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Release Notes 3/29

Fri, Apr 7 2023 8:41 PM (50 replies)
  • WGTNico
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:27 AM

    Hey everyone, 


    Here are the patch notes for this months update! 

    All of these will be reflected in game on the client update (when you have the option to update your game). 

    The client update is likely to be delayed until next week as we finish up some bugs regarding the new Country Club Tournament Creation feature.


    Gifting Apparel

    • You read that right! You can now gift apparel in WGT!!! 
    • This highly requested feature will be available in the client update
    • You can gift all seasonal apparel, apparel boxes, and apparel from any official brands found in our pro shop
    • You cannot gift the stat boosted apparel that appears in the pro shop every 24 hours

    Country Club Tournament Creation

    • Cleaner UI with new features to improve CC tournament creation experience
    • Choice to start tournament immediately or at midnight (with a convenient timer to show when that is)
    • Create CC tournaments with apparel bonus!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer Stroke Play setup where the Random 3 option wasn’t available
    • Fixed an issue where the player hitting first in the tiebreaker and losing is earning progress in Goals and Achievements for winning coin games
    • Fixed an issue in the first time user experience (FTE) where one step was missing the glove pointer
    • Fixed an issue where tournament details panel was always showing the lowest prize when using a non-standard prize setup
    • Fixed an issue where tournament details is blank after viewing “Full Leaderboard” and viewing a player’s profile from the leaderboard
    • Fixed an issue causing Tournament Recommendations to include country club tournaments

    New WGT Golf Balls

    • Removing some outdated balls that weren't often used
    • Adding a new line of WGT golf balls
    • For full list click here 


    • WGT Live Series May Open: live final on 5/20
    • Loudmouth peace flower apparel to help freshen up your wardrobe
    • Jelly bean pants and skirt: give your avatar a seasonal look (and perhaps match our next Showdown!). 
    • The new Titleist TSR2 Clubs have hit the pro shop
    • Added back the ability to play multiplayer games with friends when using swing devices (SkyTrak / Phigolf)

  • TopShelf2010
    10,890 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:32 AM

    Outstanding Patch Notes Nico.

    Especially the addition of the ability to Gift Apparel. Many of us have been vocal about the possibility. Thank you WGT for listening.



  • ScottHope
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:34 AM

    Gifting Apparel


    When are we getting socks?  8 )

  • WGTNico
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:38 AM

    gifting apparel is already live here on the website, it will appear in game during the client update

  • WGTNico
    627 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:41 AM

    When are we getting socks?  8 )

    I asked Champ, he doesn't dislike the idea

  • ScottHope
    10,225 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:47 AM

    Cool, look forward to it.  ; )

  • MarchieB
    1,527 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:56 AM

    Nico it seems (at least on my iPhone) that ALL the sponsored balls have disappeared. Was this a glitch? 

  • ScottHope
    10,225 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:59 AM

    Gone here too Marchie.

  • craigswan
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 8:59 AM
    I always wear odd socks .
  • ScottHope
    10,225 Posts
    Wed, Mar 29 2023 9:00 AM

    That's because they suit you Craig.

    I noticed someone at work was wearing odd socks one time. When I mentioned it to them they said it was strange because they had another pair exactly the same at home!