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Release Notes 2/22

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Fri, Mar 3 2023 7:23 AM (16 replies)
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  • AlaskanDame
    18,959 Posts
    Wed, Feb 22 2023 11:22 PM


    I forgot to add that I play PC only. As far as "works well for most goes", well I doubt that. In AS games at least 2 and sometimes all have the same issue.

    In my ALT games, the loss of chat most often happens when two or more “actions” overlap, such as an opponent conceding a putt while your putt meter is in motion.  And then, if the concession ends the hole, the game tries also to show the scorecard, thus making three almost-simultaneous “actions” on the screen for the person putting.  The one who was trying to putt loses the chat, not always until their next stroke….. sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.  

    Sometimes, writing in the chat box or sending a completed comment while the above type of things are happening also causes the writer to lose chat.

    While I wish the problem could be fixed, we have been able to cut down the number of times it happens to us by doing our best to avoid multiple simultaneous “actions.” 

  • WGTNico
    618 Posts
    Thu, Feb 23 2023 8:25 AM

    What does the "and more" include?  It seems the prizes are aimed at US players only.

    Last year, in addition to those prizes the winners received some WGT credits, a trophy, and a really cool bag with a bunch of USGA branded items inside it. 

  • Fish19750
    21 Posts
    Mon, Feb 27 2023 8:41 AM

    Game is now only letting me invite one player in stroke play. Or joining game only has one other player.What happened to playing up to 3 other players?


  • petrieboy
    434 Posts
    Mon, Feb 27 2023 8:59 AM

    client update what is that? where is that? i cant play stroke play matches ever since last update. i get a message saying wgt exe. has stopped working. all i can do is play single .

  • Gashmaster1
    41 Posts
    Fri, Mar 3 2023 6:45 AM


    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, please let me know. Thanks.

    when I click on the new RevU button in the awards section I get the following screenshot and there is nothing there really. Not sure if it is iOS related or not since I am using an iPad mini 2 with iOS 12.5 which is the max version for this device.

    thank you in advance 

  • irishowen
    265 Posts
    Fri, Mar 3 2023 7:23 AM

    Pass on RevU before it steals your info, 8nfests you with cookies and Gives Nothing in return. Same crap as Tapjoy, same pig different lipstick. Check out user reviews on numerous  BBBs and review platforms  like , both Rev and Tap are serial abusers.  Feds have fined Tapjoy for 'fraud like behavior in recent past, I can see RevU following  shortly. Save yourself the aggro  and just watch the videos for free credits BUT remember to empty your cache after each session.

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