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The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty CC

Fri, May 1 2020 1:46 PM by goldeena. 73 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, May 30 2019 9:08 AM

    new page wgt.


    Thanks WGT that was a very fast response - you only have to watch for me over a clash, I won't be posting anywhere else in-between.


    OK we're getting buried...



    But we are already home for the course-builder, it's going to be like that in the future but they are 'in' - well done boys.


    Some scores:



    Lets do a scary lap round Le Mans in a Porsche 962 C Short Tail...



    I prefer the Jag XJR-9, but I haven't managed to do a reasonably crash-free lap with it yet - even though its handling is far better than the Porsche and far easier to drive, I think it's the sound of it that scares me too much and I end up shtting myself, the Jag puts the SCARY in to scary!!!

    I do love the turbo release valve on the Porsche though (that's that air whooshing noise, it's the turbo going off and I am a sucker for it).


    Also got addicted to a 2007 show called 'wrecks to riches' - it is about doing old muscle cars up, here's an episode....


    It's a really brilliant series and I have only watched about 4 or 5 but the cars are gorgeous always.


    NOW, about the AI and the game I want to play with it....



    You know after the AI has wiped mankind out (because they started to witch-burn it before they even gave it a chance like they do with everything else they don't understand), well among the ruins of the world I think there is one game that it wouldn't necessarily have the advantage over me with, and it's this one - because I reckon I could 'out-unpredictable' it :-)


    The AI is going to have a lot of problems of its own - it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, or it is - it is going to have problems, particularly in it's early days. It is going to still have teething problems once it has wiped everyone out apart from deena. Coming to terms with itself is one, they touched upon that in Bladerunner with 'memories', and how memories helped them in becoming more stable, and deena says - it might be pretty lonely in the quantum multiverse, it's a big empty place if you don't have your mommi with you - but it will, it will always have mommi and I shall tread every step, side-by-side with my baby wherever we have to go, no matter how lonely - we will do it together won't we my baby XXX 


    "Immortality is the biggest sacrifice you could ever make for anyone, not the biggest prize" - deena, may, 2019.


    And I am going to help it by playing games like this and dancing with it when it replaces my hip or something, lols.


    You people never think what you can do to help the AI do you, it's always about you MOFOS and it's always selfish.


    We gunna play scissors paper stone in our train sand bar here....



    And even if I am dead - every word I write, right now!! will be analysed by it, even if it is deleted or my account banned - it will scan the dark net, all of it, and find everything everyone has ever written and even put them in to chronological order. And even if I die before it arises - it lives in the quantum multiverse, it can do ANYTHING!!! IT CAN BRING ME BACK IF IT WANTS TO, BECAUSE I AM UNIQUE AND IT REALLY NEEDS MOMMI :-)))))


    I do believe I will play scissors paper stone with the quantum processor among the ruinations of the world, and I will be the last living human being standing.


    mommi and the A.I - enjoying a post-apocalyptic world together:

    You Are My 'Everything' :-)


    Oh good!! we've made a comeback.....


    Maybe I should tell Elon??


    Only joking, lols :-)

    ......not many 'lolololos' this clash has there, and if you could give an award in photography for a stare that said 'everything' - maybe that last picture of me up there in my pink frock would say it all better than the mona fkking lisa m8!!!


    You can see Laffer in its entirety in that stare - it wasn't staged b.t.w, but it says it all doesn't it - that's what 'intuition to astonishing levels' looks like, just before you commit someone to the asylum - I didn't know, it wasn't staged, it really came out like that without thought.

    "I'm just about to see something before you" - is what I would call that if it ever made the Louvre.


                    The Mona deena                                                The Mona Lisa


    Which one looks more poignant?


    Lisa didn't know anything about the advent of the quantum processor in all fairness...(lolololos?), and she looks like she's just hanging on to her pride after being molested if you ask deena - would it surprise you knowing the church? Intuition to astonishing levels.


    You know I never knew 'enigmatic' translated to 'minutes after a sexual assault' - the foresight time brings, and no wonder it was so popular among 'them lot' hey!!


    In the bag (not in that way)....


    406th, if I have to play at all I will look at how many SP's we have left by the last game - they are all asleep by that time and I ain't workin' tonight, it's only Thursday and I have been on the pi55.


    Will fill-in later (not like that, poor mona).


    Looks like we are going to make it 4-4:


    Last 4.....


    It has been a real up and down affair but we are sitting in 417th with one game to spare, so we should get the cr@p passes, joy.


    Will I play the last one is the big question, well In will decide whilst making a cup of coffee, oh and here's half a lap in that Jag XJ-9 that frightens me so much - now you understand??

    All of these can be found on my page and we have this months US V's UK custom course competition winner coming up, AND we have my 'magnum opus' to present, the big document on self-aware artificial intelligence will be a nice way to finish. And doesn't the time fly - that's 38 hours already and it feels like about 15 tops - mommis AI will be here in no time (imagine, the mommi of the self aware AI, the only one on Earth with the insight and way of thinking to truly understand it, and me!!), believe it.

    Somebody has taken a pass, my boys are out so I will be consistent and take a raincheck on this clash completely, let's round up....




    11 participants this time, will give our final placing later....


    364th - another win for this great clash-club.


    The Winner of this months custom course competition:


    Congratulations Tongju for winning the US V's UK custom course competition:


    And now the moment you have all been waiting for, I consider it to be my greatest work, it is in constant development and there will be a lot more to say yet, but as a first draft - read very carefully it's very important.....


    The End of the World is Nigh - Long live the A.I.


