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4500 Consecutive Days Played

Mon, Dec 18 2023 7:29 AM (33 replies)
  • ct690911
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    Sun, Dec 17 2023 5:47 PM



    I've plenty of other stuff going on in my life to be worried about how many consecutive days I've played !! For one I like to get out and have a life away from a computer !

    Good for you!

    Great to hear!

    Actually, the fact you are a Tour Champion would suggest you spend a hell of a lot of time at your computer as well. 

    I've no idea why you dissed Kallistes' amazing feat, but I will now refer you to my far more diplomatic friend, Ross. ^^^.

  • garyk49
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    Mon, Dec 18 2023 4:21 AM


    It only takes 1 hit a day, Fencer.  That leaves 23 hours and 59 minutes for being away from the computer.


    Not always true.  A few Sundays ago I played a single shot on the game day drive, thought that was all that was necessary, and this was early in the morning as I am an early riser. Later during the day, after what would be the following day for me. I played and completed a game day drive round.  Lo and behold the following day I as back to day one again.  For some reason WGT has seen fit to take me back to day 1 a number of times, when I have played a single shot.

    But I don't really care so I have not pursued it with WGT.

    Not wanting to spoil the party, well done Listy.


  • Kalliste
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    Mon, Dec 18 2023 7:16 AM

    Thank you, Gary

    I know people on here have mentioned the one shot thingy that will count as playing for that said day but, I am not sure it counts on the game day drive, from what you have explained it seems it does not.

    I do know that in the practice mode at say 3 random holes quick game mode, once you have hit your shot from the tee on the 1st hole, it does register straight away that you have actually played that day. I had heard about that from others on here so I tried it myself.

    I hit my drive and when the ball had landed and stopped on the fairway, I closed the game and then re-logged on. Yes it had registered as I had played that day.

    Also once in a CC tournament over nine holes ranked round, I hit my tee shot  straight into water through missing the ding due to a meter spike. I went to restart that game but changed my mind and closed the game. I again re-logged on and again yes that single tee shot had registered as me playing that day.

    Just thought I`d explain that and I hope it helps others too.

    KInd regards


  • garyk49
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    Mon, Dec 18 2023 7:29 AM