only for winning tournies but also tier progression, XP contributions to the club, player of the clashes, ones to really do feel rewarded at our club and we want players who will die for the badge in the clashes too!!!!


    How does she do it??


    That's because the Owner is "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE" about her clash-club!!! In-fact if you ask anyone who knows me, or just look at any of these clash reports (above) you will see: I NEVER STOP COMING AND I AM DRIVEN BY THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE!!!!!


    I scripted what is (as I know it), the only true hyper-predictor that can plug 'n' play any ball you give me - the most advanced and the most flexible hyper-predictor that has ever been built here at WGT - AND THAT IS THE GUARANTEED SEAL OF QUALITY that you will ever need to know when considering The Crazy Gang as your club of choice.


    3 quirks here at the Crazy Gang:


    1. We call ourselves a Clash Club not a Country Club - "Country Club" sounds stuffy and ancient to me, don't know about you??!

    2. We don't mind blue language on our forums or an anarchic disposition from our members - we think most clubs are stuffy and boring and devoid of any personality. I encourage attitude and personality!!! But you are not required to talk and hardly anybody does - apart from me, I talk for an entire club alone lololos!!


    3. We don't want Champions or Tour Champions - we feel good enough without them, they tend to create an air of snobbery and hog all the club leaderboards. Besides which I can hand-it to most of 'em in the clashes anyway ;-)




    Come and join the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty - don't be scared of the name it's for everyone. I am always running at least 8 or 9 club tournies weekly, we have 2 premier 2-monthly knockout tournies and are very active in the clashes - no pressure to talk, I take care of everything, a very very well maintained CC.


    Also LGBTQX AND STRAIGHT Friendly**********************




    Latest Awards.....


    Congratulations BAKEDAWG for winning the 1-2-WATCH......award:

    The pewter lamp award




    Congratulations WChutecha for making Tour Pro.


    The Copper Golfer Award.




    This weeks tournies:


    We have 3 weeklies from the easy tees, that's because we like to encompass the full range of green speeds for the full range of tiers - this weeks are on Standard, Very Fast and Championship speed greens. There is a golden boot award for anybody who managers to kick my butt in the challenge deena tourny too :-)


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Aug 21 2019 7:31 AM

    Clash 106.


    It's been a busy week Crazy  Gang wise:

    The LGBTQX broke 100 members....


    wenyatkins broke 400, 000 XP for the copper claret jug award....



    And deena broke in to the big time...


    I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty special clash 106, their's a party atmosphere in the air already.


                                                    deena statement

    There's a REAL Tour Legend on the way, in the true tradition of Tour Legends - not in the new tradition of fake Champions. One who is poised to wear the true Title, the one with all the history and tradition, when greats really were great - I'm thinking MBaggese, Chris Ironsbones... I can't believe I am about to take a step in to their shoes, still lots to do - shot selection remains my bogeyman and it is the sheer power of my putting ability that is holding it all together at the moment. But I am learning it, I am using the tee-shot data to get a handle for the way things play - wind, shot power- to-rated power, landing is being picked up on now that my putting methods are virtually perfect..... I have always maintained that the true ability of a player does not lie in the fake stats nor the 'easy tee' averages (they come with vanity not greatness), the true ability and potential of a player is in how much headroom they still have above them when they are topping the leaderboards.


    So Let's take a break from the RG circuit, unwind and enjoy these clashes.

    Let's play Golf.


    A 'scrappy' well fought RG on Kiawah this morning for a 30, it should double the money, but really you do feel it's how the VEM is treating you sometimes, I'll take it and was nice to have the comfort of entering this 50 credit RG for 'fun', what with that big win 'tuvver day I have a bit of 'loose change breathing space' in the coffers ;-)

    I will also be 'meshing up' through these Nikes during the RG season - got about 10 high spec balls and one leads to the next quite nicely from the level 45 hex chrome ++ that I have already meshed down (its my fave ball and I will probably return to it after this 10 hi spec ball honeymoon (maybe sooner if I don't take to the spin on 'em lols).

    But I have no more interest in WGT majors and so glad I didn't waste these hi performance gift balls on any of this years 'once great tournaments' - FK 'em, it's all about the money, just like WGT - it's all about the money and 2 can play that attitude to life.


    deena 'money' gold.


    I have just put another big one in on St Andrews in the Legend RG tour - I wanted to start this clash on an absolute high after Tuesday's winning 28 and I think I did it.....