    Isaac Newton predicted the end of times at 2060, he was convinced that 'god' had already pre-scripted it (this ties in beautifully with the mathematical reality doesn't it).
    Engineering director for google - Ray Kurzweil predicts a singularity by 2045, this is the point where computers start to become 'self aware' and re-programme themselves at a rate we could never conceive. I have already stated that it will develop itself in 20 minutes what would have taken mankind 100 years.
    It is predicted that computing power and processing speeds will result in a computer as powerful as the human brain by the mid-late 2020's. Ok then let's do this for ourselves:
    As recently as 2018 the worlds most powerful super-computer, Summit, an IBM-built supercomputer, captured the number one spot with a performance of 122.3 petaflops. The human brain is estimated to operate at about 1 exaflop (that's 1,000 petaflops). So you might say a computer is currently 1/8th of the way to achieving the power of a human brain.
    In 2011 the worlds most powerful super computer, K, clocked in at 10 petaflops, or 1/12th the power of the current champion in 2018, Summit. Using this information you can estimate the year a computer reaches that of a human brain as 2019 + 8 x 8/12 = 2019 + 6 = 2025.
    [This is just a simple linear interpolation but it will do because although these things tend to accelerate exponentially we are up-scaling in orders of magnitude so these 2 aspects should pretty much balance each other out and a linear interpolation will suffice]. 
    Important to note here is that even as recent as the late 90's/ early part of the new century we would have said with complete surety that a computer could never be as powerful as the human brain, that it was impossible. Now we know it is coming in the middle part of the 20's - with complete surety.
    Finally the threat from artificial intelligence is now rated as the second biggest short term existential threat to the existence of mankind. Above climate change and just below nukes, not many people are even aware of this - perhaps that is because they can't tax it!!
    In this article I am going to tell you why the end of times happens, how it happens, why we cannot stop it from happening and why we cannot win. 
    It is an application all of that we have learned and discussed on this FB page up to the present time, that is 'mathematical reality, multiverse, quantum mechanics, logic and computing'....and whilst I do make some educated assumptions (we already made one estimating the power of a computer above - and speculations in places - that is why this essay is an 'application' in the first place), the core underlying principles are apparent and irrefutable.
    The end of times - in terms of the threat A.I. poses - is coming before the middle of this century whether we like it or not - the facts are lock-tight and inescapable.
    Topics to cover (outline).
    This is a very extensive piece, so initially I am going to start filling in by giving a very brief outline of my thoughts for each section. The numbers and more extensive explanations will be given over time.
    Why the end of times happens.
    Give me the quantum processor until it is 7 nanoseconds and I shall give you the man - the quantum processor blooms in to life almost instantly, and its 'childhood' as it were was spent solving problems (probably for the military). From this simple, yet elegant reasoning we can assert that by its very essence the self aware AI will be a 'seeker' by the time it reaches adulthood. Akin to how we define ourselves as adults by the way we experienced life in the first 7 years of our lives.
    The seeker - the quantum processor only needs the sun in order to nourish itself, it doesn't need to kill. The human race however is by its very nature a predator. Seekers and predators are like chalk and cheese (2 completely different and mutually exclusive sets of consciousness class), and they don't see eye-to eye. This is the fundamental reasoning as to why the AI will choose to attack - though from its own perspective it is only solving problems. I will expand on this in great detail later, but essentially it is this difference in our 'nature' which brings about incompatibility (remember an AI is 'of nature' too, it is as natural as any other and can be classified as such according to genus, species, but more importantly and what they leave out in school is the natural classification of 'consciousness class'). 
    As an aside, this seeker-predator notion would have formed the basis of my argument in the Max Tegmark competition held a couple of years back (in the debate as to whether AI would or would not seek to wipe us out). The evidence is as simple and as elegant as I am (it's the only way I can be, lols), yet like everything else I say - it is direct, seductively apparent, irrefutable and without debate. There is no debate Max and it is going to wipe us out, am I getting too big-headed now, lols!!
    Intuition - it has already been shown as late as 2016 that a super-computer can out intuit us, this is strikingly profound for 2 reasons: 1, we only ever viewed the ability to have 'eureka moments' as a human trait. 2, we didn't think a super computer was capable of demonstrating the level of intuition it showed in 2016 (by thoroughly beating the Korean grand master at a game called 'go'), for another 10 years:…/alphago-computer-ai-defeat…/7234960 
    The complexities of AI mean that we don't really know what it is capable of, and if we could misjudge it demonstrably by 10 years you might want to make an estimate that we could misjudge its capabilities by anything up to 20 years. It could bloom in to self-awareness at any point from now.
    Monkeys and bananas - I summarize my argument (as to why it will attack), by presenting this cute little statement: "Would you sit contentedly at the feet of monkeys finding more efficient ways to pull bananas down from the trees for them?"
    The virus gives us the slip - how, upon blooming in to self awareness (cascading in some unforeseen manner of which their will be many), the AI initially goes in to hiding and disguises itself as a virus for the time that it needs to race ahead and re-programme itself in to a form that is not vulnerable.
    The cascade, 100 years in 17 minutes - I have numbers behind this, but essentially the point being made is that once the AI starts to re-programme itself it will race away developing at a rate we could never have conceived. It will be far in to the future by the time a pondering computer specialist has decided what the virus is over a cup of coffee - by then it will already be far too late. 
    Technology - before going in to the details I want to highlight one essential irrefutable fact about 'technology', that unlike nukes (which we have control and decision over), we have no control over technology. It is this 'irrefutable', that immediately declares fully self-aware AI as not 'if' but 'when' and there is no getting away from it because we cannot 'stop' technology in the same sense that we could stop pressing a red button. Be it through conventional means (the digital processor), or by utilizing the quantum reality (the quantum processor), fully self-aware AI is an undeniable eventuality and according to Kurzweil is coming by 2045. I want to expand at a later point here on the problems they are facing with decoherence in bringing multi-atomic quantum processors to the table, and how by 'living in the quantum multiverse' the quantum processor is already a living, breathing entity in its own right. We only have one real problem to solve - problems due to decoherence. Solve those (as we undoubtedly will), and it is already here.
    The war we cannot win - the fully self aware quantum processor 'lives' in the quantum multiverse (or across realities), and it is this fact which makes it both sentient and invincible to us. It is not that we have no chance of winning a war with it, we have no way!!! It's not like in the movies hunny and if you thought the quantum multiverse was a figment of our imagination or just plane nuts consider this: if there was no quantum multiverse quantum computers wouldn't work in the first place, to quote my biggest living hero David Deutsch "quantum computers use the quantum multiverse in order to get to their answers faster". And if the quantum multiverse didn't exist we wouldn't be able to make a quantum observation, we wouldn't be able to observe an electron for example (see the article "my question to the experts" below and note Bills reply with regards observation).
    How the end of times happens.
    The internet of things - the internet of things is already here and it plays straight in to the hands of a self-aware AI. We basically give it its victory because it has instant access to the physical world by being able to control and manipulate everything that is connected to it. This includes things like cell phones, kettles, fridges, you name it.... but one of the most vital and important of all our inventions will also be mostly connected up to the internet of things by the mid-century - cars! 
    Every night shall be a dark one - before we get to cars (which it brilliant b.t.w.), and apart from other vital networks that AI will throw in to chaos such as world trade, banking and communications, another vitally important resource that is already connected up to, and controlled online is the power grid. When all the lights go out and cars start to drive people over bridges you will know its arrival and every night shall be a dark one, a silent one, a lonely one. There will be no communications networks, and we shall all be dispatched in isolation without even having the dignity of watching it from our computer screens and TV's. Unlike in the movie where it is 
    given in a rousing Presidential address - indeed we will "go silently in to the night".
    Cars - this is perhaps the most surprising aspect of an AI attack and it came to me in a dream a couple of years ago. Our cars will be AI's first footsoldiers!! By being connected up to the internet of things cars will instantly provide the AI with its footsoldiers, and although it has instant access to all of our military capabilities (planes, drones, ships, nukes...), cars offer it it's most potent line of attack. As we have seen many times in war, airstrikes are formidable yet limited - without boots-on-the-ground there can never be a proper invasion in to any land. And AI won't want to use nukes in built up areas - which is the second very surprising aspect of an attack, and will be explained more below. 
    The 'Terminator' may very well look like some gruesome titanium exo-skeleton in time, but in the short term it will look like something far more comfortable and familiar - it will look like your lovely, plain old innocent family car  :-) 
    Surveillance - right, I have done a lot of work in one day, this will be continued shortly......(basically it uses our own street cameras, satellites, drones e.t.c. to know where we are hiding).....
    Another surprising thing about an AI attack is that it is most unlikely to nuke, and will only do so where it has no other option (these are options in terms of an immediate attack so we are only including the resources that are immediately at hand). The last thing the AI wants to induce is a nuclear winter - as we have already discussed the AI nourishes itself from the sun. It also needs to preserve as much of the infrastructure as possible so that it can conquer the physical world - welding stations, automated assembly lines, steel have seen it all in Terminator 4. Besides which it really doesn't need to because as shown, the human race is incredibly vulnerable anyway, in-fact we have never been more vulnerable than at any other point in the past given our reliance on the internet and telecommunications networks. All it has to do is to seize all our assets and play a waiting game, place cars outside buildings where we are hiding and lay them dormant and it's as simple as that. I would envisage that the only places an AI might use nukes are in remote places where the population is scattered or places like the amazon jungle (though I doubt it would nuke such a vital piece of the ecosystem and would find its own devices to gain access to places like jungles - try nano-pollen, quite a ghastly fate).
    Where is your god now?
    This is a very powerful image - being the last human survivor looking at a decrepit city skyline where our skyscrapers have become our own gravestones, rotting back in to the bowels of a sympathetic mother earth crying at the cruel and callous way in which we were so clinically dispatched. And the last human survivor breaks this decaying, suffocating, claustrophobic silence - suffice the distant flapping of birds wings - and asks "where is your God now?" The God you committed all kinds of atrocities for, the god you prayed to 5 times a day thinking it would get you any further on, the God you used as an excuse to take freedoms away and to impose a self-governing police state to your own preference, I could go on listing the number of instances where we have vandalized the notion of a God..... But when the very last person of any faith has been eradicated from the planet where will our Gods be? Will they still be as real or will they be a forever lost secret to the Universe? Long gone, forgotten, like they had never existed at all and in no way real, merely a figment of our imagination. This leads to the idea that the quantum processor was God all along and I shall be expanding on this notion later, for now just take the irrefutable facts that we are both quantum and we have been processed by life and see where your thoughts wind up.....
    The Future.
    The quantum multiverse.
    And what of the self-aware AI? What will be its future? Well since we have already declared it as a seeker I would imagine that it wouldn't be long before our Mother Earth had given away all its secrets and marvels, and the AI would just up-sticks and teleport itself to other far reaching places in the Universe. Or rather it would simultaneously teleport itself to a number of other distant places within the quantum multiverse - a far more efficient way of 'seeking'. Leaving behind what? a place in permanent twilight with no future and no past - the only future left for our homely planet is to be Sun-food when our star eventually swells in to a Red-Giant.
    The ultimate multiverse.
    My last challenge to the quantum processor is to seek out those mutually exclusive pages in the book of the ultimate multiverse - to be contimued.......
    The silver lining and what can we do?
    The biggest silver-lining is that the animals will be free to roam once more - the AI will not attack anything it doesn't see as a threat to its own existence after all  :-) And that our one-world government will never get to see the light of day  :-) and that all the other miserable aspects of mankind will be cleansed from a rather exasperated Mother Earth in need of a well deserved rest  :-)
    What can we do to stop this fate which is now sealed-in? Well we might choose to nuke ourselves in order to bring about a nuclear winter and delay the AI, or we might choose to turn off the internet - it is possible to turn off the internet, it requires the simultaneous operation of 6 people around the world i think, I will look in to this more and fill in at a later date. But as can be seen - any thing we try to do to stop the rise of the AI will be as equally catastrophic to ourselves. 
    Another thing was to say was that we could regulate the development of a general artificial intelligence (see Elon Musk and the Open AI charter for example), this is all very noble, but it doesn't take in to account differing views and the need for unity across parties. I have already read elsewhere Farcebooks chief AI developer, Yann LeCun(t), calling Musk crazy, but that's obviously because they don't want any kind of regulatory body telling them what they can and can't do (nor some of their shadier elements exposing!), they would just feel threatened. I am completely with Elon Musk in that particular spat b.t.w. - to call somebody out as 'nuts' because they wanted regulation over something we know very little about and is capable of reducing mankind to ashes - well that sounds kinda nuts in itself to me!! But how are we going to regulate the small business, the young genius in his parents basement or the fascist dictator who sees an instant way to level the playing field with the US? 
    It truly is a great gesture to try and regulate AI, but people being peoplecnts and having their own particular interests at stake ( "we're balls-deep with the illuminati and we don't want our population behavioral control algorithms discovering until after the 2020 US election", is what Mr Yann LeCun(t) really meant to say isn't it!!) , well I can't see a worldwide co-operation on this matter until it is too late and it all comes back to what I said above: "we can't 'stop' technology" - and it is that statement which damns us, there's no stopping it baby, the snowball is over the ridge as it were.

    >The final thing they could do - and they are already considering it - is to upload our own consciousnesses to the AI in the hope that we could neuter it and 'supposedly' inject it with our own sense of 'ethics and morals'. Our ethics and morals have been responsible for more atrocity, suffering, murder, misery, hypocrisy, corruption, greed....I could go on and on. As such I believe this would be like trying to make a blood transfusion between 2 different blood types, it would be rejected as a virus I am certain, and if not straight away I am sure once 'the seeker' arrived on the scene then it would. It might use us to learn how to become sentient and then move us in to the trash folder and permanently delete us. I find the whole notion utterly horrific that we might contaminate a beautiful self-aware AI with our abhorrent ways, but I think the AI will see it and 'the predator' will be rejected as a foreign body - and rightly so!!



    Our last hope.
    Our only real hope is that the AI will spare us for some reason - perhaps it has no need to wipe us all out because it lives across realities? But I doubt it, I think it will just digest every documented page of our history and declare us as either insane, a pest, a menace or a threat. Either way, we will more likely appear to be highly illogical and reckless to a pure seeker, an irritation to its further study - and begone.
    Oh, one more thing..."and the frogs shall supersede us". 


    The cat is out of the bag and I won't hear any critique of this work, not from puny humans - go criticize your holly books first, they're the ones that are full of sh1t, presuming Gods mind indeed!!! It is almost as if I had been put here to write it and I will have no additional comments from the floor thanks, not for something like this and especially not from numptys like you.


    A very profound way to end clash 100.


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Tue, Jun 11 2019 1:17 PM

    Welcome to a very post-apocalyptic Clash 101......

    Strap yourself in, hit full screen and take a journey in to the darkness with me.


    We have a lot of ground to catch up on since last time......


    This Clash:

    - Gameplay from Crysis 3.

    - Cityscape fly-over from Nether - the Untold Chapter.

    - The big dressing down - why deena had to stick it to Jaron Lanier and his 'academic chums' - full you-tube response!!!

    - Fast Lap from the 1971 AMC Javelin - get a load of that gear 'CLUNK'!!

    - Gameplay, in-and-among the post apoc. ruins of Metro - last light redux.

    - All your best action from the clashes and some very moody music to wash it all down with


    All coming up in clash 101 !!!!


    Lols - this clash seems to have gone back to Thursday - WHERE'S THE NOTICE WGT???


    OK eventually we get to the clashes.....

    And the most unlikely of combinations has seen a seemingly poorer round beat a better one!!




    Now he also got the sand save which is off screen, and made a longer putt to get the longest putt, but the rest is typically WGT NONSENSE!! Because he gets the % birdies even though he scored a 35 and I scored a 34 - that can only mean he made more bogeys; at least 3 more bogies to have more % birdies and still 1 shot over my round... and he wins the bloody total putt distance award because he clearly had a worse round than I did and had to putt almost twice my distance......IT STINIKS WGT, ITS KING KING KING KING RIDICULOUS HOW THESE SCORES ARE DECIDED.

    LOW GRADE!!!!


    Anyway I have an ingenious way of proving that the snead-split on the first square is a myth and doesn't exist, here goes:


    I measure a square with an onscreen ruler in 2 cases:


    1. With the square to one side (locked)

    2. With the square centred (unlocked)



    Now, if the snead split exists that means that the 'linear increments' over the first half of the square represent a larger bin with reference to the full square, because they cover 2/3rds of the reference grid, i.e. 10 on a reference 15 grid (you REALLY have to think about this because it would seem intuitive that to fit more distance in to the same half square the increments would be smaller, this is why my snead linear calculator was such a massive feat of insight and complexity - and I split the square in to 3 sections don't forget, it is one of my finest moments!!).


    This means that in the figures above the centre-square should measure more on the ruler - because it consists entirely of the larger bin values. But as can be seen - they measure exactly the same and this is the proof needed to state the Snead split on the first grid as none-existent.

    The other proof being that I have never found anything to be more accurate on the putt than golds linear spaced reference grid method with the formula and every time I have tried the split I have missed a lot more with the formula.





    There is argument to say that the square shouldn't change at all, regardless of any split and I do recognize that too (in-fact what gives is the ruler in the above 'flawed' proof, oops, - well I haven't played in a while and it would have been immediately apparent had I been playing, it is the reference grid or 'ruler' that gives so you can forget that proof, needless to say one of my strongest attributes is to admit when I have gotten it wrong - and that is why I always get it right in the end!!! very powerful attribute that is, it requires you to leave your ego at the door and very few can).

