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TPro"s and Masters with Legend clubs How can this be right

Fri, Oct 6 2023 5:38 AM (0 replies)
  • CapeTownDavid
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    Fri, Oct 6 2023 5:38 AM

    How can this ever be right!!.......A lot of Tpro"s and Masters are not good enough to reach T'Master and Legend ,i understand that ,...BUT.... A lot of them make sure they do not move up levels so they can play with better equipment off the forward T's........Why can it not be more like the real game?..( yes i know we do not have handicaps on wgt )..BUT.,When you are a certain level in a real golf you play off that T"box,....If your crap your crap it is what it is......My friend who plays off a 18 in real golf does not move down to the ladies T:s when we play, he plays off the same T"Box as i do....How can it be right on WGT when a lot of TPro"s and Masters have a huge advantage?.....Why punish the better players for playing the game well and correctly. Thanks for a great game.