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Yardage problems

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Sat, Mar 18 2023 10:58 AM (1 replies)
  • Luckystar5
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    Sat, Mar 18 2023 10:53 AM

    I posted in the discord and got no replies.   Yesterday during my clash rounds my clubs started falling extremely short of listed yardage.  IE.i hit my 5 iron, ( 195) at 95%   it went 159 yards.  All irons and woods fell way short.  Putter, I had a 10 footer, went to 9 on Meter, ball went 4 feet.  I unloaded the game and reinstalled it, but same thing, today I played a 3 hole practice, with no wind,  so yesterday wind factors weren't the problem.   Any help please, would be appreciated

  • ScottHope
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    Sat, Mar 18 2023 10:58 AM

    How about trying a reset.