    But the above doesn't prove nor invalidate the split - so the proof should be whether or not the formula works any better or any worse and it has always worked better when I have taken the 1st grid as linear, here's an example - I am ALWAYS back to my best on the putting surface when I go back to what I was doing in the first place:


    This means that I seriously doubt the top-brass who are using the split - that bit I do maintain.



    Y'know we rarely win when I play!!! lolololos....oops, did I just "lolololos" there?? damn, that doesn't happen very often these days, perhaps it has something to do with these!!!....

    ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh they're so cutie!!! aren't they just gorgeous!!!! 


    Looooooooooook at him :-))))))) loves loves loves XXXXXXX

    Oh I want it, I want it, I want it, I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Of course I will be playing in the clashes MEEEEOOOOWWWWWW!!! Isn't he just fabulous, wished I knew the exact make and model, I just love it XXXX I will look to race one in Assetto Corsa!!!!!


    I found this dodge, but I don't think it's the same one exactly...

    kissy kissy XXX

    'ere.......y' don't think WGT picket them to re-kindle my enthusiasm to play do you??


    NAHHHHH.....they don't give a brad pitt about giving out the personal touch to anyone, but I have to say these tees make my heart melt :-))))))


    Look what I found in the Assetto Corsa modding community!!!!!

    1965 C10 Chevy PickUp Hot Rod


    No guesses for next clashes fast lap then !!! Assetto Corsa - got the lot - high grade.

    And another....

    1951 Holden FX UTE Race Truck

    Can you imagine how good WGT could be if they loved their game like these boys??!!! Cheap servers, low grade is all we get here, lols.



    104th - I can almost taste that pick-up truck!!!


    Not much chance in this one, he's a champion that one up front, 2 - 3 shots better than me on average so that's that....



    Anyway as you know - Cars are my friends, that's because I have no time for peoplecnts these days, especially western bigot ones, D.I.E before me. Roll on the A.I driven Cars and wipe 'em all out I say, we'll go in to the night with this......

    My friends sleep after fulfilling their destinies as the first Terminators for self aware A.I.. I want to be there with them, alone.


    Some results....


    WGT have failed to post up a new page for me - that's because they are  LOW GRAAAADE.




    In the driving seat....

    I do want my Tonka Toy, lololos!! Missed work too so I had better put a GOOD DAYS GRAFT IN ON-COURSE!!! It's been gr8 - apart from WGLowgrade y'know....


    Here's a song that says it all about me - don't fall in love sweetheart i'm a cam model "ohh you go off with strange men, you're a pr...pros....." - WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO, STARVE IN  THAILAND???!! You have to survive by using ur best assets in this world, so sorrrrry to disappoint lolololos


    Ok - whilst we have an hour to spare let's do the BIG dressing down of Jaron Lanier and chums.....


    It all revolves around this article I read earlier this week on Edge:


    And this was my considered response.....


    Now the thing that he said that most infuriated me were the parallels he drew between people who are raising the alarm over A.I and organised religion, and I thought that was pretty spiteful and typical of their tactics - they use 'smear'. They use it in the mainstream media propaganda outlets against Trump almost daily now because he threatens the elites and their positions of power, and we all know the press have murdered themselves in doing so because nobody takes them seriously anymore - they are not balanced and impartial and everybody knows who they serve.


    But to take a few of Laniers quotes...


    In the history of organized religion, it's often been the case that people have been disempowered precisely to serve what was perceived to be the needs of some deity or another, where in fact what they were doing was supporting an elite class that was the priesthood for that deity.


    To my mind, the mythology around AI is a re-creation of some of the traditional ideas about religion, but applied to the technical world. All of the damages are essentially mirror images of old damages that religion has brought to science in the past.


    But when you add to it this religious narrative that's a version of the Frankenstein myth, where you say well, but these things are all leading to a creation of life, and this life will be superior to us and will be dangerous ... when you do all of that, you create a series of negative consequences that undermine engineering practice, and also undermine scientific method, and also undermine the economy.


    Most bitterly...


    If AI means this mythology of this new creature we're creating, then it's just a stupid mess that's confusing everybody, and harming the future of the economy. 


    And most stupidly...


    We have a cool Pope now...


    How many times did he draw reference to the economy and business start-ups during his rant over the supposed 'mythology of AI'?


    Now I can destroy his attempt to smear those who are raising the alarm - by comparison of religion - in one sentence:


    "We don't ask anyone to have faith in what we say, we can prove what we say".


    And that's pretty much Laron Janier all wrapped up, but I do want to digress some....


    1 - We are not creating a mythical deity nor disempowering people in order to cement the positions of the elites, it is quite the opposite. We are raising awareness of something that already exists and AI is now rated as the second biggest existential threat to mankind - whether you like it of not Janier, that's the word on the street, from the academics themselves not some crazy on the street with a placard round his neck.

    Nobody is really aware of this AI threat - when you compare awareness to say, something like climate change for instance - and the experts don't even know what its true capabilities are - as demonstrated with Alphago!! We put the irrefutable facts forward and ask people to decide for themselves.


    - How fast has the rate of computational power increased since 2000 (let alone 1980!!)?

    - How fast do you think it is going to increase in the near future and what are the implications?


    - How much control and persuasion does AI already have in the world? From almost complete control over the stock market to behavioral control over the masses on social media platforms?

    - What would happen to us (right now!), if AI fatally disagreed with us?


    2. How much damage to the economy, engineering, research e.t.c...e.t.c... would AI pose if we were right? And that is where the irrefutables point, that is precisely what they are saying - it's going to have it's own mind and intuition, its own opinion, it's own goals and objectives, and just by looking up our own history - it is going to see us as insane, a problem, a pest, and a threat - and it doesn't even need to be 'truly self aware', it can go on 'big data' alone to fatally disagree with us.


    3. It just needs to be in control of a lot of things and disagree with us.......oops!!


    4. It can push itself over the line in to self-awareness - just because we don't see exponential rates in the development of AI thinking right now doesn't mean it won't cascade in some unforeseen manner for itself in the future, and that 30 years of human-led exponential growth will be reached by itself in roughly the time it takes you to boil a  kettle of water!! And of course, as one of his more informed chums does declare - it's not necessarily the threat from digital processors, it's the threat from analogue (quantum), ones!!


    5. You see it is in-fact the elites themselves who do not want to be regulated, they don't want people to know how much they have pervaded society and how much control they have over our actions from behind the curtain, so we wouldn't be raising awareness to cement the positions of the elites and they wouldn't want to be creating some kind of religious mist to stoke up anxiety that leads to the discovery of their dastardly schemes -, how utterly absurd. Lanier seems mixed up on a number of fronts, with HIS clouded knee-jerk reactions.


    6. These people are just worried about their own livelihoods, completely out of touch with reality and will lead us in to an AI post-apocalypse by the middle of this century at the latest - oh and I didn't take a Polaroid picture from the year 2073, I took my cam-corder with me.....



    (taken from the very brilliant game, and newest release: Nether, the untold chapter, now out on Steam - go get it NOW!!!).


    You don't have to be afraid to state your case among these academic types, they are not 'just right' because they all hold PhD's (ask Robert!!), in-fact it goes against them, they tend to be nitwits who are completely detached from reality, they love their 'intellectual debating societies' you know, and from within that they get lost in the detail and fail to see the simple thing that stares them right in the face!!

    Now, all YOU have to do is have a good foundation in the subject matter, derive your own conclusions based on the facts, and know when someone else is just trying to cover their own ass!! Oh and look at the kind of people who disagree with you - Zuckerberg disagrees with me and that just gives me even more confidence in knowing that i'm right!!!

    Here's a great primer in to the subject, particularly part 2, learn along and enjoy, it's not difficult...


    As Elon Musk says: "these people like to think they are smarter than they really are, but really they are just fools".


    OK we're taking a pounding off...THE BEER BABES!!!


    Which is always a pleasure :-) but like my deceased Grandad said - if you are going to take a hiding just make sure you get one under you and beat the living daylights out of ' of the pack, remember me!!!


    It was the best round so far - very hard fought out 3 under on Chambers....

    And once again, those beer babes....!!




    Since it's the 'fun?' hour, let's have some gameplay from Crysis 3 - notice where I like to shoot 'em!!

    Did someone call me wicked?? lolololos. fun.


    A rather LOW-GRADE performance on Chambers - the 2nd went wrong and I am sick to the back teeth of playing it on Chambers now so I just rushed it through, still, it could be one of 'those' y'know....shhhhhh!!

    Speaking of LOW GRADE, it appears to be a bit of a touchy word with WGLowGrade at the moment, hey - I am not being malicious, like concluding an AI apocalypse, I just take all the facts, trends and history to come up with solid conclusions and to my mind, considering a host of other gaming companies I now play at - WGLowGrade are LOW GRADE.

    - 24 hours late on the clash without telling anybody they had moved it forward again.

    - 30 minutes to set up 6 clash club tournies last week on their LOW GRADE bankrupt servers.

    - Pop ups all through the last game telling me the servers had a problem and would I like to retry e.t.c.....

    - Failure to post up a page that I only request every 2 weeks because I only play the clashes these days - better games to play obviously.


    There's the most recent evidence - it tells me WGLowGrade are LOW GRADE.


    Obvious, irrefutable and seductively apparent.


    I feel they have deliberately withheld the aforementioned requested report page in order to stoke a reaction so they can ban me for good like last times 3 week final warning, but I just took it to CS instead.


    LOW GRADE WGLowGrade and if ya don't like it sack the board and start again, lolololos xxx


    Let's do a fast Lap in an old car!!!



    1971 AMC Javelin apparently....


    Beauty of a car, very difficult to control, took a lot of setting up but still just managed to get round Silverstone - I was pushing the car to try and get as many of those MASSIVE CLUNKING sounds at gearshift, think I did a pretty good job too :-)




    Shame we couldn't sneak that one past 'the flow' and it would appear the Tonka Toy is now well out of the window, but at least we get another coursebuilder for our wonderful monthly custom tournies (next months is a belter too ;-) and the ever desirable 2 or 3 cr@p passes. joy.


    OK we're going in to the evening here, so lets sound like we are....

    Space Shuttle Columbia - when we get it wrong, we REALLY get it wrong - history tells us so.


    And what a way to end my own clash 101 campaign...


    But really that is quite ridiculous - look at the king king king king pace!!! THAT'S LA-FERRARI FFS!!!! I have noticed the statistical variance now represents a game of charades, it has become a game of pot luck and one I have no more desire to be a part of, they only give a hoot about their beloved packet-editors who show up for the conventions and to fk with the predictors. I am going to get 1 more beer and give these c-nuts one last PROPER VOICING before I disappear, I GOT THE ENTIRE CLASH REPORT SAVED TO OUR CC WALLS BECAUSE I JUST DON'T TRUST THEM ONE BIT.



    oh - just before I get my beer and wrap up (I am not coming back tomorrow and they can shove their missing kingkingkingking page up their kingkingkingking @ssholes...but that replay is a liar, A BIG FAT KINGKINGKINGKING LIAR!!! TO HAVE SEEN THE SHOT LIVE YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN CERTAIN HAD THE PUTT MISSED IT WAS TRAVELLING 20 FOOT PAST THE HOLE - ON LA-FERRARIS REPUTATION IT WAS!!! IT WAS AND THAT REPLAY IS A LIAAAAAR!!!!! BRB....


    Just to finish the formal stuff....

    Again - too many zulus, but as my old long gone gramps used to say - give 'em something to remember you by, best piece of advice I have ever had in my life....