    Wait till the money comes rolling in off that one - pray for another 6 fkking big ones!!!!


    I am so impressed with myself I even uploaded this WOHHHHRRRR!!! moment from the round to you-tube...

    Everytime I watch this I just go WOHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR!!!! So close for an Eagle 27 front 9 on St Andrews, still I managed a 28 though ;-)



    OK let's finally get with the clashes, lololos!!!


    Putting on form hole 5 conga...



    The BEST putter in this game BAR NONE.

    Putt of the lashes right there.


    Well the round was a very well scripted 32, slow out of the blocks but always patient and very self assured these days - I know once I get going I will rack up the birdies...


    Nice start to the clashes...


    Brought back down to earth a little bit after what has been a titanic days WGT for me on all fronts, a 2 over on Merion front 9 - had hell on the 5th!!


    Still, we're in the driving seat in the second clash as I hand over the reigns to the gang...


    Nice to see Chucko888 on the list, oh which reminds me.....


    Congratulations Chucko888 - for services to the club: 400,000 XP

    The red copper claret jug award.





    OK one more thing to do before we go in to the 1st night of the clashes - one of Andys recommendations:

    #8 Genesis - Blood on the Rooftops

    I’m a big fan of 70s Genesis.  This track is from the second album with Phil Collins as lead singer and drummer.  The earlier proggy traits are still intact, but also a lighter edge on this particular album.  This is possibly my favourite song recorded with Phil Collins as lead singer.  The song as a romantic epic sweep about it due to the magical arrangement presented by the band.  There’s enough ooomph to remind you that this is a rock band playing however.  The lyrics have a slight political edge to them.  They lean towards the media’s view on political issues and their blasé attitude to important issues I guess.  Anyway.  Enjoy this fantastic song from 1977 - Andy.



    This song gets more beautiful the more you listen to it and it has a 'tomb raider'ish jingle to it doesn't it :-) It has also had me in knots trying to remember the song it reminded me of more recently and after hours of straining my flagging grey matter it finally dawned on me....


    Micheal Jackson - Stranger in Moscow!!

    This is definitely one of my favourite 'modern day' Micheal Jackson songs - it really stands out as 'genuinely good' among all the more contrived 'pop songs' he did later on. This one does him proud though, and dare I say he might have gotten his sound from Genesis - blood on the rooftops??


    G'night X


    Assassins assassinated!!!


    I got up early and finished this one with just one sneaky round - the perfect hit-job ;-)


    First 4 then...


    That vital hit-job makes this afternoons chase for the coursebuilder very easy indeed.



    Right I'm off for an extra couple of hours sleep before I take the afternoon session.....


    Well we start the afternoon session on a low-ebb funnily enough - if there can be a low ebb after picking up 300 credits (100 entry fee)....


    I don't see why that person picks up 6 big ones and we others are sharing 2nd-4th prizes out between us - that just fkking STINKS!!! obviously they don't sort tied scores by level if you study the rankings there, so what did that person do?? Make an Eagle?? well then that means they made 1 more par than me because all mine were straight birdies - so 6 birdies and 1 eagle is somehow more impressive than 8 birdies?? GET A FKING GRIP WGT - OBVIOUSLY NO EXTRA POINTS FOR CONSISTENCY THEN HEYYYY!!!!





    I'm really REALLY FUMING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am so angry, I'm REALLY FKKING ANGRRRRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Time to book a super pass for the next clash, reboot my PC and go downstairs to calm down a while - her indoors better not start up with any nagging or I really will burst in to flames. just GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! FU(KING AGITATED AS FU(KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Game of the clashes so far.....

    Our clash master has been on since i was away and the opposition have closed the gap and are making it a fight to the finish - hopefully we will last out these last few minutes so I can declare the coursebuilder......

    No - they came back right at the end - the scores of their top boy were nothing special, it's just that I have been 'none specialer' and a bit pi22ed over that money and not played in top gear at all because the RG's have been intense.

    That's about to change!!


    Next game will have to be top-specification to declare the coursebuilder by teatime.


    .......Actually since it's another on Merion front 9 I have immediately lost all interest - not on top of the payout scandal - I really do not need to face Merion number 5 after that.

    So........1 pass has been taken and I know who has taken it, I am going to leave the second one at his disposal. If he takes the second I might go after another RG on St Andrews....




