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The Disco Inferno needs clash help

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Mon, Mar 4 2024 10:08 AM (0 replies)
  • ArgoGeorge1970
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    Mon, Mar 4 2024 10:08 AM


    We are looking for a few disgruntled WGT souls to join us. People who still enjoy this long-outdated game but not every day!

    Tired of your management team giving you hell for not showing up daily? Tired of getting crapped on for creating too many average busters? Do ya just wanna show up every couple weeks to play some clash rounds and be done with it? Do you use Telegram? 

    Then come join us!

    We aren't looking for daily players. We're looking for semi-monthly players. Give us 48 hours of your time, and then see you again in 2 weeks. Wanna bust that average down? Create all the Avg busters you want. Think you're good enough to score well with super passes? Join us on Telegram and knock yourself out.

    Reply to this post or send me a DM. Whatever works, man.

    Argo George