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Sat, Mar 28 2020 5:17 PM by DonCaron. 30 replies.
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    Sat, Mar 28 2020 5:17 PM


    Unemployment insurance would be made far more generous, with $600 per week tacked onto regular state jobless payments through the end of July. States and local governments would receive $150 billion in supplemental funding to help them provide basic and emergency services during the crisis.

    Well that is just outta wack like I said Don lol....So another words people will be hoping and begging to lose their job?.... I can hear them now..."Please lay me off due to the pandemic so I can get my FULL salary with a cool $600 a week on top for almost the next year" 

    If this is true...Then everyone that has NOT lost their job and are on the front line should receive an additional $600 week just on dam principle!!! ESPECIALLY the medical workers! My roommate works at a small grocery store/gas station and HAS to continue to work because her job is deemed  "essential" and we live here in NY and she has to be face to face with tons of people everyday putting herself at risk for 13 bucks an hour or the bills cant be paid...

    I got a feeling they are really going to need it. Its been bad in New York and NJ and on its way to Massachusetts. 

    Its not cheap living in the Northeast and I think this will go into July. I'm worried about the fall and this all coming back like with the Spanish Flu in 1918.

    Hopefully they come out with a good vaccine and eradicate it.

    Prayers for all of you in New York and New Jersey🙏