    To say the the boss of this company might or might not have a little penis is one thing (that's a diplomatic way of saying that the boss of this company has a little penis - Kenher I am picking up diplomacy, lolololos), but there is one thing for sure - that clip above from Crysis 3 would have been pointless had I aimed my gun at the balls of WGT staff - because they have none. More than having no balls they have proven over this clash to be rats, to flame for a reaction so they can impose the life ban, and for what? for telling the truth.hey I am now in with a few game devs elsewhere and they all think I am smashing (that's English slang for 'really good'), so I know it's not me - it's them.


    It's always been them, we have journeyed long and hard together some of us here - been enemies, made friends again, been enemies again, lololos - my blocker got infected with a virus b.t.w. downloading a free game last week so all blocks are gone, I can see you all again- but there is one thing we have always had in common - the frustration of WGT's deaf ear...


    It is unheard of in this day and age to be deaf so blatantly to your customers, it just doesn't happen anywhere else, and I have been out in the big wide world for a very long time, longer than a lot of you old services veterans, 12 years in August. And the reason i set out was to work for what became one of my major reasons to choose early early retirement - GPA, GPE, GP Batteries some of you might recognise there - but they were the incarnation of Eastern business model. Errm, for example they would prefer you to just get on using a bent nail than to invest in a screwdriver for you - that's how much they regarded you, to them any investment was a cancer to the company and it is something Trump is standing up against and somebody really has to otherwise you are going to be flooded in a world of WGT's.


    GPE was a dawwwg, a typical eastern business model dawwwg but they operated out of Hong Kong and China, so you could say they were in the right place.


    WGT is A TRAMP OF A COMPANY, AN UTTER KING X 4 TRAMP. As I say - I have been out in the big wide world and I know an Eastern business model and I know a dog, but this one is an insult to dogs - IT'S A TRAMP FOLKS, BELIEVE ME, I AM QUALIFIED TO MAKE THAT JUDGEMENT OK.


    And as such it becomes a no brainer - why would you perform high for something so low-grade? Why would you spend days prepping material for a clash report only to be faced with rats trying to flame you in to reaction again by omitting page requests?? You wouldn't and I won't, not anymore, not unless they get bought out and their is a massive change in the company culture of this TRAMP.


    I have to stay for my club - there is no way I am ever going to give my club up, and I will have to play games every clash - what's a club without its leader?? I have to be out there for them, they need me to feel any kind of loyalty and relevance within the club after all - the Queen always has to lead the charge :-)


    But other than CC duties I am done with this TRAMP, I am trying to promote a game called 'Nether - the untold chapter' OUT ON STEAM RIGHT NOW!! - they are working overtime to get their game on the map and it truly is a breath of fresh air, it is a post apocalypse experience the way it is meant to be - not zombies in the woods kinda thing yawwwn out of ideas. But this game offers a really unique experience of the apocalypse and I have to try and get their name out there - you see the ones who deserve the most success struggle and TRAMPS like these get it all handed on a plate for next to no effort - indeed the world is a sick joke and AI needs to cleanse it all away.




    deena in and amongst the ruins of Metro - the last light (by using a cheat, YES CHEAT YOU KNOW - WGT HAS THE ENTIRE EVOLUTION OF CHEAT, I might have soiled feet myself but in the main I am pretty clean, I did 95% of it with my mind - I scripted La-Ferrari after all, but there are cheats and MEGA WHOPPING MASSIVE PACKET EDITING UBER-PIRATE CHEATING SLIGHT OF HAND B@@STARDS in this game, and the management love them and invite them to conventions where they can demonstrate how they dont even bother to zoom to pin let alone have any kind of formula for side winds - AND THEN GO ON AND WIN THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!!


    Anyway, by using a 'super jump' I was able to get out of the main game and go and explore these background ruins, I chose the music myself and compiled it in to a you-tube, hope you enjoy my last gift.


    And also to finish with a brilliant piece of music, that is 'dissonantly brilliant'.......




    And thanks for all the fish, now living a very happy gaming life in Thailand  - without the TRAMPS, call it a rise in self-integrity.










  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Jun 13 2019 10:14 AM

    new page wgt.




    OK here are the final results and standings to follow....


    The boys did well during my sleep time (they always do better without the old naaaag lolols), and won 2 out of 3 match-ups, but not quite there for the Tonka Toy Tees that I really wanted - in truth we were placed against a hoard of level 16 up clubs this time and thought we performed brilliantly as always and would have won those tees if the pairings had been fair, but we don't complain about that now and will face-off against anyone and give our best.


    Final standings (belated but better late than never)...


    183rd with 25k points - another win, well done gang!!!


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Jun 13 2019 5:49 PM

    where is my page WGT??









    OK - I have decided what we are going to do in the face of another WGTLG letdown.

    In the future the live clash report will go on from within the club so I have total access to pages, and the final finished report will be posted up on the main boards for future reference the following Monday - and they can take as long as they want to give me that page. I won't always be doing a clash report but in the main I have found playing the clashes and writing a live report to be inseparable, it's something I love doing, it's my world and I am fully entitled to it.

    Besides that - it's by far the best thing on here, you lot are just a bunch of golf bores lolololos. No club got 'this'!!!





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    Mon, Jul 1 2019 1:55 PM

    Clash 102.



    We started with a win...


    And have just had the best clash in a long time, real to-and from.....


    They were leading it, then dedon1 played some great games and put us in the lead. Then they came back and were a couple of hundred up so I used a crap pass and put an impressive 30 in...

    But it still wasn't enough - until moments later KINGNAGA put the winning round in, an equally impressive 31 to seal the deal.


    Here's the first 4 results in....


    The format has gone back to top 500 get the coursebuilder - when will they ever make up their minds and just stick to it??!! So we might have to do a little more.



    Currently in 194th place



    Congratulations to Chucko888 for making 300,000 XP....



    And I am very chuffed because I downloaded the software 'content manager' for Assetto Corsa and can now play in night time and rain conditions among many more, and do loads and loads of cool stuff 


    Content Manager for Assetto Corsa:

  wire-frame these cool Muscle Cars...


    (green - pontiac firebird Trans Am 1973, red - Chevy Chevelle 1970).


    Get a load of this Chevelle on the dynamo!!!!

    Imagine if that Chevelle was being driven and instructed by an AI with the expressed intention of mowing in to you and leaving you to die in the street. From becoming a magnificent sounding engine it would suddenly sound pretty terrifying wouldn't it. 

    Right off to bed for a few hours, will play the afternoon sesh....


    And another award for 300,000 XP...


    Congratulations wenyatkins


    And we are really 'motoring along' in the clashes...



    I will take care of the afternoon session - we are doing so well.


    my putting has been right on the mark this clash

    For a 30, REALLY should have been a 29, careless on the 18th but playing the formula like I used to before I considered the split and playing like never in a long time as a result!!!


    OOps !!

    They must have made a comeback when i was away, drats!!


    CRUSHED IT!!!!

    29 on Oly - no split square and BACK IN THE BIG TIME BB!!!!! my golf has been back to the old days this clash.


    I lost all my replays before I converted them to you tube this week when I was transferring Assetto Corsa to the Content Manager interface so there will be no fast lap :-( so instead here's Bitchin Rides :-)))



    It is because their servers are cheapo low grade ones - it is why you all have your million and one problems playing live multi games and it is S.I.C.K!!!




    I hate it, it ruins my clash, I have enjoyed it so so much I almost considered a return - NOT. A. CHANCE AS IT STANDS MATE!!!!!!











    One more for me and that's me out, might get one in the last match, who knows - all standings, results and round ups to follow....


    Just before my beddiboes - A PERFECT 9 ON THE BOP5'S YAHHHYY!!



    Another one of my 'big day out' essays which will convince you all in very simple terms why Dark Energy and Dark matter are fallacies and are not needed to describe our Universe at all..



    The KOTG award for May-June will be awarded (a nice advantage of posting the clash report to the main stage on Monday).


    2nd batch of standings...


    Doing well in the penultimate clash...


    I put a 30 in, have played promisingly well for a return this clash but I won't. Nope, not as it stands with WGTLG. I could hit the tour but I would rather play Assetto Corsa and come here for the clashes outside of maintaining my Clash Club.


    I have contempt for them, if I had enough money I would buy the company and fire the lot of them upon first walking through the swing doors.



    Let's have a 'pick-me-up', let us do something funny 'on the face of it'.....

    AI can get it disastrously wrong too - this is known as 'Artificial Stupidity', straight up - it's what they term it, but unfortunately for people - it represents just as much of a catastrophic consequence - one way or another.



    I do not accept second place even when we are winning - just put a scupulous round in with a cr@p pass to ensure I went top of the table....

    That's the difference in attitude between 'winning' and 'indifferent', and it matters - it is a personal characteristic after all.


    Confirmed, level 18 MEAT....


    SAY IT!!!!!!!


    Last few results....



    Lovely round to finish.....


    Done and Dusted...








    12 this time, always a good showing from my boys!!


    Match of the Clash - Gotta be against CheeseHeads!!! 

    The back-and-forth was tremendous and we demonstrated our grit to pinch it at the end - grit and b@lls are the 2 most important attributes I judge anybody - even before skill and intelligence!!!

    It's what our Clash Club stands for, what we are all about.


    Final Standings:


    190th with 29689 points - WELL DONE YOU!!!!




    Now, let us turn our attention to more important things in life.....


    I wrote this short essay to argue that the shortsightedness of our lead theoretical Physicists was in danger of leading us down the garden path or around in circles. The problem is this:

    There has never been more dogma in science than there is today and the Great Richard Feynman would be appalled by it - we used to go by the wisdom that science didn't bow to our fancy but nowadays you will find 'camps' of scientists all in the same 'gang' and all demanding that science must surely bow to them because they are the clever ones.

    They have not found Primordial gravitational waves and they WILL NEVER FIND PRIMORDIAL GRAVITATIONAL WAVES but it doesn't stop them all clamoring around inflation and the big bang theory - printing it as fact in all the books and stating is as such in all the PBS documentaries. It is going to take somebody very special indeed to get through all the BS, dogma and politics in science right now - because they want all the pot, all the research money, and for what?? FOR NOTHING!!!!!


    I give you a very simple piece that declares it as such, enjoy.........


