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Sun, May 22 2022 5:59 AM (5 replies)
  • WGTNico
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    Fri, May 6 2022 9:35 AM

    Hey everyone,

    So this morning the newest WGTNico open tournament began and this one is honestly a lot harder than the speedrun open. I hit a +18 on my first attempt. It is best of par 3s with set of the week and 45 second shot clock. 

    The putter has to be one of if not the worst putter in the game in my opinion.

    However, the main reason this tournament was made was for us to test out the new leaderboards. We are titling it Leaderboardv2 or LBv2 (not the most clever name). This new leaderboard should be a really healthy quality of life change.

    There are tabs where you can see where you are on the leaderboard, as well as scroll up or down to see where everyone else stands. No longer are you tied to seeing just that small majority of people. 

    LBv2 also shows a more transparent version of the tiebreakers 

    Finally, it also has a tab for the prizes so you can see the full credit breakdown.

    This morning, Champ and I have already found some small bugs on it which is why we wanted to make sure it was tested on a more fun tournament like this one. Next week there will be a couple more for fun tournaments (probably much easier than this evil par 3 one I made). LBv2 should also be available to Country Clubs starting next week. Even with the minor bugs we've found it already feels a lot better than the original leaderboards.

    Please feel free to give any feedback, thoughts, or any ideas you have for leaderboards!

  • BPeterson8256
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    Fri, May 13 2022 7:48 AM


    Please feel free to give any feedback, thoughts, or any ideas you have for leaderboards!

    1) I love being able to see all players on a leaderboard in the game app. 

    2) I really wish all tournaments would go back to showing what country club players are from on the web pages.

    3) This week's King's Cup is really a mess to look at (you are probably aware). All players that have played the 2nd round are behind players that have not yet played. 

    4) Ready Go tournaments all show as "Tournament Has Ended" instead of showing a clock with how much time is left. This is problematic for many reasons.



  • MioKontic
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    Fri, May 13 2022 3:19 PM

    Have I missed this tournament?  Not been around much the last week or so, so not really looked at what tournaments there have been.  Even lost my 300 or so consecutive days play  :(

  • okiechuck
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    Thu, May 19 2022 11:11 PM



    Please feel free to give any feedback, thoughts, or any ideas you have for leaderboards!

    Well, Nico, you really screwed the pooch on this maneuver especially Club tournaments for PCs. We've been playing with the same leaderboards for years and with all the things that need fixing, you chose to one thing that didn't need a fix. Please put them back to the original state as the leaderboard names one player as winner and the Member Activity names another for the same tournament. Now I have to answer all the questions as to why this has happened. 

    Cheers, Chuck


  • ozysouthpaw
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    Sun, May 22 2022 5:12 AM

    Country Club leaderboard bug .....

    2 round CC tournament completed and leaderboard shows the winner/leader as a player that did not complete both rounds.

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    Sun, May 22 2022 5:59 AM

    Nico and Champ

    The "efforts" and ideas of the new leaderboard are first class all the way...As for the actual results of these efforts ....ummmm no comment  ­čśĽ