    Let's play another Andy recommendation.....


    #7 Leprous - Mirage

    Norwegian Band Leprous are a relatively new band to me.  I heard a song off their most recent album and took a punt on the album.  It’s a bit of a grower but live they are really good.  I was lucky enough to see them last year at a small club!  Anyway this is my fave off the album Malina.  I chose the live version just for a change! Plus they do a good job of it.  Enjoy! Andy.

    I couldn't get the live version to play but yes, indeed - an assorted mish-mash of styles in there (they don't look like how they sound, which is always a good thing), I can even hear Erasure in that a good thing?? Plenty to savour the palate on here.


    Well I am not entering any RG's because I am feeling a little jaded actually - I will just keep an eye on this clash and play a cr@p pass if needed, but our general has done what I wanted him to do and used the SP's - sometimes I just need the back-up and this time it was there :-)




    I am even leaving the hot lap to the experts this week - I have been fully immersed in the RG's of late, and this is the real deal, but y'know the fact that it's me is the point of the hotlap, we will accompany it with the Megadeath Track of the week which kinda fits with the drive, a real stormer....


    Assetto Corsa Competizione Ferrari 488 GT3 Cockpit view


    Oh dear - we're getting tanked and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it because I am drained and sick of the sight of Merion front 9 - I should take a day off before the beginning of the next clashes if I am involving myself so intensely in the RG's - I didn't realize just how tired it has left me. My game is probably the most intensive in the whole of WGT-land and it makes huge demands of your stamina, especially when you are playing an RG a day. I guess I just got tired of timing dots this weekender - sleepy deena :-)

    Revenge for the tanking we gave them last clash I think, lols.


    OK I am 'putting' in a serious clash round....

    Isn't it worth the extra effort ;-)


    I was disappointed to give away a bogie on the 9th otherwise I would have printed a 30 - it's been a bit like that today, trying to damped my undoubted success in the game both on a personal and a communal level. I really shouldn't let these things get me down any and always nice to see a full gang out....

    That's the course-builder, bit late on calling it tonight.


    We go in to the night with an Andy special:

    #6 King Crimson - Starless

    This is one of my favourites from this brilliant lineup of King Crimson.  Mid 70s KC were an intimidating act musically.  Each one of the players absolutely awesome.  This track starts as a lush melancholy song but ends in a twisted tormented outro which features the incredible guitarist Robert Fripp deliberately playing a one note figure which gives it an atmosphere of paranoia.  It is epic stuff! Andy.

    And it really is a treat - you can use your own 3 words that come to mind, I say edgy, tragic, haunted. Andy sums it up best with 'twisted and tormented'. It is one of those tracks you have to summon up courage  to listen to - a bit like watching Pink Floyds 'the wall' to me. It's like 'are you ok to watch this at the moment? because you know if you were suffering a bout of anxiety and in an alcohol slump this sound could put you in hell!! But I am ok to listen to it at the moment, never been more stable with things - 3 and a half weeks without a drink and feeling very much back in control. Must not touch a single drop this time - a single drop is all that it takes with me. This track is really Andy flavours and you just know you are listening to heavy sh1t, special acquired flavours.


    Good night.






  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Aug 21 2019 7:33 AM


    Just woke up and putt a quick round in to make sure we finish top 250, the guys haven't used any SP's since I went to bed - a whole clash went by without score, it's been a bit sleepy this clash - just enough to get home and dry.


    Well done to the gang for showing up, I had half a hope we would retain the 3 extra SP's for the last clash and it would be Southern England Frogs or Fairway Fanatics headed up by that Williams Creep. But never a chance here at the Crazy Gang - they love getting their paws in :-)




    Round Up


    More results....



    That match up against Normans is ongoing but we are looking comfortable...


    And that's what I love about the gang - those SP's get snapped up within minutes if you are not ready to swoop yourself. They are very hungry to play the SP's in the clashes and that's what it's all about here.




    12 great participants this time - you might see some new faces in their and they will be receiving a club reward from within the clubs forum trophy room for getting stuck in.

    We have had a recruitment drive to get us past 100 members and now have an outstanding 105 members as of the present.


    I will give the final positions as they are confirmed.



    Another victory for our great club - 181st with 28221 points and another Coursebuilder secured for one of our ever growing great monthly premium competitions - take a bow guys :-)




    We will finish off by doing some very funny Yancy reporting and how deena may have come up with the Nobel prize in Sasquatch research!!!