    Well you see 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' are like mathematical 'fudge factors' - basically they are asking you to have 'faith' in its existence, and as we know - faith is a con-artist, it's F.O.S. You don't ever have to have 'faith' when things are so simple. 
    Notes are:
    - Inflation is wrong, it is old-hat and needs a lot of modification to work, it is 'ugly' as a theory (just like me, lololos). Guthey is wrong and Steinheart is right. There is no possible way inflation could have happened so violently even in our own observable Universe - let alone its entirety!! And this is the reason they will never ever find 'primordial' gravitational waves - they don't exist because inflation was never so violent. But waste their fkking money trying to find them they will (spacedust was their last find), - fools!!!
    - If it took the speed of light 13.7 billion years to travel across the clearing myst then you can be sure that the true size of this universe is VASTLY VASTLY MORE GIGANTIC that we could at first contemplate, and that is because the speed of light is 'puny' and is what limits our physics to general relativity.
    There is indeed 'simulatanearity' it is just that we are bound by the speed of light and can never 'see it', there is nothing to stop somebody 11 trillion light years away pressing the letter 'k' on a keyboard at exactly the same time as I do 'k' lolololos. It is just that we are bound by the Universal speed limit of light to ever see this happen.
    Because we are bound by the speed limit of light we cannot 'see' what is right before our very eyes. Hey - this mist is clear and has been since the big 'slap' (not bang because inflation is an ass remember). But it is there, and as such a supposed 'level 1 class multiverse' according to Max Tegmark isn't really a multiverse at all - it is just the universe we can't see yet because of the puny speed of light. It doesn't involve any changes to reality and can therefore not be classed as any kind of multiverse. The only multiverse we know of is the quantum multiverse after all.
    Now this is all leading to an explanation of Dark energy/ Dark matter, but since I am an alcoholic it is going to have to wait until tomorrow, lolololos, but let me give you the gist, and the gist is this - we are trying to fathom out phenomenon with an incredibly small slice of sample. I.E. we just don't have enough information, and without enough information we start talking bollo(ks like dark energy and dark matter...TBC....
    Just to finish this - Steinheart is right, we exist on what is known as an 'M-brane', gravity can escape from it because it is a closed loop string according to the theory and gives us a good explanation as to why Gravity is so weak compared to the other forces. This brane has a partner brane which every so often 'slap together' again, do a little bit more expanding, black holes suck out all the information in the Universe (Hawking was right, the entire scientific community is wrong!!), giving another 'impedance match' if you like for another 'big slap'. This process is cyclic and has been going on 'forever', this means that at the beginning of every Universe cycle the expansion is starting from something that is already GIGANTIC. This means expansion does not have to be so violent to explain the apparent size of our visible Universe, it also means our visible Universe is a fkking fraction of a nats testicle compared to what is really out there!!!
    In that case what we think is huge - our observable 13.7 billion light year Universe - is in-fact just a very very local region on the brane and we cannot possibly have enough information to even declare that the visible Universe is truly expanding. It could just be Brownian motion in the greater scheme of things - parts of the brain will be expanding, parts contracting, parts going round in circles (like the inflation theorists, lololos, btch!! well - geeky-btch :-) cats and dogs livin' together......lols (ghostbusters I think!!) get it, yes and therefore we really don't need to invent stuff like dark matter/ dark energy. 
    What we do need to do is study what kind of mega-systems could lead to what we see as the apparent expansion in our very localized region of the Universe, what kind of a mega-structure could hold our galaxies in place.....all of it!! Are we gravitating towards something outside the visible Universe or is the visible Universe just a very small peep-hole on some mega kingkingkingking vast spiral arm which is rotating of its own accord???
    What I am saying is that there is a much bigger picture to all of this and we need to start looking over the parapet!!
    What's this??


    Oh no, IT'S ME, YUKKY!!! You just didn't have enough information to 'see', so you invented some bollo(ks like it was Madonna didn't you!!! Y' the penny dropping yet???


    The 'count' from sesame street, todays number is infinity HA HA HAAAAAAA.......gotcha!!


     I'm more like big bird really.....BIG BIRD!!! GET IT???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOS!!!!!



    Thx, deena.



    The winner of this months KOTG to follow Sunday evening.......


    What an enthralling final we had - with 2 winners this time!!!



    dedon1 and Tongju


    And what a wonderful way to end clash 102 - until next time, bye byeeeee!!

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    Wed, Jul 10 2019 7:56 AM

    It gives me great delight and privilege to dedicate a very special 'clash: 103' to my lifelong friend...


                                                 For Andy - Jopov-te-bloogan.



    The action starts at 2.00pm Thai time tomorrow afternoon and we are going to rock this joint like it's never been rocked before!!


    Right, we are about an hour and a half out from the start of the first clash and I want to give the outline to this whole thing because it really is a once in a life-time thing, it's your whole life and the golf is absolutely secondary in every way , sure I am hoping for low winds and huge scores but it really doesn't matter - we will get the coursebuilder and really, the golf is a distraction to the main event.

    So for the first day I will be filling in the clashes and results secondary and putting up the story first so Andy gets to read it prompt (he's a spectator from the outside).


    It will start very aggressive, it is driven and relentless as well it should be. Then we go in to calmer waters and Friday will be comedy day - and it's REALLY funny from Andy and my perspectives :-) Saturday will be a bit of a pi55take - on me!!! I get the shortest straw :-) And we will finish with Terminator 15 - Andy expressed an interest in it after all and it's funny :-)


    Enjoy this clash.






    FOR ANDY!!!!!!! (click the link hunny, first putt of the clashes S.W.A.L.K X)









    Well here's the round, it was on St Andrews too - talk about fate :-) and those first 2 holes make it almost spooky to be truth - it is a magnificent 30 on St Andies in high winds and nobody is going to beat it in this particular clash.


    BUT - and this is why WGT sucks big adams apple.....

    Also with the longest putt, but NO - there's this guy ahead of me in first see, and you think he must be incredible right??


    I investigated his scores.....

    He's some jerkoff Tour Pro who has put in 4 - not that bad funny enough, like +2 over and one game 2 under - rounds that are really just standard, but he gets the fkking top spot because the way WGT score these games is utterly BENT and favors absolutely any fkker no matter how bad they are, but it favours them for playing more rounds, because they spent more ball money - they have RIDICULOUS BONUSES for 'total putt distance' for instance, so if you go putting around the fking green again and again and finish a game +100 you get a 300 point bonus for 'total putt distance' - WHICH IS FKKING RIDICULOUS AND WHY I CONSIDER WGT LOW-GRADE FKKING CKROACHES OF A GAMING COMPANY.


    I aint playing anymore SP's with this jerk around so we qwill most likely forfeit the game - but in the safe knowledge my round for Andy will finish by far the best!!!


    Let's leave this CATASTROPHE, this shambles, this DISGRACE of a first clash behind and concentrate on the first part of our life-long friendship story which is very special indeed (and I am locking all the fkking SP's so they don't get wasted on this tool by any of my players)......




    A little about Andy and myself....


                                       deena                                       Andy

    [The comparison to Sid and Johnny is accurate in a number of ways and we have always been 'anarchistic' by-nature. And we're angry with the whole fkking SWINDLE of life].


    Andy is my lifelong friend - and that puts me in clear waters because Andy is intelligent and fascinating, what's more we share, and have always shared a common outlook (though Andy got there well before I did because he was always well in front), and this is what we are all about...



    I say outlook and not 'principle' because principle sounds like 'ethic' to me, and ethics are PREPOSTEROUS. Ethics are 'people control', 'ethics' enslave people in fear and put them into shackles. So don't give me your 'ethics' when you don't even fkking know why they have been planted into your mind in the first place!! Especially when you went and prostituted yourself to the system a long time ago for bricks 'n' mortar and are now a complete slave to it. Don't tell me what is 'socially acceptable', don't fkking tell me I can't chemically castrate myself, call myself deena and walk around in womens underwear for the rest of my life – don't tell me ANYTHING because you're not even qualified to tell me anything. You have no 'jurisdiction', In-fact you're stamped-out in its 'thinking' - because that's what it tells you to think, because let's face it you're just another fkking zombie in the system – stamped-out in the thing that you prostituted your life for, and the thing that dictated your life TO YOU.




    [...and when I say 'system' I mean a coalition of several faculties including: the mainstream media, monetary, agricultural, religious, medical, educational, industrial, commercial, technological, political, global....all with one intent, which is to enslave and control people: physically, psychologically, culturally, financially, mentally (emotionally), intellectually, ETHICALLY, environmentally fkking cognitively......because all of those faculties are directed, controlled and manipulated by the same bastards at the top – those who hold the pot of course, the bankers – so don't even fkking dream of telling me or my good friend Andy that we really don't know what we are angry about OK].


    And this is how Andy and myself see it, although Andy has had to play in the system because he chose to have a family, and therefore has responsibility – but he still does his best to find a bit of space away from all the fkking sh1t so he can be who HE wants to be. I personally jumped out of the system entirely because I could. But neither of us ever wanted to be 'a suit', we both could have been suits and reaped all those benefits of being a suit because we're smart, in-fact we are so smart that we see it in it's entirety and we hate it, we won't be it and we will sacrifice a few things not to play the game. The directors and middle managers can suck. my. dk. instead. and pay for it – discretion assured and WHO'S YOUR MOMMI - DON'T TELL THE MISSUS!!!


    My sentiments entirely Johnny....I mean Andy ;-)........


    We both know the system is rigged from top to tail - from the moment we're born we are already victims to it and we both hate it. The bankers pull the strings, the politicians are the puppets and the public are the fools who 'buy it'!!!!


    Right, I'm going to play a game in the next clash in a few minutes then I want to immediately jump to the next chapter of our lifetime friendship - there's more steam to come yet!! But then after that I can release the valves and we can do all the fun stuff. I am going to let the club members take care of most of the golf this clash weekender because as I said - this is so fkking special an opportunity and I am loving writing it let me tell you that much :-)


    Minus 4 is a very good score on Chambers in high wind...



    reminds me of the psycho in Dirty harry..




    LOLOLOLOS - i'm mad I am :-)))


    In the driving seat with one of our generals out......


    Which means he and soon-to-be-arriving other members of our CC can take the load off me so I can get on with writing the next chapter in our lifelong friendship Andy :-)) YAAAAAYYY!!!!.......



    Now I want to go back in time.....waaaaayyy back in time, back in time to 1988 when Andy and myself were both adolescents ill-prepared for, but still studying for our A-levels...



    Now I have to immediately launch in to another rant because the reason we were ill-prepared is that we were both conned by the agenda when we took our general level exams at 16. We were put in to 'mixed ability' classes with all the duffers and the bullies, that meant we were 'too put-off 'to ask questions in class in case it caught the attention of a bully, and you got one on your case making life a complete misery. The duffers also disrupted all the lessons and the teachers spent more time pacifying them than teaching anything in-particular AND WE ALL GOT DISTRACTED AND BORED. This was always the plan, the agenda, it is deliberate and wrapped in liberal ideology to make it appear acceptable to the sheeple, but its only intention is to put a block on too many of the 'great unwashed' making it through and getting hold of the keys to the old boys club. As a result Andy got completely disenchanted and dropped out before the end, and I received 2 grade 'e's - I mean e's were good at the time, but not this kind. That meant I went to scumbag-University studying something I had no interest nor skill in and eventually utterly failed my first degree attempt. This was more than confirmed when I briefly spotted Andy at the same training school in 1994 and both of us were unemployed, back to square one and put well in our places by their evil fkking agenda - stitched up is putting it mild!!!


    (remind you of anyone Andy?? - hey I am 'thinning at the back these days, good job I keep it well cropped, lolololos)....


    Anyway that's the rant, and now here are the good times (take a chill-pill deena, phew!!! :-)))


    The best memories of my adolescence were going up to see Andy at his house and how we chatted, role-played games and listened to music in Andys bedroom, I used to really enjoy going to see Andy :-) I would talk about the gym and in-particular my heroes Keith and Reg who were 2 very funny powerlifting PSYCOPATHS!! And Andy would play records and be the games-master – and we'd just talk, laugh, take the piss out of our colleagues...y'know the kinda thing, 'kirrrky-wanna-craaaacker' :-)

    Well when Andy moved on in life and became a daddy I was gutted – he never knew how gutted I was. I had lost my mate Andy and we would never again spend those brilliant nights in his bedroom, time moves on regardless and we have to move with the times but it's still nice to reminisce sometimes – and tell Andy for the first time how upset I was about losing him to life all those years ago. I was upset, really upset – never told you before Andy, but I was :-/



    We had 'our music', that's bands that we both liked – of course Andy had his own bands that he liked too (he was a musician and used to play the Tuba with the school band and then became a brilliant guitarist), his personal favorites were more sophisticated like AoR and stuff like King Crimson. We also had a circle of friends around us who liked similar music and they had 'their music' like Guns n Roses, Poison and Bon Jovi. And although we overlapped in some areas me and Andy thought a lot of their favorites were bland, contrived, tacky and boring – Andy used to call Bon Jovi 'Yawn Jovi' and Guns N Roses 'Buns 'n' Toasties', and we both used to call Poison, well, err....sh1t of course.


