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Club Specs for items above your level?

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Mon, Jan 30 2023 1:58 AM (1 replies)
  • BlackBogey
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    Sun, Jan 29 2023 12:23 PM

    Is there a way you can find the club specs, especially the comparison to what you currently have equipped, for clubs above your current level?  Reason I ask, I just saw the Ping bundle that includes L81 410 Driver, 3Wd, Hybrid, and L86 i500 irons along with some credits/coins and a sleeve of balls.  Was thinking of buying, but wanted to do some comparisons first since I would likely be financing with real $.  (not my first preference, but I have some visa gift cards that I could use)

    I'm currently at lower level 78 so when I go to Pro Shop these clubs don't appear in the matrix to compare.

    Can anyone advise on this topic, or at least give an opinion on if these would last me into the later levels of the game?

    Current setup:                                                                                                                            Driver: TM R9 TP L62                                                                                                                3Wd: TM R11 L30                                                                                                                      Hybrid: TM R11 L31                                                                                                                    Irons: TM R11 L32

    I'll also want to upgrade the wedges in a short while (currently all TM Z Spin, 54* L14, 60* L14, 64* L38) and putter (TM Spider L19), but just thought this Ping wood/iron deal is almost too good to pass up?

  • GreenLaser
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    Mon, Jan 30 2023 1:58 AM

    In the app if you're in the Pro Shop looking at drivers or whatever, there's an icon in the lower right corner that looks like a tee.  You can click on that then change a setting to show clubs that are locked because they are above your level.


    Those look like pretty capable clubs to me:  280 yard driver, 240 yard 3WD, 225 yard hybrid, 215-110 yard irons (if it's the Ping L83 irons. I don't see Ping L86 irons.)  All are 3.5 meter clubs which would have the benefit of matching the meters of the highest level Titleist Vokey wedges (more spin, more precision, less forgiveness) or highest level TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges (less spin, less precision, more forgiveness.)  You'd have a choice between a 3 wedge configuration of 100-80-60 yards with the Vokeys and of 100-75-50 yards with the TaylorMades. I don't normally use a hybrid, preferring the 3 wedge set up.  My 3 iron is 220 yards, but even at the 215 of those Pings, I think I'd still go without the hybrid in favor of the extra wedge.  The gap between the 3 iron and 3WD can be covered with partial power or punch shots with the 3WD instead of the hybrid.  Of course, if you feel comfortable with the hybrid, the one that comes with that set you're considering looks pretty good.