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Bye but its Over.

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Sun, Jul 17 2022 9:59 AM (10 replies)
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  • Tigerpaw509
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    Fri, Jul 15 2022 10:19 AM

    Saying Goodbye to Wgt after almost 12 1/2 years and 5 1/2 Years CDP.The Game has become Horrible ,have uninstalled Reinstalled and the game remains the same (PC Version) my iPad works just fine but its not Friend Friendly.Never know if there is going to be fake Wind or real Wind,Club distance's coming up way short or way longhand and I do check my Meter/Scale 3 times before hitting the Ball.Just had a Chip from the Fringe and hit it 10 and went 4 and was down hill.I still have 250 days left on my Premier membership and almost 5000 Gold Coins but I'm done with Wgt.I have asked other questions of Wgt(Yes Email) like why cant I create a Team, I keep getting a error and eventually get a Response for a Survey on how my Experience was but never get any Help.I Will Delete my Account today as soon as I figure a way to give my Credits away.

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    Fri, Jul 15 2022 1:09 PM

    The frustration has also grown for me TP...The game has NEVER been the same since the shutdown of "Flash" IMHO...

    If not for running "The Founder Club" and my commitment to our many members I would have been gone shortly after the demise of Flash.

    The "Fun" is all but gone now....

    By the way this just happened playing the Showdown.... AGAIN!! 

    Opponent disappeared on hole 6 and I get...


    Sad to see ya go my friend 😕

  • HamdenPro
    2,438 Posts
    Fri, Jul 15 2022 1:20 PM

    Saying Goodbye to Wgt after almost 12 1/2 years

    I do not know you, we never played, never read a post, that I can recall, or heard your name, I did want to reply, nonetheless. If for anything, so you would know your voice was heard by more than just two people.

    I loved flash as well but have got somewhat accustomed to the new version. I do not like it as much, but it is all there is.  I do think it sad however, to see you leave because of the game. I am sure you have made many good friends over the years and will be missed. For that reason alone, you might wish to stick around.

    Best Wishes to you.

  • sammey1
    683 Posts
    Fri, Jul 15 2022 3:13 PM

    I hope you reconsider. There is a discord group run by WGT where you can chat directly with WGTNico and WGTChampion. They are trying to create the best possible product and experience, and they're open to listening and helping anyway they can. Drop in tp talk with them.

    I'm not sure you are but we have a good discord group that meets every day at around 7:15 CT. Lots of fun games, and everyone shares advice (and laughs). It's the Nice and Friendly CC and the server link is Feel free to join in. It will help bring some fun back.


  • wedge0837
    862 Posts
    Sat, Jul 16 2022 11:46 AM

    Dear TigerPaw, 

    I hear ya Loud and Clear bro.  I recall the issues you had earlier, and your frustrations and yet your great deal of patience with this game.

    We run out of patience at times, especially with that run around email with some made up answers from wgt and ohh how did we do on our Support. Please rate us … lol  ‘0’ that time sirs! 

    Was fun to play with you, Rick. Thanks for some good laughs.


  • petrieboy
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    Sun, Jul 17 2022 3:50 AM

    i dont blame you for leaving, i play very little on here any more. i also have been here a long time like 10 years, the game is just so inconsistent  the wind comes from one direction and then when you hit the ball its a lot different than what was shown. i dont score like i used two either. the fun is gone i spend very little on this game any more. its hard to even get a game on here.  take care. good luck to you.

  • PureGro1
    1,656 Posts
    Sun, Jul 17 2022 6:02 AM

    Just curios, What specifically people dont like about how the new version plays or what they liked about flash that is no longer available?

    I started in spring 2019, toward end of Flash game- I guess I have as much time spent on this new version as I did flash. Personally I miss the red/green invite, I miss having replays in game like flash did, I miss the look/mechanics of the avatar in flash and miss being able to get a random match play game.

    BUT- As far as how the game plays, I honestly see very little difference. Albeit their was a learning curve with the App, aim points used for flash might have been off a bit. Probably more due to the higher resolution the App is running than anything else.


  • tramilleo
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    Sun, Jul 17 2022 7:02 AM

    ill take a few sleeves of callaway balls if you want to get rid of your creds lol

  • dhjam1
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    Sun, Jul 17 2022 8:01 AM


    ill take a few sleeves of callaway balls if you want to get rid of your creds lol

    That's when you know that its truly over 😁

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