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Wed, Jan 24 2024 12:15 PM (13 replies)
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  • sueomeara
    2,961 Posts
    Fri, Jan 19 2024 2:48 AM


    Can any one tell me the best way to contact WGT or Nico. I have sent 4 messages to WGT covering December until now, and 1 to Nico but I haven't heard anything from either of them.

    I have asked them if they can give me back my continuous days as I had to go into hospital for a major operation and could not get onto my computer. I played on my mobile to keep the days going, one day when I turned my phone on all my days had gone.

    I had 3290 days before I went into hospital and have now got another 30 days since I've been back playing. Some people will no doubt think that's sad but as I own a club and have done for over 10 years. I am very proud of my continuous days and all the happiness playing with my members has bought me.

    All I'm asking is can I have them back, as it is my club has lost all the experience that I gained with so many days played, the experience I get now doesn't compare.

    Any help you could give me would be great.


  • craigswan
    31,179 Posts
    Fri, Jan 19 2024 3:57 AM
    On Discord . There all the time .
  • sueomeara
    2,961 Posts
    Fri, Jan 19 2024 9:03 AM

    Thank you Craig but I don't have Discord it wouldn't load on my computer.

  • Robert1893
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    Fri, Jan 19 2024 10:04 AM

    I guess I would try posting to Nico's wall or sending another email to

  • callaghan159
    6,242 Posts
    Fri, Jan 19 2024 1:08 PM

    I was sick a couple weeks ago for 3 days...covid and the flu at the same time. Never left the bed for 3 days and lost 17 lbs. I messaged Nico and never heard nothing back. I message Champ and the next day things were reset for me. Good luck.

  • sueomeara
    2,961 Posts
    Sat, Jan 20 2024 8:05 AM

    Hi Callaghan 159,

    Thank you for the advice I have posted a message on his wall.


  • jacktrade51
    11,003 Posts
    Sun, Jan 21 2024 7:48 PM

    The best way to deal with breaks in continuous day streak is to contact WGT member services (

    Tell your sad story as to why streak was broken but be polite.  I know of hundreds of cases in my club and elsewhere the CDP streak was restored.  They almost respond 1-2 business days (so if you file Friday afternoon, you might not hear back until Tuesday).  But they are very forgiving.

    That said, the cases I am familiar with are usually 1-2 day breaks.  What happens with 30 days, even if in hospital, I am not sure.

    It also helps if you can remember the exact # of days you had in the streak.  In my case it was 1 day (due to a 17 hour power outage), they asked and I could not remember that.  What was restored was about 300 days less than what I thought I had.  Still, I wasn't complaining.



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    Sun, Jan 21 2024 10:49 PM


      I can personally attest to the outstanding treatment that I have received from customer support on this exact subject with a very "similar" scenario. 

    I have been taking care of my senior parents since May 2021, well the last Year things took a turn for the worse, my father started needed near 24/7 care and between doctor and hospital trips well....let's say I had to call on CS's help more than once, then things really went south in may 2023 as my mom (the healthier by far) felt sick one night outta the blue, what followed was something I wish for nobody to have to see or go thru needless to say I spent half my day in the hospital with Mom and the rest of each day taking care of My father, until August 4th when we lost My mother.

    So worrying about WGT and my "streak" was a mere afterthought  But like you as an Owner, I always thought of my streak as something I "need" to maintain ...  How can I expect new members to diligently use their CC pass and contribute club XP's if I'm only contributing a few hundred a day?

    I can tell you CS and Champ showed me a hell of a lot of understanding and patience thru those times! They still do as it's just me taking care of Dad now  and it is 24/7 now.

    needless to say my advice?.... Take Jack's advice 

    All the best


  • sueomeara
    2,961 Posts
    Mon, Jan 22 2024 1:00 AM

    Hi Jack,

    I was only in hospital a few days but have been back on wgt now for 31 days and have been contacting WGT 4 times also Nico once and WGTChanpion once but have heard nothing back from any of them.


  • sueomeara
    2,961 Posts
    Mon, Jan 22 2024 1:04 AM

    Hi JD,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your Mum and the position you are in with your Dad, so thank you for taking the time out to reply to me. I have written to WGT 4 times and Nico once also WGTChampion once but have heard nothing from any of them.

    Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me.


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