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East vs West (Ryder Cup Edition 2023)

Sat, Sep 30 2023 5:56 PM (215 replies)
  • Yiannis1970
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    Fri, Jun 16 2023 9:48 AM


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    Greetings to you all.

    JSmithers and myself have decided to organize and run a new edition of Ryder Cup, which has been held/run for 2 years with enormous success by Simon. So, we thought to revive this great event. Now...practically Ryder Cup means USA vs Europe. Our Ryder Cup Edition will be called East vs West, in order to cover the whole globe. On this thread, I will provide all the necessary information about the tournament (rules, participants, teams e.t.c.). As we move along, I will be editing often this first post, so anyone can have access to all the necessary information.

    In a nutsell, the whole idea is the following:

    Two teams. 12 players each team. Multiple match formats.

    First team will cover the eastern hemisphere and the second team the western hemisphere.

    Name of teams: East and West.

    Every match on the final stage of Ryder Cup as long as the qualifying stage must be streamed, which means that every participant must have a valid account on Twitch or Youtube or any other streaming platform out there. I can provide guidelines how to set up your PCs for the stream. In case streaming creates problems to the playability, the round can be just recorded and uploaded afterwards on youtube or on server available for downloading.




    Congrats to Fabio for winning the East bracket and to Casey for winning the West bracket.


    I would like to thank all the folks who respected the rules and played the game as it was described.


    The main event will start in a few days. I will update the first post as usual.



    Live draw will take place tomorrow Wednesday 13/9 at 22.00 UK on my channel.







    All the matches will be 18 hole match plays. Back tees, moderate winds, championship greens, 60'' clock, no apparels. 1 point for the win, 1/2 for the draw.


    Good luck to all guys. Play well and have fun.


    (i will update naturally the first post with the results and the scores)




    Since there's a serious problem with scheduling matches due to time zones and other engagements, the rules will change as follows.


    The whole tournament will end  at 14 of October 23.59' UK.

    Players can play their matches as soon as they set them up either for the alt format, either for the match plays. So, no order to play alts first and match plays after. As soon as you can have the game, please play it and report the score to this thread.


    Thank you all.





    Better, same, worse?







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    masonvilla , England


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    Carlos    Spain

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    Bavaria   Tom


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    Bavaria Tom??


    I don't know that country!!!



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    Count on me!!
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