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Course Notebook improvements:

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Tue, May 11 2021 12:40 PM (10 replies)
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  • Teegr
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    Tue, May 11 2021 12:40 PM

    The notebook is a great concept but poorly implemented. It’s probably the worst 500 credits I’ve spent in the game. I wouldn’t recommend it in it’s current form to any player. To make it worthwhile, try to make it like a course notebook that players use in real life.

    Two suggestions in that direction:

    1) Allow  players to flip back in the book to record observations on shots _after_ they’ve been taken or on holes _after_ you have finished playing them. Currently you are only noting down what you think you’re going to do. What you really want to be able to record are your thoughts on what happened after the fact.

    2) Allow toggling on and off for auto importing data on shots into the book as soon as they’re taken (e.g. Distance to hole, club, ball, wind speed/direction,  elevation, distance travelled, impact point on the meter). This would help  make it easier to use and also when you are playing in a timed game so you don’t waste shot clock seconds trying to record information.

    Thanks for considering!  

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