    Here's the boss having a close encounter behind a tree Harrison Ford Raiders of the lost ark style, lolololos......

    Anyway I recieved 'first contact' from Yancy with this...


    "-- Track My Wall Post --" 

    Hello -- I am Yancy
    Currently unable to send a message to you -- common error up here on the WGT
    Wanted to let you know that a reply is headed your way -- but its en route from the year 1976, as I am currently time-travelling to witness some alien/golf activities from the past that could be key in the nows & the futures. Allegedly. (could you try to send me a message please - just say "Hi, I am a message" or write a short book - either would be intriguables)


    "Stay With Me Now"

    Best -- My name is Yancy


    So naturally I obliged on both counts....


    ""Hi, I am a message"" 


    Short Book........


    Well it all began, errrmm, in earnest(??), is that what you say?? is it 'in earnest'?? what does earnest mean?? hang it wasn't really serious, no, ......... we can't use 'in-earnest' so I will have to correct that, where were we??


    Oh!!....well it all began in earnest when I took up an offer to play the devils advocate, now I know what that means so we are OK - it means just to disagree with someone for the sake of presenting a 'thought provoking argument', even if you don't believe it yourself - I never did, lolololols??!!


    Well anyway I was never in any doubt that I was right all along and they were all wrong y'see - the event horizon of a black hole contains ZERO INFORMATION, it's just a 'mirage' if you will. Well the rest of the scientific community disagreed with poor old Steven Hawking over this and spent 20 years gathering mathematical evidence to finally present him with a great huge whalloping stack of papers (called a document), that said he was wrong and Steven relented on an old 5 dollar bet and paid up to Leanord Susskind (who used to be a plumber - I mean who can trust a plumber right?? they ALWAYS do half a job and your toilet still doesn't flush properly...). ANYWAY Sir Roger Penrose and my good self were the only ones left standing with Steven (he had to sit down of course), and we reckoned Steven had withdrawn his bet too quickly. 

    The only reason they rounded on him so aggressively was that by saying "anything that enters in to a black hole is lost forever " is an apparent (can we say apparent, I mean on-the-face-of-it??), well it's an apparent violation of the second law of thermodynamics y'see, d'ye see Yancy??? Well anyway imagine one of your golf-course aliens entering in to a black hole Yancy - well he goes in and completely disappears BUT as your observations kindly remind us all - the aliens 'reflection' if you like is left like an oilmark on a soap bubble - swirling around on the event horizon. BUT IT'S NOT REALLY THE ALIEN YANCY!!!!! It's just a cosmic reflection and he went right through and got SPAGHETTIFIED, YES SPAGHETTIFIED!!!! stretched in to a stick of SPAGHETTI (with no bolognese sauce either, lolololo0s!!!). Then he got compacted in to a singularity see!!!!


    There are 3 lines of thought Yancy:


    1. The aliens reflection swirling around on the event horizon is actually 'information; because when you see it you think 'ALIEN'!! right.


    2. The alien goes in gets compacted in to a singularity then eventually gets EATEN ALIVE BY SPARTICLES!!! (virtual particles that have to exist because of the uncertainty principle of Quantum Mechanics see....), well the negative particle of this particle pair goes in to the Black hole and eats the ALIEN all up, whilst the other positive particle is spat out in the form of Hawking Radiation. But this means that all the information regards the ALIEN is lost!!


    3. The alien goes in, gets compacted in to a singularity then gets SPAT OUT on the other side of a WORMHOLE in to another UNIVERSE by way of a WHITE HOLE!!!! Am I capitalising too much??? not as much as Hawking - that sly old sod WROTE A BEST SELLER ON IT!!!!! THEN WENT ON THE SIMPSONS AND RAKED IT IN!!!!


    Well recent experiments have shown that Hawking was right all along and there is Hawking radiation so therefore YOUR ALIEN GOT ERODED BY ANTI-PARTICLE PAIRS AND WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN - EXCEPT FOR ITS MIRROR ON THE EVENT HORIZON REMEMBER. And that even goes 'pop!' anyway when the black hole is eventually evaporated in a squillion years from now.......


