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Sun, Jul 18 2021 10:11 PM (15 replies)
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  • celamantia
    79 Posts
    Sat, Jul 17 2021 10:17 AM

    Has anyone bitten by the "3 bogey bug" gotten WGT to remove the bogies so they can continue the tournament?  I sent in a request to Support but I don't know if they will even reply before the final round is over, and there is no way to continue with a +3 for the first three holes that I never got to play.

  • PawelArtist
    8 Posts
    Sun, Jul 18 2021 2:21 AM

    I got exactly the same issue today. It's very unfair and frustrating. Lost chance for the 1st place...

  • Bridge08
    384 Posts
    Sun, Jul 18 2021 4:46 PM

    Just been booted from latest showdown when -13 thru 15, allocated 3 bogies , error message said current showdown had ended, although countdown clock showed over 16 hrs.

    a wtf WGT moment, 🤣🙈 

  • Rocky12101
    142 Posts
    Sun, Jul 18 2021 10:11 PM

    Bridege08 ... I think maybe the message was that YOUR Showdown had ended.  Not that the Showdown had ended for everyone.  No doubt very frustrating because it sounds like your game ended because of the tech glitch causing 3 bogeys.

    I have also suffered thru numerous such glitches in almost every Showdown ... and only ever been refunded the measly entry credits by WGT.  Not satisfactory at all and we are NOT happy WGT!

    But I have since looked up the numerous posts about these glitches and, if it helps anyone, have set out below a slightly edited version of notes I thought most useful from Mythanatos (trust he will have no issue with my doing this):

    1) Never back out of a Showdown round once you click on the Play button. Just wait patiently for the wheel to stop spinning and the game will load without a penalty.

    2) If someone forfeits to you and you can keep playing then great.  Finish it out.

    3) If someone forfeits to you BUT the "Cancel/Retry" screen shows up ... NEVER hit the Cancel button.  Often hitting the Retry button will also be a complete waste of time and you will be timed out eventually and receive bogeys.  The solution seems to be to hard close the App and restart it. You will then have to replay those 3 holes. The game will treat them as not having been played. But you won't get any bogeys. If you hit Cancel you will get 3 bogeys.

    4) The only risk to actually getting screwed is if someone forfeits or exits out on the tee box before any shots are hit. But this problem may have been fixed now.

    At the risk of stirring up a hornet's nest, I have to add that I think one shouldn't forfeit mid-game unless there really is a very compelling reason.  This may only be virtual golf, but it is a game like any other and requires sportsmanship when others are involved.  I doubt there would be any current CEOs of major corporations or government leaders playing this game ... so ... just let your opponent finish their game!

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