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Release Notes 10/25

Sun, Nov 5 2023 6:15 AM (10 replies)
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  • WGTNico
    627 Posts
    Wed, Oct 25 2023 8:17 AM

    Hey everyone, 

    Here are the release notes for this months update 1.95! All of these will be reflected in game on the client update (when you have the option to update your game).

    Country Club Leaderboards

    • Weekly goals now turn into a club competition
    • The leaderboard will show who contributed the most every week!
      • Clubs compete against one another for prizes
      • Club members can also compete to contribute the most and add credit prizes to the leaderboard
    • NOTE: CC leaderboards won't be available in game until
      • update 1.95 is mandatory on all platforms (where you're required to update your game
      • It must also start on a Monday for the "new week" in game
      • estimated expected date 11/6

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed several issues related to Country Club Goals when goals used specific courses or coin rooms
    • Fixed an issue where Country Club Goal Milestones were changing 24 hours early
    • Fixed an issue where external links from Tournament EOG prompts and Inbox Messages weren’t opening web pages on iOS and MacOS
    • Fixed an issue where Kiawah Challenge 2 CTTH didn’t show an art asset
    • Fixed an issue where Country Clubs below level 7 were able to use the “Super Slow” green option, and the option was giving the wrong green speed when used
    • Fixed an issue where the putting line doesn’t move with the aim marker
    • Fixed an issue where clash matchups show the Victory label on both clubs when matching up
    • Fixed an issue where the left-most main menu card sometimes shows a loading message indefinitely

    JDRF Tournament

    • Compete for a 50,000 WGT Credit purse while supporting JDRF in raising money for life-saving research to support the type 1 diabetes community
      • All those who enter the JDRF Tournament on Wolf Creek will receive a limited edition JDRF pullover for their avatars to rock on the course
    • Starting on 11/14

    Turkey Beanie

    • Turkeys can fly (short distances)
      • Let your game soar with a turkey on your noggin
      • The Turkey Beanie is now available in the Pro Shop for all you turkey enthusiasts out there.

    Five Course Showdown

    • Fill up on prizes in a new Showdown! The Five Course Showdown tees off soon and brings you plenty of competition to feast on
      • Starting on 11/22
  • NMbigHitter
    36 Posts
    Wed, Oct 25 2023 9:39 PM

    My built up daily bonus now sits at 1 day....what can I do about getting my bonus days back?

  • Rifle57
    71 Posts
    Thu, Oct 26 2023 3:08 AM

    Anyone else notice since the latest update that some of the Apparel looks a bit different? Dark collars on shirts, a dark band at the top of some pants that is a different color than the pants. Looks a bit odd. Just wondering.






  • Skysark
    3 Posts
    Thu, Oct 26 2023 4:44 AM
    I think there’s a problem. Cannot raise club tournaments. They will not publish when publish button hit. The green speeds drop by one. Ie I raised the tourney as fast, green speed dropped to slow when I went to publish. Possibly the ultra slow greens option lurking in the background somewhere in the program?
  • jaderoks
    571 Posts
    Thu, Oct 26 2023 5:37 AM




  • gillian5048
    168 Posts
    Thu, Oct 26 2023 6:56 AM

    I had the same experience, J. I also uninstalled and re-installed Obtained new version from Amazon. This time the download ran successfully.

    Good luck.

  • PuttWhiffer
    63 Posts
    Thu, Oct 26 2023 7:47 AM

    Yes, colors are definitely different on apparel. No longer the colors I paid for.

  • okiechuck
    6,776 Posts
    Mon, Oct 30 2023 1:54 PM

    Fixed an issue where the putting line doesn’t move with the aim marker

    Please eliminate that putting line. It makes no sense to have it on the screen. We have the aiming marker and that should be sufficient. The putting line is just  nuisance.


  • FuturaUK
    1,460 Posts
    Mon, Oct 30 2023 2:50 PM


    Could you clarify what has happened since the update, to the website pages ? Specifically about CC Tournaments.

    It seems 'random' as to when I can see who has played a particular tournament and their score. One occasion I see them, the next I don't!

    Sometimes I can't see my own posted score for a tournament, even tho I have played it. 

    I have taken two screenshots to show ,hopefully, what I mean ref my own score in a cc tournament.


    This 'issue' has also been raised with me by a fellow club member.

    Someone, somewhere with WGT, must have already noticed this? I sure hope so, coz the update has been implemented for a while now.

    If you need any more 'info / clarity' on this issue, please let me know.

    I do use discord, occasionally, but I am on this website more and would like to raise (and receive a reply) via the website forum as this is where the issue is!

    Kind regards


  • pearljammmmer
    4,268 Posts
    Sun, Nov 5 2023 6:15 AM

    So what's going on with (in particular) missing scores for country club tournaments? Has anyone at WGT even been made aware of this problem?

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