    Ohhhhhh noooooooooo!!!! YANCY LOOK - now he's saying 'soft hair' could be a way that 'at least some information is preserved!!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND HAWKING YOU JUST LEFT ME LOOKING SO STUPID IN FRONT OF Y. CAN!!! Hey YANCY - did you ever consider these aliens of yours might just be preserved information in the form of Soft Hair right!~!!! this is what all the confusion is about....






    Expect a serious paper on the subject with subsequent nobel prizes in physics for deena and can - on the right track, on the right team ;-)


    So you see - we might be able to use Hawkings latest and sadly final research to make fundamental inroads in to what is causing our Sasquatch delusions - it's just information in the form of 'soft hair' that somehow strayed off the event horizon of the nearest supermassive black hole (the one at the centre of our very own Milky Way I would hazzard....(???)..... 

    And what a whacky way to end clash 106....lols!!


    "stay with me now......"

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Aug 30 2019 8:02 AM

    *******************************Club Advertisement******************************

    Links V's Paradise

    Starts September 2nd 2019   - don't be late !!




    The winners of our 2 premier competitions the KOTG and KOTGA to be announced and presented here within the next few hours!!!!......


    Congratulations Tongju - Winner of this Months King of The Gang.



    And Congratulations Bakedawg - the winner of our very first King Of The Gang Amateur.



    Tongju & Bakedawg

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    Wed, Sep 4 2019 7:13 AM

    Clash 107


    The Money.......




    The techinque....



    The Result....



    BIG MONEY In waiting.......

    deena in waiting.....




    The money in waiting.....

    Hole in 1....



    The BEST putter in this game.......

    26 foot harlem globetrotter.


    The prettiest....



    Just too good....

    US Open 2020 - Champion in waiting....


    Just show me the money.


    The genius....


    deena 'the money' love.




    It's a great start and we're off to a blinder...


    I am just going to lock out the passes for the remainder of this one though - my boys love to play, but I want some left for the 2nd clash plz!!


    Whilst we're waiting we might as well slap on an Andy recommendation - few tracks to get through this clash....


    #9 The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

    In the early 90s as I was discovering more music and metal was on a steep decline (ruined by talentless wankers and con men) I came across a couple of singles by Smashing Pumpkins.  Initially, although I enjoyed them, I thought they were just another indie band.  Then I heard the song Disarm which was definitely born out of a troubled soul. So it sparked my interest. As I was getting to know them they released Melancholy and The Infinite Sadness and became one of my favourite bands.  They had quite a big hiatus before reforming circa 2006.  This song I’ve loved since release and when they played it on their comeback of sorts tour was definitely a goosebumps moment - Andy.

    It has a ring of the song 'whatever' by Oasis doesn't it - that was a fantastic song too....






    I even managed to get 'how the story ends' by Megadeth thrashing in the background - how apt :-)) More from the brilliant 'Endgame' Album tomorrow!!!!!!


    A fighting 32 on Chambers....


    But we're getting tanked - too many zulus...


    So I am going to pull the Super Passes back again - which means I am going to have to wake up to enable them again later, damnit there goes a decent nights sleep  :-S


    Anyway we will go in to the night with another Andy recommendation.....


    #11 Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

    I was watching the film “Into The Wild”, which I thought was a fantastic movie, when a couple of tracks in the Soundtrack caught my ear.  The music seemed to fit perfectly with the imagery on screen and occasionally there was a vocal by someone I recognised - but I couldn’t place it.  Anyway thoroughly enjoyed the film and music and waited til the closing credits to find out who did the music.  And so it was Sir Edward Of Cheddar! Eddie Vedder! He did a magnificent job and this song is a suitably sweeping cinematic piece of melancholy which sums up the film perfectly.  Talk about a curve ball from Maiden!! Andy.

    We have lots and lots to come in this clash - tomorrow is going to be 'metal day', some excellent rock, metal and thrash on its way to accompany some fast laps in vintage muscle cars and - how much of the winnings will deena scoop from that 200 credit ready go....
    Stay with us, lots and lots to come in clash 107 


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Sep 5 2019 4:08 AM

    First 4 then....


    Not so good after our tremendous start - no one really around for that 3rd match-up and yeah - we got a c0ckroach on our case in the current game....


    Oh what lengths will these jerks go to in order to gain an extra cr@p pass - WGT must love these dorks!!


    It will have to wait until later, mommi is busy and I didn't take top spot in that 200 RG either - wonderful :-S



    still 'on course' for 8 big ones which would be great - now watch someone else come along and take even more money out of my winnings.


