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Wed, Apr 12 2023 8:02 PM (5 replies)
  • daveboy28
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    Mon, Mar 27 2023 8:58 AM

    I'm a long time Tour Pro and just wanting to play a fun & fair game (mostly in coin rooms), the fun is starting to go away lately as I find myself constantly playing against levels that I dont want to play against. Instead of matching me up against other Tour Pros I'm inevitably matched against either Tour Masters & Legends, or worse is Hacks and Amateurs that all seem to play amazingly well.

    I just played 3 holes against a Hack that somehow was allowed to take 2 different "Gimme's" at 6 and 8 feet??? I've never even seen a gimme allowed over 2 feet. It's ridiculous and frustrating. 

    I want to have some kind of a sort/filter tool that would allow me to choose the levels of players I wish to play against. 

  • mikem2015
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    Tue, Mar 28 2023 2:01 PM

    Im a tour protoo. why am i only playing tour masters, masters and legends? kinda takes the fun out of it.

  • PureGro1
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    Wed, Mar 29 2023 5:57 AM


    Im a tour protoo. why am i only playing tour masters, masters and legends? kinda takes the fun out of it.

    Because its random draw in coins. You will win some and lose some- tiers can mean the player is good or just that the player plays a lot of ranked rounds (or moved up through coins).

    When you see a L, TL, C or TC they may be a good player or they may have just played a lot. You may find the latter to be very beatable and the former you should look to for tips, check out what apparel they use, what clubs and what Country Club they are in.

  • Soup3rDye
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    Wed, Apr 12 2023 8:02 PM


    You will be matched up with the players in the Coin Room you are playing in .

    This is true, but a legend/Master should know that looking at details of the room will tell them what the tier rating is for that room via the CAP limit ie Ameteur CAP, Pro tour CAP it is even in RED lettering if it is below the tier you should be playing in and in Green if you fit into that tier....

    Hacks get those long gimme's 

     I was a hack not to long ago and I never got a 6ft gimme that is nuts, lol. 2ft max.

    A filter would not help . The Coin Rooms were designed without much foresight .

     True again to a point, but making these locked to that tier of skill would make the game play more attractive to new players and lower skilled players.. I mean I personally would be more willing to spend money if I knew my next match was someone I could beat or at least have a chance too, wouldn't you?

    The majority of Coin players have not played the ranked round protocol .

     Maybe, I guess but I keep playing people that have a par rating of below 70 and once and a while I see a 150 but no where near as often as I play below 70 par players so...

    They tiered up without playing ranked rounds . By playing lots of Coin Rounds .

     You have to play ranked rounds to tier up so this would be wrong unless you mean levels which is not tiering up it is leveling up which gives people access to better gear but does not effect there tier unless they play better in ranked rounds..

    They leveled up with lots of XP's .Same as anyone .

    How people level is not the conversation m8 the conversation is not having to play people that are in a higher/lower tier. I don't care how someone got there all I know is I am there playing someone that should not be.

    I can see clearly what the OP is asking for and I think some manner of this would improve the game retention, increase sales, and promote a more compedative/ fair play enviroment.  Lock the rooms to tier play, and let me get better by playing my peers and not be forced to play someone that I am no challenge for them to beat.