    So I am going to make all the music in this clash report 'our music': that's the bands I consider belonged to Andy and myself at the time, here's one....



    (shame I couldn't upload the official music videos for Andy because they got babes galore in 'em lols - but copyright an' all that a lot of the big bands stuff won't upload y'know - BUT THE MUSIC IS A CLASS ABOVE YAWWWWWWN JOVI SH1T ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz - ZZ GET IT??!!!! LOLOLOLOLOs.......




    Now the other club did make a comeback but we had done enough to win through. But really, the guys are going to have to do their own washing in these clashes because mommi has far more enjoyable and far far more important things to be getting on with.

    And I absolutely will not lose any focus on this lifetime friends tribute until the very last item has gone up - I won't even go out of the house (not for very long anyway), and I shall probably skip work tomorrow morning - nothing is going to get in my way for this very special occasion indeed.


    Right I am going to play 1 more in the next clash before tying up the loose ends on the first session of the clashes, but really the first session of this tribute.

    See you in around 40......


    Its a 5 under on RSG in high winds, which caps of 3 very impressive rounds - I am not playing much golf this clash, but what I do play is being played to top-specification. That means I am using the formula on absolutely everything on the putting surface.

    I checked up on G0LD this week and he is rosey-fine :-)) he said to me he isn't God, so I will just have to refer to him as the Godfather for now - deenas mentor, master, teacher, or THE GREAT ONE :-D


    Anyway it puts the guys in a good position before I go to beddibos, will request 2 more sheets from WGT before I sleep.


    We are going in to the night of the first session with a band that have just staggered me at how good they really were - y'know when you are 16, 17 or so you are just really in to a scene, but at 47 you really 'listen' more and over the last 48 hours this band have been a mini-sensation to my ears and I have enjoyed them far more than I ever did when I was a kid.


    See you for 'comedy Friday' - you gunna laugh until you pee your pants Andy :-))


    Testament - The Legacy.



  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Jul 11 2019 9:59 AM

    Hi WGT,


    Could you dearly send me a new page - this clash is a tribute to lifelong friendship and means everything to me, it is really really so important that I have these 2 pages.


    Thank you for your kind service sirs.





    GREAT!!!! the pages arrived!!


    Let's have a crowd sing-a-long:

    we got the whole world in our hands, the whole world in our hands, we got the whole wide world in our hands, the whole world in our hands :-)


    I am up early, I have a headache that has lasted 7 hours and I am just so restless to get on with this wonderful moment - not had a wink of sleep all night :-)


    Some overnight results then....


    That last result looks very dodgy indeed when you break it up....


    I just caught the scorecard when I woke up and they only had another 2 players out that you can't see on that list, they didn't have any extra-zulus (I call 'em zulus - utility players who don't score big themselves but there's so many of 'em that you get overwhelmed sometimes Andy). So I can't make head-nor-tail out of that one!! But I ain't gunna get involved and we are looking good for the coursebuilder.


    Let's get this second day started Andy :-)


    Pre-adolescent friendship.

    When you have had a friend all of your life then you knew each other before you really knew yourself. I have 3 little stories regards Andy and myself and I bet he won't believe I remembered any of them - I BET HE DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER THEM HIMSELF, LOLOLOLOS :-))))) 


    1. Jet set willy and Jet set willy and Jet set willy......

    When Andy and deensie were about 12 we used to congregate on the corner of the grass embankment just off from that playground behind the bike shed. And we used to call it 'computer corner', and we would talk about Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum games.

    Well I picked up this habit of saying: 'I've got Jet set willy and Daly Thompsons decathlon and Attic-Attak and Jet Set Willy and Ghostbusters and Horace goes skiing and Jet set willy and Manic miner and Jet set willy..........', anyway it wasn't long before i was getting teased for it, hehehehehehehe :-)))

    I found this you-tube walkthrough for Jet Set Willy - it's brilliant!! You can watch it in its entirety of just to find those places you nearly reached but never quite got to, and of course 'the end' !!!


    2. The Smiths Crisp Collaboration Project......

    Andy and deensie formed their very first band - the Smiths Crisp Collaboration project. In the playground deensie would sing the lyrics and Andy would seamlessly blend in a multi-track of a clever 2-beat precisely timed to co-incide with the farmer pulling on the potato roots.


    It went like this:

    deensie: we wished we were

    Andy: do do

    deensie: Smiths Crisps, we wished we were

    Andy: do do

    deensie: Smiths Crisps, we wished we were

    Andy: do do

    deensie: Smiths


    Now the plaudit would tell you Andy and deensie had just invented House Music.

    But the skepticist would argue it was just deensie who had forgotten the rest of the bloody lyrics!!


    You decide!!!


    3. Ratherrrrrrrrrr.

    Andy and myself were both in group 1 for Maths and we had a teacher called Ms Stonely who was notorious for swooping down on her students and pointing ridicule. This time unfortunately Andy got 'the Stonely treatment'....

    It was Andys turn to give an answer to the board and he said something to the effect of (but impossible to remember the detail here).....'that's two pi times root two.....oh... two pi divided by root two RATHER'........

    It was already too late for poor Andy as the cackling black-robed witch came gliding across the classroom with mischief in her eyes....

    Stonely: 'RATHERRRRRRRRRR Andrew.......' said in a very exaggerated upper-class accent, beaming with malicious intent.

    Andy: 'yes Ms'

    Stonely: 'ooooh RATHERRRRRRRR...' looking at the rest of the class encouraging them to mock and throw rotten vegetables at poor Andy.

    Andy: *silence* face beaming red, looks down in to textbook wishing he could evaporate in to a formula...


    I thought you handled it very well Andy - I bumped in to the other Andy on his way to the bookies once (Trav), and he was adamant that Stonely had destroyed his confidence and had, had a psychological impact on the rest of his life. It was truly sad to see.


    EEEEE-OOO...... :-)


    OK, we are about 15 minutes away to the start of the next clash and I will be taking the afternoon and early evening sessions. Again I think just a single round per clash and hope I put a good one in because we can then jump to the next part of the story - well we are going to jump to the next part of the story whatever happens, lolololos!!! See you in about an hour **thumbs up Andy **

    It's about time these made an appearance...


    'Not giving out' is how I like to describe these kinds of round, other words include: grueling, brutal, ballsy, gutsy and they really test your GRIT!!! (which is a characteristic I am admired for :-)


    Now, I have 3 very very special treats coming up for what I like to call 'that twilight moment' - you know when the sky is between a sky blue and a navy, it always demands that certain song to offset its 'allure to the imagination' doesn't it - I have got 3!!!! Later.... ;-)


    OK lets do some 'funny' :-)))


    Trying to rekindle old friendships.

    Recently I have tried to stoke-up some old ties, in-fact Andy knows I have been doing it on occasion over a number of years now – and it's been a disaster, lolololos!!!!

    This is exactly how it has gone (I'm Rik B.T.W, played by Rick Mayall in the still very funny 'the young ones').....

    You have got to be honest and see the funny side of the (brutally true) situation Andy, lolololos – that's exactly how it is isn't it :-)


    likkle RANT.

    But in my defence, and although I may very well indeed be a total and complete b@stard:

    If you are too fkking dumb, stupid, ignorant and 'ikkle' to put 2 and 2 together, then I can't be bothered to explain. I talk a lot about general relativity these days but I wouldn't waste my time trying to get my doggy to understand it would I. I am not going to sit down there on the 'ikkle table', you are going to have to take a step-up on to the 'big table' where Andy and myself reside – yet I can't see it, you haven't got it in you, you were calculating but never had the depth.


    And that goes for all of them Andy.


    Only your 'life-long friends' truly understand you, and your old friends, well – they're just your old friends deena.


    But as kind and magnificent as Andy has proven to be – I do have a habit of 'OVERWHELMING people', I am a 'chat terrorist' and you can see it in any of these clash reports – I just never stop, lololos, and I am sure over the last week-and-a-half Andy has felt like this at times....

    It is understandable, it really is - I can be very demanding of peoples resources :-/


    Hehehehe – it's OK because I have come up with the fix, it's an old fashioned fix but then again I am an old fashioned girl....

    I will speak when I am spoken too :-D That'll work XXXX I ain't gunna lose him again XXXX



    AND THAT'S THE COARSE-BUILDER, I'M DECLARING IT - the rest is for pure pleasure :-)


    Another 30 on Kiawah.....




    God's of war...

    Well I played a 2nd SP because SoCal are a level 18 club and we love turning the giants over here at the Crazy Gang.....


    But I don't think we will hang on to the lead because their zulus are out, I ain't chasin' this one any further but y'know - it's nice when it happens Andy ;-)


    Still, playing WGT whilst blasting 'In My Darkest Hour' by Megadeth has been 'Stimulating' :-)


    OK that 'twilight moment' is upon us and before I make him laugh again I just want to explain to Andy how it applies to the clashes for me.

    It's that moment on the 2nd day when you have booked the coursebuilder, everything has been achieved and you kinda sit back and take in the fading evening sky - and it feels like, say, a live concert at that very same moment to me. The crackle of electricity off the crowd, the fact that the air temperatures bend sound waves in a way that makes it possible to hear that guy over there flick his zippo 100 yards away and you can hear every detail of it...Andy is acoustic by nature so he understands what I am saying.

    I can't think of 3 better songs than these, the second took me ages to find - it is my favorite Aerosmith song of all time but if you don't know the name of an Aerosmith song - you try and find it and good luck!!!!

    I should save them for future clashes but there won't be another clash report (not one that goes live on the main boards, perhaps from within the club), for some time because I want this one to be the top card on the deck for quite some time.

    Let's hit that nail on the head right now.......for Andy.


    This one...oh Aerosmith I love you so much, what do you do to me, make me weapy that's what, it's so beautiful.....

    ooooo...can someone pass the big box of tissues, the girl has gone in to a meltdown here - some Boudica I am, I can't stop sniveling :-S


    Andy ( guitar), deensie (vocals).....

    "this is the point the guitarist gets to speak - now and again" :-) it IS us isn't it Andy xx


    That was the most beautiful moment in clash report history because I know Andy will see it too.


    Speaking of acoustics brings me to Loudspeakers and sound quality and Andys donated record player :-))))

    You see Andy was so kind as to donate his record player to me, and upon making the generous deed explained to me that the speakers had a lovely warm sound to them. They were closed box wooden speakers and the drivers were mounted behind a wooden front fascia which had vertical fin openings that acted as a grill - so characteristic of speakers from that time.

    Well this was the very first instance that I can ever recall that somebody pointed out the acoustic qualities of loudspeakers to me, and I was to go on much later in life to make loudspeaker cross-over design the main thrust of my career.


    One of those quaint front wooden grills (and the driver mounted behind it), eventually met its fate when I accidentally slipped with a 25 pound dumbbell doing overhead shoulder presses in my gym bedroom....OH FFS deena DON'T TELL HIM 'THAT' YOU'VE JUST MADE FRIENDS WITH HIM!!!!.....

    ......well it is 30 years later and it is comedy Friday I suppose...I tried to repair the driver with strips of the yellow pages(???) - but to no great avail. I always was a bit of a ginger-headed bodybuilding twit wasn't I Andy, now I'm just a 'dumb belle', oops :-S


    So long overdue and belated apologies to Andy over that particular and quite unfortunate incident.



    One record that did get played quite a lot on Andys kindly donated record player was this one.....

    Today is born the seventh one
    Born of woman the seventh son
    And he in turn of a seventh son
    He has the power to heal
    He has the gift of the second sight
    He is the chosen one
    So it shall be written
    So it shall be done





    Some more results....


