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Club Bag Rat is a casual club looking for new members

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Mon, Jun 12 2023 7:35 PM (0 replies)
  • pudblumpkin
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    Mon, Jun 12 2023 7:35 PM


    We are a level 17 club that has been around for almost 8 years, always been quite casual. The only requirement of membership is to be somewhat active and contribute XP by using free club passes.  Every couple months or so I remove players that have not contributed XP or have not played the game in several months.

    Playing in Club Clashes and turf wars is Strongly suggested. There was a time when our club finished in the top 100 during club clashes pretty regularly and I would like to get back to doing so. In order to do well during clashes I would prefer to not have low skill level players because they bring down the teams stats during clashes and make it less likely that we make the top 100. Being a casual club I do not think setting my sights any higher than that is realistic.

    International/Eastern Hemisphere Members wanted: Non USA members are highly encouraged to join. Having members that can play clashes while the majority of our USA members are sleeping could be a big help to the club.

    Member Ranks/Promotions are almost wholly decided by XP contribution to the club. Members that have achieved higher ranks get mor leeway when it comes to rules/membership requirements.

    We currently do not have a consistent schedule of club tournaments, but all members have permission to create club tournaments and are encouraged to do so.

    Feel free to ask any questions or just join the club!