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When is WGT going to come up with a handicap system?

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Sat, May 13 2023 2:39 PM (25 replies)
  • el3n1
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    Sat, May 13 2023 11:04 AM

    I have only crossed the 1,5 million coins recently

    a player of your caliber could easily play a few games in Tokyo or Manhattan and quickly gather sufficient coins to play any room you wanted.  for that matter - unless you run into a coin room specialists - you could just play Monaco and completely double your bankroll - if the coin room specialist noticed they were ONLY playing for 1.5 million coins - they may forfeit on the first hole - because it is NOT worth the ball hits to bother playing 9 holes for fewer coins than you can win playing in bellagio a 3 hole room.  factor in - i think WGT is offering coin room bonuses for tokyo, manhattan and Bellagio wins - you only need a few wins to pick up a big chunk of coins, while playing very little.

    Another thought:  What if the entry fee for Expert were reduced to 250 credits, not 500?  Would that make it more palatable to the Champions and TCs who would be forced to play in that division?

    I believe one of the biggest underlying issues with expert is the impact of those quitting on you - the risk of a bogey bug - that completely undermines the chance of a fair fight against others.

    factor in - some also feel the prizes are not worth the effort - the margin of error is even smaller and the random conditions dramatically alters how lopsided the event plays for different people.

    how many people would enter a 1000 or even 250 credit RG - if you knew some would draw heavy winds and others would draw low winds?  luck of the draw ends up limiting participation - because people know it is not a fair setup.  And that is also what is problematic with showdowns.  All of the issues with them were reported several years ago - WGT has made no changes to the format or setup.

    As better players (some having played in expert) become aware of all the disparity and issues with the showdown format - they are NOT going to invest more or even fewer credits when it would be silly to do so and a poor ROI on your time and effort.  

  • DodgyPutter
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    Sat, May 13 2023 1:25 PM

    Maybe.  Or maybe you'd see increased participation, especially from lower-tiered players who, like the OP, feel that they have no chance to win prizes under the current scenario.

    Sorry, for some reason I thought you meant a flat entry fee.  A couple of things before I'm out of this as I feel I've said enough and am not in the least worried wgt will do anything along the lines you suggest.

    What you are suggesting at the top level is making it a tiered competition.  The tiered monthly has much better prizes and costs 200c to enter but people are not daft enough to think they are going to beat the best scoring players.  There were 48 that finished last months TC one and 55 at champ.  I wouldn't pay 250c to enter what you propose, I wouldn't pay 100c.

    There are specialists at the coin/apparel game too and perhaps that's among the reasons that some of the best non-apparel players are found in the Veteran Showdown.

    Once again on the op, he's a Legend playing in Rookie that wants tiers above him banned from playing there.  I don't see a lower tier player being cheated, I see someone who wants things all his own way and I don't think he'd thank you for making him play in Veteran.

    The point on TM's and TL being off the same tees is that you'd force the TM's to that and that's unfair whichever tees they are.  Any TM in Veteran now at least has chosen to enter there.

    Lol @ Ana; Of course he could get the coins needed but he'd miss a dozen bracket rounds spending the time doing it, that'd be expensive ;-) 

  • DodgyPutter
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    Sat, May 13 2023 1:28 PM

    The Expert entry fee is almost like a wager/bet .

    Paul they are all bets, $1 is more to someone with $5 than $10 is to someone with thousands.

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sat, May 13 2023 2:23 PM

    Lol @ Ana; Of course he could get the coins needed but he'd miss a dozen bracket rounds spending the time doing it, that'd be expensive ;-) 


    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sooooooo true 😉