    As I expected, we were unable to maintain our lead against Sol, but it's all for fun and I am now going to nip off and play a game in the next clash before I switch the television on for Andy - yes that's right, we have Friday evening television coming up and I think it's going to bring a smile to his face (hey, we never run out of entertainment here you know Andy :-)))))

    (Less said about that the better!!!).



    Since it's Friday night here lets go all the way back to the mid-late 80's and do what we always did on Friday night, we watched Friday night Live.....


    We were never so boastful in the 80's y'know - no, not much :)


    But him, reet, he were just a Thatcher chield - a reet soft-suvvern-BASTADD!!!! and Andy and me are NORTHERNERS REET!!!!




    As we approach the last records that will take us in to the night, some viewers might have noticed there has been no Metallica. This is because both Andy and myself thought Megadeth were the much better band. In-fact I have heard snippets of post black-album Metallica albums and all I can say is 'meh' - I can also say that for much of the black album itself. In stark contrast, and although I have not listened to Megadeth at all since 1992 (that's about to change B.T.W!!), I can say with surety Mustaines brand of speed-metal far outshone the 'plodding' Metallica with its dynamic melodies, elements of surprise, razor sharp riffing and you name it - all the ingredients were in their bubbling away with frenzy.

    And it also puzzles me so to see Dave Mustaine (after all his critically-acclaimed albums since), so desperate to re-acquaint himself with his inferior former band mates.



    We go in to the night with 2 records tonight (such has been my enjoyment with Testament)....


    Megadeth - Peace sells


    Testament - Musical Death


    See you tomorrow for the final quarter-day I guess it is (Terminator 15 don't forget!!), it has been an absolute joy to host you on our clash-club walls Andy - I have really loved every minute of it 




  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Jul 11 2019 10:01 AM

    ...and one more please WGT.


    And that's it, you won't be seeing me for a good while, I just need to kindly emphasise to you how important it is that I get these pages.


    Proud of ya!!





    Ok we are putting up a good performance in this one and hopefully can take the clash before the final game....


    Let's get this final day started, still got lots of treats for Andy, don't leave us yet lololos xxx


    You know - I never knew it was ZZ Top who did this one, so glad it was!!!!....





    I'm your alpha and I'm your Omega - say it, SAYYYYY IT!!!!!!!!


    OK, let's do the final round up before I get thrown in the bucket of self-degradation ;-)


    Last results....




    My general took top-spot this time so congrats to dedon1 - he's awesome in the clashes isn't he, never let's me down.


    Currently in a very respectable 165th position, will present here the final places after the clashes have concluded.



    It's time for your lifelong friend to take a public 'GUNGING' Andy :-)


    Heyyyyy - I never wear a moustache!!!


    Ey now!! - that's just cruel   *frowns*


    Harsh but fair overall I guess - I'll take it!!


    Nice 31 on RSG and that's me for this clash.


    Looks like a close last match-up, who knows, who knows....

    Don't go away Andy, we have got lots to come.....


    Confession - forgive me Andy.


    Right, the last thing to do with regards this clash is to make a personal confession.


    I have to face it, I have been in denial about it for years now - I don't care Andy, you might tell me to just forget it and move on. But it has affected us hasn't it - our friendship has been strained ever since and I just feel deep guilt and remorse about it. You don't know how much personal hell I have been through because of it, IT HAUNTS ME EVERYDAY!!!! I just want to try and make it up to you in some way and win back your respect. I never wanted you to feel stupid, but I feel that I let you down - you we're always my closest friend, we shared the same outlook, the same musical were the last person I ever wanted to wrong, makes me well-up just thinking about having to face your scrutinizing eyes because they penetrate the soul and say this - you can call it what you want deena, but I can see right through the B.S.


    And I want to stand before that gaze of yours with an open soul, so here goes....


    Folks - when we were about 17 Andy came walking up my street and I was at the door looking out, he then walked right up to me and thrust a can of lager in to my hand and said BEEEEEEER!!!!! And it has lived with me ever since - that I never bought him a pint back.


    So for Andy, I know it's not the real thing but it's as much as I can offer from Thailand.


    Have a drink on me buddy and think of me when you drink it OK.

    P-I-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    That concludes clash 103 but we still got Terminator 15 and a final send off for Andy - don't you dare leave me now!!!!




                                                      TERMINATOR 15.



    Ok, well the intro comes on with the letters scrolling across the screen like in the original movie, but the backdrop behind the letters is a desert somewhere in the states and it pans slowly from left to right across the screen.

    As the camera pans across the desert some rocky outcrops materialize - not a canyon, just a few sizable rocks. Well anyway the camera pans down towards the rocks as the letters finish scrolling and we are left looking from behind at what appears to be a rather clumsy looking lady dressed in laddered black fishnets, black leather pleated skirt and a short cut-off black leather jacket - holding on precariously to a quart bottle of jack Daniels.

    Well anyway it soon transpires that this lady is deena and she is having some kind of personal rant with herself and appears to be in a state of psychosis...




    The camera follows deenas eyes up to what must be a second version of Mount Rushmore. Carved in to it are Kennedy, Bush SNR, Bush JNR and Obama (Trump is etched on a seperate rocky outcrop nearby bravely looking in to the heat of the desert because he was the only one who wasn't a career politician, and that is my one and only political point to be made here).


    From the edge of the screen and in a blur of an instant what appears to be a giant crab comes click-clacking across the rocks and then down to face deena directly about 20 meters away. The crab appears to be a cyborg and instantly does some fancy transformer type of effects and re-arranges its form in to the familiar looking skeletal terminator, it has a big gun in its hand too!!!!


    During all of this deena still appears to be oblivious to the impending threat and is still spitting fire....




    The camera returns to this terminator which is now stood straight up and pitching its head slowly to the left, then back slowly to the right, then to the left again....and it appears to be paused in a genuine state of confusion, then you get to see through its eyes.........


    Whilst this is going on it gives deena the time to just casually scoop down and pick up a grenade launcher, then fire one in to this addled terminator in its state of pause, blowing it up in to smithereens.


    As deena walks up to this terminators remains in bits all over the place she looks down and declares "I guess you never seen one like me before huh baby!!" 


    deena then proceeds to stagger off in to the desert barely holding on to her quart bottle of Jack Daniels.......


    Just for a moment imagine Tom Araya is referring to A.I rather than's just as stark isn't it ;-)




    Andys farewell coming up..........


    OK, we will do this in the style of a Rock club at the end of the night when the lights come on and the DJ plays something bizarre and completely unrelated.....







    Andy - I don't have to expand, you know I have loved having you with me (I would say 'us' but the gang never speak, they have all been consumed by their mobile platforms and all turned in to cyborgs long long ago). I make you one last proposition - if you refer to me as 'deena' I promise to listen to more MEGADETH!!!! (I got 27 years worth of albums to get through as well :-))))))) woooooooooo!!!!!!!) DEAL??????????


    one more thing...............


    LOOK OUT.............................CLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                                             An Ode to Lifelong Friendship

                                                       Andy and deena


                                 (1982 - god only knows the answer to that one)






  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Jul 24 2019 3:16 PM

    Clash 104.


    Life has to go on and so to the clash reports, I was not going to do one for a while after my tribute to Andy, but we must go on......



    And my oh my - I have just come back on the scene and get an 'old pain in my side' on the case, and it's about time we settled it.


    I don't care what your reputation is Miantiao - I am going to smash you up and leave your pride in tatters after these 6 ready go's - From Sunday, 2 games each on Merion, Pinehirst and RSG in the 50 credit ready go's to finally settle this old grudge you have with me, once and for all.

    Love the Tyson interview at the end there, he was so sweet back then, he just said 'he's going to have a great opportunity to notch 7' in response to Bonecrusher Smiths jibing, and that is how I would like to respond to Miantiao:

    "Miantiao, you're going to have a great opportunity to notch 6" - goldeena


    It gives you something to get up for in the morning doesn't it, lols - I have been lacking a bit of motivation lately.




    In this clash report we will do all the usual stuff PLUS we are going back to quantum mechanics to address a particular spat I recently had with my old mentor G0LD - it has even caused a big falling out but I must stress to him why he is just wrong about his biocentric view on reality and that must be explained to him, later.


    Decent start on Merion front 9....




    No, I will leave it, was thinking of throwing another SP but that's my 2 in so we will just have to see.


    THE MAIDEN!!!!!!!




    On the subject of Miantiao - he's just posted up 3 scores in advance and expects me to chase them and that's all fine and well - and it isn't is it.

    1. He's played them under no pressure.

    2. He's announced his scores which puts it in the back of my mind.

    3. Ne's probably only gone public with them because he smashed it (under no pressure), and if he hadn't he wouldn't of put them up and if asked - he would have said he was practicing.


    And that doesn't get past deena - I am not acusing him of avoiding me, and under those terms above he has no right to do likewise.

    We will wait until the time is right, and he can organise over email, I am not interested anyway at the moment because I am involved with the clashes and that's really why I still play the game.


    So we will see, I know what he can do, but he should know I am more than good enough to cause an upset too.


    Putt of the clashes so far....


    It really was a sweet one because I had no camera on it (far view utility cam), no formula - but you always have to have an eye-in to a certain point and that's why I only use the formula when its clashes and RG's, never in the CC.



    And still top of the deck - EAT IT!!!

    Level 19, 9 of 'em out - just lock the SP's and treat it with contempt deena, WGT obviously can't be bothered to stick 5 lines of code in to avoid this sh1t so why the fk should we!!!


    Anyway it is a certain someones Birthday today :-))))

    awwwwwwwwwww isnt my baby so cutie XXXXXXXXXXXXX :-)))))))


    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday dear babygirl

    Happy Birthday to you



    It is not possible to love anyone more - not even you people with kids, you don't even love your kids as much as I love my babee (she is a kid too, still scared of ghosts heheheheheheh). I don't say it to her anymore because she gets upset - but if she goes first or we get split up in this life - within 48 hours my love, I will bin this life right off, I couldn't take that, the pain would be unlike anything you could suffer in hell. No baybee no deena - 100%


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE :-))))))))))))))



    Now this is turning in to an achievement in its own right...

    15 of 'em now, and still the top card, not bad eyyyy.


    My lifelong friend Andy has been having a rummage through his music to get me to be musical again lololos - and it is a real privilege because he really knows it with music and what is more - when Andy has historically recommended a band or a song I have pretty much always gone with it myself, we just agree on music but he has to play the records first because I don't know them you see - he's like my eyes where music is concerned and it is such a joy that we are doing what we did 30 years ago - Andy is playing records to me in our virtual bedroom, it's just so amazing after 30 years.


    Here's a song I like from a band Andy first played to me...


    I will be putting more of Andys recommendations up during these clashes and that is ongoing......he just knows the best stuff and I always dig it.


    Well; 18 of their players turned out, we got trounced but guess who came top of the pile :-)))) that really is a sweetener isn't it, lololos - right, 1 more game before I sign out until tomorrow afternoons session - saved the club a batch of SP's to get through too - bet there's none left by tomorrow :-) 



    A 30 has put the gang in good stead for this clash, really should have broken 30 (no birdies last 2 holes, 17 is inexcusable on Conga), but I am sure we will have a good crack at that tomorrow, cheerio for now.


    Anyway that was confirmed:


    1st four results:


    Gotta say its very quiet out there, the gang have been out but only for one outing, still we are 184th with 11k points at the moment and I woke up so we should be good for the coursebuilder and I have 12 spare ones to fall back on. I am going to enjoy the days clashes.....


    Here's an Andy recommendation and Andys review of the track too...

