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What is up with the clubs

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Fri, Mar 6 2009 4:47 PM (17 replies)
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  • JasonDurham
    216 Posts
    Sun, Feb 15 2009 5:51 PM

     They SUCK, you hit a prefect shot and the ball roles out 5 to 7 yards longer than they should.

    Also there are kids that hit the ball farther than these things

  • tommy2x4
    14 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 3:02 AM

    the new clubs seem to lack the distance the old one had...

  • nivlac
    2,188 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 3:24 AM

    All of the starter clubs have the same distances they had before.  The only difference is that there is no longer an AW in your bag.  It's been replaced by the LW.  The SW #'s have also changed slightly.

  • tomab
    519 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 4:18 AM

    The new clubs seems less forgiving. Even when I am very close to the "perfect" I go left or right. I also noticed that wind seems to be different today, and length. I agree that the clubs seems to go a bit shorter.

    But my first impression is that distance seems more predictable. For pitching I now hit the distance I want to shoot. Before I had to subtract 1/4 - 1/3.

    Seems we have to play a few games to get acquainted to the new game. I guess there are differences many places in the coding that has impact on the game.



  • codmot
    8 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 4:31 AM

     yur right about the starter clubs bein the same but the new driver seems to be distance challanged and the bar seems to go a little faster and have a narrower sweet spot to hit it in. this may be just me, because its late(or early) and i've been up way to long. that graph seemed to fly down the bar.  While i appreciate the effort WGT has put out on this, i would have rather seen the old version fixed. the power bar still stutters and the clubs are not very accurate like they were when i first joined and b4 the last upgrade. does anybody know when they'll have the rest of the clubs for sale? especially the whole set.?  this could get awfully expensive if we have to buy each club seperately. and if you buy a couple of clubs and then the set comes out and u want to buy it. then you've wasted your money on the first ones u bought.. all purchases are non-refundable or exchangable. Just not right, IMHO.

    It is what it is and we'll just have to accept it.

     monica  ;p






  • TXBowhunter
    82 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 5:58 AM


    Seems like the new set of starter irons require a much more precise second click (hit the ball).  Only problem seems like with the games upgrade, the swing meter has gotten a lot more stutter in it.  Makes for a very hard shot consistancy.  Any plans to smooth out the meter?  Or will that just take a few rounds to get into the cache of our computers?

  • WVMountaineer
    8 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 6:05 AM

     I noticed you can no longer hit a flop shot from the green

    5 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 7:12 AM


    No flop shot, that is my Saviour shot.

  • Giuseppe327
    8 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 9:42 AM

     I can't agree more.  These clubs are terrible.  I broke 200 for the first time on the skills challenge though. Yay.  These things are impossible.  I'll stop the meter one notch from perfect, and the ball goes 20 feet left or right.  They're so inaccurate it's ridiculous.  In my opinion, these new clubs took the fun right out of playing.  I'd rather deal with the occasional randomness of the clubs before, than the guaranteed pull/push of these clubs.  Anyone try #3 at longer will a 5 iron get you close! I'm not too happy with these. 

  • Fuzzygazz
    1,469 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2009 9:54 AM

     I agree with tomab the irons seem a lot less forgiving. I like the Taylor made Driver. Nice hitting sound too.Kudos on the chipping and pitching distances. I cant book off today so ill have to learn more tonight.  The driver is a different speed so it will help to have a clean connection. One spike or lag with the driver and you'll be hittng from places you didnt know were part of the landscape.I guess new clubs will will match the new driver speed. I could'nt afford both drivers so I dont how the Ping reacts. Has anybody bought both new drivers and do they see a difference? thxs fuzzygazzThxs for the new goodies.

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