    When it rains it pours :-(


    We're getting a bit toshed in these clashes aren't we....


    To be fair we are being totally out-zoolooed by far bigger clubs, WGT don't give a fk why should we is always the ethos and as long as we guarentee top 500 it's enough for the coursebuilder and that is seen as a victory.


    At least we get a good idea as to what the bare minimum is for the coursebuilder hey - i am tired too and off for a sleep, I might just resort to reporting this up and playing a few excellent tunes....


    Megadeth - Sleepwalker

    You know when a Megadeth song is going to be good - it starts off like a scorpion rattling its sting at you :-) More from them later - I found 'the album' of choice during this 25 year adventure!!


    Megadeth - The Scorpion


    Time for me to do a bit of sleeping of my own too......later!!!




    33 FOOT SPECTACULAR - courtesy of Tekoma, vertices method!!!


    And if that didn't blow the cobwebs off....


    And........ 8 fu(king big ones please barman!!!...


    I'll have that putter at level 98 safely and give the gift of golf foundation the middle finger they deserve :-) Nowt better than earning it - I would never scavenge from bigots anyway, swivel on it GOG.

    They don't like it because I am prettier than their wives - old men waiting to die here Andy, gnarly old golf fkkers. Golf is changing and these old cnuts are dying YAYYYYYYYYY - DIE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Back on track....


    A fighting 30 in High Wind on Painhirst!!!


    Gives us a chance of a win at last!!!



    Let's do another Andy recommendation and a fast lap in a Vintage muscle car of around the same time......


    #12 Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grace

    BOOM!! Back with a classic from one of the most important bands ever recorded.  As a metalhead Of many years this is as close to sacred my atheistic ways will let me be.  There are loads of tracks I could’ve picked and still might - but for now I chose this one because it was the song that reacquainted me to Sabbath after a good few years of not listening to them. Why oh why?!! Anyway, it’s a classic Tony Iommi riff with suitably dirty support from Geezer Butler on bass and the awesome Bill Ward on drums. Ozzy of course is on great form here.  His voice cutting through the waves of riffing like a scythe through someone’s left ear hole!  Special mention for Bill Ward who’s drumming really dud help make Sabbath so unique.  His style was full of jazz influences and you can often hear “big band” style in his fills.  Not really something you hear a lot in metal!! Well, not back then anyways!! Enjoy! Andy


    Another reason I played Iron Maidens Phantom of the Opera (apart from being a bvrilliant way to start day 2 of course), is because I also thought it had elements of this Black Sabbath great :-)


    Fast Lap in my fave Muscle Car of all time - the 1972/73 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am (trans anything with deena lolololos),,,,

    It's that 'howwwwl' it makes when it shifts down - I don't think any other muscle car quite has that, it's a real animal!!!!


    We have drawn Wildside again - they turfed us over earlier but I said at the time that I think if our boys had been out we might have won it so let's see what I can do - it's on Chambers too, tough course for anyone and suited to my style of play....let's see.


    No, these are the guys with the zulus, we are taking another walloping, here's the current overall situation....



    I wont be able to declare the coursebuilder tonight but sure 12,000 points will be enough, I am going for a barbeque to cheer myself up.....


    Here's the 'none twilight' moment this week, taken from the very excellent Megadeth album 'Endgame', it's the track, err 'Endgame'....



    I woke up in a black FEMA box...

    The leader of the new world order, the president of the United States...


    Absolute classic!!!


    Eagle on the 7th Wolf Creek!!

    They rarely happen for me but recently I have been getting a few and I think it is down to my progress made in course management - the best way to learn is to screw up, you just have tyo have the courage to screw up (something I have always been a little conserved about in my play but starting to open up and risk a few, it's paying off too!!).


    The Eagle led to a fighting 30 on Wolf Creek....


    Which gives us a commanding lead in the last clash for me tonight...


    We were going to go in to the night with a great Iron Maiden track - but i am going to leave that for a last minute clash treat in tomorrows round up - the reason is that I was snooping on Andys wall and discovered a great artist and a song that I can really see eye-to-eye to at the moment, sountil tomorrow I leave you with a beautiful song:


    Agnes Obel - The Curse





  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Sep 5 2019 4:09 AM

    Second set of results...

