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wgt golf balls.

Sat, Sep 16 2023 9:31 PM (9 replies)
  • rrb01887
    2 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 7:14 PM

    You discounted WGT Legen Gofl balls and your new line up is a joke.   They were 3 on distance and 2 on meter.     Tyey were reasonably priced.   Now can not even get 2 on distance and 2 on the meter with any of your new lineup.    I was so upset that the new balls don't even have spin and they do not last as long.   What is going on.?


  • alosso
    21,003 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 10:01 AM

    What is going on.?
    Capitalism 101.

    They downgrade and put out of service some of the cheap options to force us into buying more expensive balls. I find my formerly beloved Tour SD (64 cr) as "Utility Balls" at 80 cr.

    Talk inflation!

  • GreenLaser
    93 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 10:55 AM

    They jacked the price of my favored cheap ball (WGT GI2-D) from 64 to 79 credits and renamed it the WGT Slow Meter Distance.  And they doubled the price of my favored really cheap ball (WGT B-XD) and renamed it WGT Distance.  Some of the others I use haven't changed. I wonder if they're going to get around to renaming and raising the price of all of them. Maybe I should stock up now.

  • Imahacker58
    352 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 11:28 AM

    Total price gouge on people who don’t want to spend $15 on 3 imaginary balls, and with all the bugs in the game recently time to give it away I think.

  • craigswan
    30,224 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 2:11 PM

    It's Inflation .

    Even a bar of chocolate is getting smaller ..

  • bugman1492
    13 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 6:13 PM

    They made everyone a Legend if they shot 3 or 4 under now to many Legends using the Legend balls so now they want more people to quit the game make sense to me I am done with all the bugs and money hungry SOBs.

  • AussieDavo11
    1,807 Posts
    Thu, Mar 30 2023 7:08 PM

    Yet another BIG mistake by the WGT boffins.

    Rule 1: Don't upset your base members.

  • rb79
    4 Posts
    Tue, Jun 6 2023 10:59 AM

    Bring back the B-XD balls!  Should've stocked up when I had the chance.

  • Fist2k8
    96 Posts
    Sat, Sep 16 2023 9:31 PM

    I am sick as a parrot. It took me along time to upgrade my clubs and a kind hearted player sent me a pack of Titleist balls.

    Off I went thinking it would improve my game but boy was I disappointed. Shots were miles out and my game went to pot.

    So I went on to single player Brandon and played 1 hole over and over till I got the same wind using a starter ball and then the titliest ball.


    I hit 200 yds against a 2.O'clock 18mph wind ball went 207yds Titliest

    Switched ball same wind it never even reached the green 188yds Starter

    second attempt with tail wnd the titliest 185 yds went 221 yds the starter 195

    I had mapped a few courses playing with mo old clubs and a standard ball

    Now to compete I will have to start all over again and buy the same balls over and over again.

    Too bad if I cant afford the watching videos for the rest of my days lol