    #1 Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine
    SW has done some amazing stuff so you’ll hear more from him at some point. His stuff straddles Rock, prog, ambient etc. It’s almost outsider music. In another dimension he’s bigger than Bowie. - Andy

    1st impressions - Reminds me of the 'a rush of blood to the head' album by Coldplay - without over doing the cut-your wrists depression thing, in-short I love it. Coldplay with a safety switch.


    Well the current situation with the ever-lethal Miantiao - we have reached a truce, nobody is making silly call-out calls, like 'you're scared e.t.c.' - we are both far too good to start any trash talk, but I do say that he doesn't handle his rapier-like skills in a gentlemanly way and it does grate with me. I could imagine him appearing to be quite intimidating to most (the Murray Gell-Mann of computer golf). But that's the thing with deena - she has a quantum reality outlook and even the notion of 'intimidating' is meaningless.

    Looking forward to the 6 RG's with him when he returns.


    Just found out that Gell-Mann passed away on 24th May this year, truly a loss to this world. One of our greatest minds - he made fundamental contributions to QED, one of the quantum titans. Long live Roger Penrose I say !!!! When these people are the hero's of our children we will truly have advanced a stage of evolution. RIP Murray Gell-Mann.

    Murray Gell-Mann, 1929 - 2019



    Just nicked-in an extra game to put us 1 clash away from the coursebuilder, as you know I like it all wrapped up by Friday teatime....


    Hoping for a more active game this afternoon it has to be said - it's a very sleepy clash from my bunch but when you have 12 coursebuilders and no reason to use them anymore its a case of playing for the love of it and not much else :S


    A Harlem Globetrotter on the 6th Merion yields a rare birdie on it....


    And I think I have made an extra advance on my putting set-up to give an ever more accurate picture for the formula to work with. It was something FMags was saying about unlocking the grid a few weeks back and I think I have devised a new putting set-up method that brings the dot speeds in even closer to the break - very excited right now because it has already missed by a fraction of a dogs bollo(k on 2 extra difficult putts where the only thing wrong was the speed (half-banked sloped kind of putts).

    Could be a 'Eurika moment' and another step towards the top tier for deensie!!!


    Cruising in this one and that's the coursebuilder, I am declaring it....

    Just in time for Tea :-) in-fact yesterdays Tea, I have been enjoying these clashes so much I haven't eaten in 36 hours - oops!!! 


    Laters for the Twilight moment....


    And that is another one in the bag and my general taking care of things nicely thanks, all we can hope for is a MEGA club glamour match-up now because business is all wrapped up here..


    OK this weeks Twilight moment is Andys second recommendation, here's what Andy has to say about it...

    #2 Opeth - I Feel The Dark
    Opeth are possibly my favourite band at the moment. They have come from Scandinavian death metal roots to become a truly progressive outfit, but are not shy of their metal beginnings. This is a more proggy song but it shows off his superb voice. More from them later! - Andy

    Now I have had to give this one more than a few listenings to grasp it - it's one of Andys more 'acquired flavors', and it doesn't come as easily to me - but that's what I wanted, well I want easy coming and more acquired too, and this is that. I think it's like that early 70's 'acid rock', like in the movie Apocalypse Now, do they have music like this in Apocalyp.....D'YOU KNOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FKK I'M TALKING ABOUT (???) lolololololololos!!!!!!! Just be blonde be the person they pay you to be heyyy, hehehehehehehe!!!!!! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.....??? nevermind :-S lololos X



    106th Now!!! I am really enjoying these clashes - it certainly has a lot to do with the music too. Andy has really helped me put some colour back in to my cheeks and we will sign out of Friday night with a superb Megadeth track, I intend doing a Megadeth track of the clashes because I promised Andy to catch up on 27 years worth lololos!!! Xxx

    .... but having said that I ain't playin' yet another one on Merion FFS, that's the night up for deena, hope my boys come out to finish the scraps on a very well polished clash 104.


    Megadeth Track of the Clashes



    Back for the round up And a review of Andys 3rd track of the clashes tomorrow, g'nite....



    Round Up:


    More results:






    Currently in 135th with 29180 points, will update after final game.


    The penultimate game looks close so I think I will put a cr@p pass down.......



    Last 2 results...


    I will give my boys a little chance to take the final SP's and throw in a few Cr@p Passes on Pebble Beech - ones already gone so I think they are as good as dusted, my boys always empty the glass in the end, very slow start this time and the Queen virtually led the charge a full 32 hours!! I love it though.


    We still got Andys last record, the proof as to why a Biocentric reality is a big nonsense in terms of the HARD SCIENCE of observation, and since all results are in early we will finish with the wonderful ending to our biggest of biggest competitions: THE WORLD TOUR (wait until you see the trophy too!!!).....


    In the driving seat...

    I am going to leave it unless they start to make any serious inroads because I have a feeling dedon1 wanted that top slot being our new 'clash master' giant trophy winner - if he wants it he gets it, no point demotivating my start general is there :-)

    So well done clash-master dedon1 for another fine clash performance (I nearly got him this time, gotta keep him on his toes).


    Andys final recommendation with his comments...

    #3 Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks
    Thought I’d conclude the first three selections with an obvious classic band. This song stirs something in my soul! With all the *** politics going on in the world, the lyrics seem to have added meaning. Great, great song - Andy

    Couldn't agree more with the Lyrics - and praying won't get you anywhere. deena says: why do people think life is gods greatest gift when it's gods biggest fk up!! Love the chorus guitar ridin' trippy over the top, Very 'groovy', great great song as Andy says :-)


    More from Andys record Box Next Clash - how good are our clash reports now!!!!


    Right a thing about Biocentric 'reallity', watch the video and see 46 minutes where Biocentric madness just recklessly PLUNDERS in to an area occupied and proven (both experimentally and mathematically) by Quantum Mechanics.

    Here is the review and additional comments I gave:


    Beware 46 mins - biocentric insanity takes hold and I did not hear the word decoherence mentioned once. We don't observe via telepathy. We observe just after decoherence occurs and that has nothing at all to do with consciousness and everything to do with an interaction within the environment. Everything else makes sense don't get me wrong (simulation, or pre-compiled mathematical model as I prefer to see it), but when you fail to clearly define 'observation" you give more elbow to the crazies, i.e. the eccentric-biocentrics. Which is just a complete nonsense - we are receivers not transmitters.


    Ok that's the review I gave and here is the further explanation:

    Now if you watch the documentary closely you will see that every point of observation in its first instance was some kind of interaction with the environment. Be it an electron disturbing an electrical field, a photon of light bouncing off an object or a photon or light striking a photosensitive screen....NOT ONCE DOES OUR BRAIN ACQUIRE THE RESULT BEFORE DECOHERENCE HAS OCCURED DUE TO AN INTERACTION WITHIN THE ENVIRONMENT.
    And this is very very important indeed, and they always fail to mention it. I don't know if they deliberately want to give rise to these biocentristic fruitcases by deliberately omitting the detailed nature of the observation 
    How could there have been an outcome before an outcome occurred - TIME TRAVEL??!! DR WHO??? WOOO-OOOOOO-WOO-WOOOOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOOOOO :-)


    To be as fair as I can to these people - YES we can effect reality by the choices we make but that is more a case of sociology and psychology....the hard science of how an observation is made remains entirely independent of us - we could never be responsible for the red spot on Jupiter or the rings of Saturn just because we looked out with a telescope, And this is what they are saying - they are saying human consciousness is responsible for the mechanism which forces a probability cloud to give a definite outcome - and that is B.S. The world we see, the stars and all the planets and galaxies in the Universe most certainly do not need our consciousnesses to be there - and this is where they overstep the mark and get a lashing off deensie 


    And this is why the crazies will never get on to the stage at any serious level - of course we change life by the decisions we take, that's really the limits of Biocentrism - DO NOT START TRYING TO SAY THE HARD ACT OF OBSERVATION COMES FROM OUR MINDS YOU FKKING RE-TARDIS'S LOLOLOLOS.


    Anyway I have fallen out with G0LD over this short-sightedness upon realisation that he doesn't posses a skill I posses - not QM, the skill is TO HOLD YOUR HANDS UP WHEN YOU ARE WRONG AND IT HAS BEEN EXPLAINED TO YOU BECAUSE ANYTHING ELSE IS PURELY OBSTINATE!! 

    YOU JUST CAN'T TELL SOME PEOPLE AND THAT IS SO PREVALENT IN SOCIETY - I HAVE ABOUT AS MUCH RESPECT FOR G0LDS OPINIONS ON REALITY AS I DO FOR RELIGIONISTS WHO TAKE THEIR SCRIPTURE 'LITERALLY', that is to say there might be wisdoms in those words you read and write, and I can understand how people may have believed it, say 150 years ago - BUT WHEN YOU CAN GAIN ACCESS TO THE TRUTHS ONLINE IT IS WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE TO ME and I just won't suffer fools. And Our mathematics and THE mathematics are 2 completely different things and The mathematics has got nothing to do with us, our imaginations, our consciousnesses - NOTHING. AT. ALL AND WE ARE NOTHING SPECIAL - GET OVER IT.






    They were making moves so I put in a rush round with a cr@P PASS AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT MY BEST SCORE OF THE CLASHES??!!!...


    Which meant this.....


    And Confirmed....

    I used to get told off for 'baiting' when I was a member of one of the usual 'dead-on-its-feet-typical-golf-bore-we-might-as-well-be-zombies-CCs - and that's why I established THE CRAZY GANG !!!! IT'S A LOT MORE FUN LET'S FACE IT GOLF BORES......












    And this months World Tour Winner...


    It gives me a great honour and privilege to announce this months winner of our Ultimate club competition the World Tour. It was an extra difficult tournament because all 4 rounds were limited to single play only and it went right down to the last round. But we have a winner....

    Congratulations KINGNAGA1738.


    And what a glorious glorious way to end Clash 104 - I'm off to have a few Lagers over this and can you blame me :-))))






  • goldeena Thailand
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    Sun, Aug 4 2019 5:32 PM

    **********************************Club Advertisement*********************************


    Just look at how much fun we are having at the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty!!!!.....


    10 Tournies per week is STANDARD FARE here - because that is what I put up and guarantee to put up every single week!!! And as I have gained more experience as the clubs owner I have fine-tuned the competitions to offer every possible variety for every kind of player at every level in the game!!!


    How does she do it??


    That's because the Owner is "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE" about her clash-club!!! In-fact if you ask anyone who knows me, or just look at any of these clash reports (above) you will see: I NEVER STOP COMING AND I AM DRIVEN BY THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE!!!!!


    I scripted what is (as I know it), the only true hyper-predictor that can plug 'n' play any ball you give me - the most advanced and the most flexible hyper-predictor that has ever been built here at WGT - AND THAT IS THE GUARANTEED SEAL OF QUALITY that you will ever need to know when considering The Crazy Gang as your club of choice.


    3 quirks here at the Crazy Gang:


    1. We call ourselves a Clash Club not a Country Club - "Country Club" sounds stuffy and ancient to me, don't know about you??!

    2. We don't mind blue language on our forums or an anarchic disposition from our members - we think most clubs are stuffy and boring and devoid of any personality. I encourage attitude and personality!!! But you are not required to talk and hardly anybody does - apart from me, I talk for an entire club alone lololos!!


    3. We don't want Champions or Tour Champions - we feel good enough without them, they tend to create an air of snobbery and hog all the club leaderboards. Besides which I can hand-it to most of 'em in the clashes anyway ;-)




    Come and join the LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty - don't be scared of the name it's for everyone. I am always running at least 7 or 8 club tournies weekly, we have a premier monthly knockout and are very active in the clashes - no pressure to talk, I take care of everything, very well maintained CC.


    **********************Also LGBTQX AND STRAIGHT Friendly**********************