    We had a good night session and won another game big that you can't see there so we are comfy for the coursebuilder - another win for the gang :-)


    Just stuck a nice 31 on Wolf and this beauty by pure feel, no formula, no Tekoma, just pure judgement (you have to keep your eye-in when you use numerical methods orm you lose any kind of judgement)...


    But there's nothing we can do - that top placed guy is a roach...


    Who put these bog average scores in...


    WGT sucks.


    Let's do a lap in that Ferrari from last week - in the pouring rain (I love it moody), I always suggest you put these in full-screen, but this one is especially immersive and fantastic in full screen view........

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Ferrari 488 GT3 Spa


    It's gorgeous isn't it Assetto Corsa 2 basically - imagine that with a decent graphics card, I yearn for it (fantastic camera views on lap 2 B.T.W).


    Ohhhh and so close!!!


    KINGNAGA came in at the end and take 500 points off that score for winning bonus and you can see how close we were from snatching victory from the jaws of defeat - KINGNAGA is our specialist at that, if I had played 1 more game we would be going mental right now...not to be but fantastic stuff from NAGA our king!!!

    And you better know it - this club doesn't give up until the fat deena sings - big applause for the boys ***clap clap clap**


    Quick final round up....


    Last 3 results and standings overall..


    Good win overnight against Raspberry sealed the coursebuilder - solid performances by dedon1 and Tongju, match of the clash was that penultimate game against CC VR46 - nearly had a party there didn't we!!





    12 this time, always a strong showing from our boys even on a bad clash by our standards, we still get the coursebuilder, we still win.


    Final standings to follow when made official, we shall probably still even make top 200 - take a bow guys.


    Congratulations on a top 200 finish gang in what was a tough fought out clash - and we still nearly brought the roof down win win!!!





    Before we go out to a classic Iron Maiden track I want to repeat a post I made regards wedges - one the fash wouldn't post up for some reason. I have absolutely no respect for the moderators nor the management of this game - the mods are all on my carpet block software so I never get to see their rancid names. This company operates an Eastern business model, everything is cheap they don't give a sh1t about their customers, don't deserve their success, certainly don't deserve any respect from the customers and are a disgrace to America as they represent it as a business, relocate to N Korea you horrid example of a fascist authortarian cheap-sh1t low grade eastern business model shambles and embarrassment of a company. If I had set out my ambitions to be a low-grade fascist knuckle dragging coward of a moderator working for the yellow dogsh1t that heads up the management of WGT I would have probably hung myself in the bedroom by now and if they want me to come back as a pirate and hack their fkking servers every day for years on end and take lots and lots of money off beginner players who don't deserve it - stick a finger up ya ar55es and shine me on babeee!!!


    here's the post that got refused by the fash....


    Why don't we have an option on the pitching wedge.


    Y'know pitching 'WEDGE', duhhh - why can't we have it as another wedge option separate from our irons so we can get rid of our rubbish pitching wedges (I always pack mine off with a lunchbox every time I am forced to use it because it oh-so does like to go for a wander doesn't it). I replaced it in-kind with the 115 yard wedge on advice from one of the best players in this game. Yet if I were able to do away with my cr@ppy now almost redundant 120 yard pitching wedge I could get far more creative with my bag. But oh-no we only get an option for the hybrid WHO ON EARTH USES A HYBRID WGT duhhhhhhhh THINK WGT!!!!


    And why oh why don't we have top spec 80 and 60 yard wedges in the shop?? Of course an 85 yard wedge would be the glass slipper for me but those 80 and 60 yard wedges in the shop are just not a spec above enough for me to go parting with my old cleverlands, when are you going to get it WGT - there are a whole army of 60 and 80 yard wedge fans who are desperate to get hold of top-end gear in this range, you would cream the money in DUHHHHH THINK WGT THINK!!!




    deena in full bully mode, lolololos!!


    And they couldn't see at least a hint of 'funny' to let that post up. No - because you are a bunch of humourless fkking fascist low-grade cowards aren't you WGT knuckle heads.







    Phew, anyway lets forget the fash and play out with a fantastic Andy recommendation, I have also included a live version because it's 'THE MAIDEN' and their live shows were famous for being spectacular, over to Andy....

    #10 Iron Maiden - Wasted Years Always loved the Somewhere In Time album and this choice is probably an obvious one, but always enjoyed this song! The production by Martin Birch was killer for a metal album in 1985. Some older fans moaned about the slicker sound with hints of synth throughout. I thought it was brilliant! The artwork is also legendary from this album! Classic band, classic track - Andy.



