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apparel up grades gold,silver boxes..

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Wed, Nov 16 2022 12:23 PM (14 replies)
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  • allengriffis
    72 Posts
    Thu, Jul 1 2021 4:31 PM

    yes i  am not sure if anyone else realizes that the boxes u get to win weekly and for laying for coins while being sponsored is not working as i have just to double check this waited for 1 month and saved all my boxes and then opened them all just now only to find that my suspicions where true. 5 times in a row when i opened both  silver and gold boxes it never added to my points for the product weather it be gloves , shorts , pants , etc ,etc ,  kept giving me what the previous one before did so the points behind the product never changes so therefore all the points one should have accumilated are of somewhere in the void which in turn takes that much longer to get higher and better products..domino effect as thus more play and more money spent,,,,,so why even offer these packs when 78 prcent of the time they do nothing for your products..?

    anyone else notice this......?????

  • billycash74
    2,073 Posts
    Fri, Jul 2 2021 4:14 AM

    open the boxes when you get them. nothing gained by saving them

  • HHawker
    7 Posts
    Fri, Jul 2 2021 5:33 AM


    Are you sure the article is not already saturated? If I am right each article at each level is only good for 1000 credits?

    All my basic articles are maxed out but I am noticing that the Rare and Epic values do increse on the occasions I score one of those gifts.

  • reggie7900
    908 Posts
    Sat, Jul 3 2021 12:49 AM

    Why save them there meant for opening ?

  • schmayman
    134 Posts
    Sat, Jul 3 2021 1:30 PM

    how do I claim my rewards

  • schmayman
    134 Posts
    Mon, Jul 4 2022 12:22 PM

    I claimed my rewards but caint find them


  • Lesthanpar
    1,404 Posts
    Tue, Jul 5 2022 12:55 PM

    I always get what I opened in the box. The problem is it is rarely what I want!

  • protonc
    587 Posts
    Tue, Jul 5 2022 1:40 PM

    LOL, too true!

  • Hilltopbuck
    260 Posts
    Fri, Aug 5 2022 5:39 AM

    I’ve accumulated a garage full of boxes of apparel items -hats, shoes, gloves, shirts and pants everywhere. I’ve upgraded what I use and taking the rest to a local charity. Really don’t see the value of adding more and more clothing. 

    Waiting for the day when a WGT warehouse associate slips a ProV 1 into a few boxes just for fun.  😎

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