    I also was not expecting the official Iron Maiden site to allow their tubes to be embedded elsewhere - what a thoroughly bl00dy great bunch of fellows the maiden have always been!!!


    And what a rousing way to end clash 107!!!


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Sep 18 2019 9:02 AM

    Clash 108


    The Diamonds




    1. The Quantized Break





    2. The Quantized Break meets Tekoma:


    The Quantized Break....

    Tekoma Says Centre Grid:




    3. Open Tier.


    The 27......





    4. The second 27....

    Pure Genius:


    The Price is Right:


    On another Planet... 



    Here's interesting reading....

    Now I could turn Young46 over in any RG, perhaps 1 time in 3 these days - I am not singling him out in-particular, I could turn over FMagnets equally 1 time in 3, or anybody else who wants to put their hand up and refute my self-assured and annoyingly confident statement.

    But there it is, and that's what I am saying - my most recent awakenings to the last of the games mysteries make it undeniable and it is now only a case of inexperience that has me floundering.

    I am not interested in chasing anybody - I am doing my own thing to my own schedule. I could play an open tier RG right now and if I put a 27 in it wouldn't surprise me, if I came in above Young46 or FMagnets it wouldn't surprise me..... no cause for celebration, technically they re no better than me, just a hell of a lot more experience (they know this does that on this hole e.t.c....all those secrets). But I am happy in my Tier RG's, learning the ropes for now. 

    I don't intend joining open tier RG's as a regular competitor until I have that extra 10 yards on my wood and driver (2 more purchases at level 99 to pick up). So they can breath easy for now.....


    "But when I do eventually turn my sights to open Tier I will wipe the floor with all of them"

    - goldeena, September 19th, 2019.


    Quote me back on this, this time next year Young 46



    FMagnets and Young 46 - smashy and nicey, they're all so 'hand-in-hand' with each other aren't they, awwwwwwwwwww - so sweet, give each other a big wet kiss for me!!!

    ....and no, I won't be watching the VUSA from Las Vegas.




    Keith Flint (Sept 17th 1969 - March 4th 2019), enjoy your reincarnation further downstream on the statue of spacetime X



    The 2 sides of the Prodigy.


    Off to a great start....

    I will be playing a generalised formula and Tekoma this clash - I am weary from the weeks intensely successful RG's, and believe me it is INTENSE, leaves me a bit drained afterwards, so this clash will see a more moderate approach to the games.


    Gay country club - interesting match up, though none of our members have to be specifically anything sexuality wise - it's about being cool with each other regardless...


    This clash report is a bit 'report and mechanical' this week. I am suffering fatigue again and a few life things - I am feeling lethargy, can't be bothered to raise a hand, a bag of stones is pulling me to the floor kinda thing and it might be time to take a break on the clash reports, we have been going consecutive for 4 or 5 months now...


    And it looks like we're gunna get 'roached'...



    I have been a little absent with a little side-project you might say - something to do with Andy and myself and the whole glorious thing is going to sign us out of tomorrow night.


    As for tonight I will leave you with another fantastic Andy recommendation:


    #13 Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

    I personally think this is the Rolling Stones greatest song.  There’s something in the intro which gives it such a dramatic atmosphere.  When it all kicks in it is as cool as ***.  I don’t do cool but this is undeniable.  The groove is addictive and Jagger’s vocals are as good as they’ll ever be here.  For me it’s easily in the top 5 songs to come out of the sixties - albeit they released this in the latter part of 1969.  Here we are 50 years later commenting on the power of this song, so they obviously got something right!  But there’s almost a melancholy about their greatest achievement being 50 years old.  They never bettered it in my opinion.

    Overnight results...


    They have been TCB for me this clash - my hearts not in it really, another one on Merion front 9 I just can't be bothered with....... anyway we're in the driving seat again and look set for the coursebuilder......


    Another seemingly crank score - obviously total putt distance and sand saves aking them better golfers??? we don't care, we don't want to play merion, we don't want to play erin where the wind is top middle or bottom, good luck folks.....we don't even want to do a clash report and I am looking forward to the rest next time out. i ONLY PLAY FOR MONEY e.t.c......they don't care why should we e.t.c.....


    Fu(k 'em and their Law!!!