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how to level up a piece of apparel

Sun, Apr 28 2024 4:59 AM (14 replies)
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  • ander101
    390 Posts
    Fri, Feb 19 2021 9:00 AM

    How does one level up a certain piece of apparel , such as the SE cap that is at level 3, trying to advance to L4, do you need to play in coin rooms ?, because buying different equipment or apparel does not level up anything.

  • AugustWest82772
    45 Posts
    Sun, Sep 26 2021 9:37 AM

    I've got the same question.

  • billsmini10
    160 Posts
    Sun, Sep 26 2021 10:33 AM

    As far as I know, the coin rooms and weekly coin earnings gets you boxes to open.

    Look in the "Apparel" section in the pro shop each day at 7:00 AM central daylight time for refreshed apparel items. There are 3 different ones each day. But if you need 23 of one item to level it up, you need to purchase 23 copies of that item, and the price goes up with each single purchase,


  • Cicero733
    2,304 Posts
    Sun, Sep 26 2021 11:49 AM

    You need to play H2H coin room matches and select a sponsor before you begin

  • Cel7
    107 Posts
    Wed, Sep 29 2021 4:23 AM

    What happens when you get a message that read like the following


    "We are sorry....after review of your last few games, we cannot find a sponsor willing to associate themselves with you or your level of play"

  • HamdenPro
    2,430 Posts
    Wed, Sep 29 2021 6:07 PM

    OK, here it is, hopefully, a not so confusing response....

    There are five different "sponsors" each having sets of apparel, .gloves, hats, shoes, shirts and pants. Each sponsor has 3 different sets: Common; Rare; and Epic. Each item has 10 levels  and each level adds to the enhancement the particular item possesses (longer drives, forgiving putts, etc) as well as provide a different style or color option of the apparel. 

    To advance each item through the levels (1 -10) you need to have a certain number of the same items and the coins required to advance. For example, to go from level 5 - 6 on a particular item may require 250 of the same item and 30,000 coins. The amount of each item, and number of coins, increases exponentially as the levels increase. The amount of coins needed to reach higher levels is in the hundreds of thousands!!!

    You can acquire items of apparel one of two ways: 1) purchase in pro-shop when available (3 different items are available each day - this cost credits); or 2) obtain "gift boxes" from sponsors when playing head to head matches in the coin rooms.

    When you go to the head to head (coin room screen) you can click the green link on the bottom, to get a sponsor. Sponsorship last approximately 29 minutes then you cannot get a sponsor for another 5 1/2 hours. After each head to head match (win or lose) you will receive a sponsor box with items of apparel. This happens after each match until the time allotted for the sponsor has ended. Depending on which rooms you choose, you can play anywhere from 1 to 6 or 7 matches, getting a sponsor gift box after each match. Obviously, if you win, you get coins as well.  You do not need a sponsor to play for coins, only if you want the gift boxes.

    Basically, you spend coins to get gift boxes of clothes so you can earn more coins to enhance the clothes, which will allow you to earn more coins... Apparently, this is so rewarding, people pay real money to buy coins (like credits) just so they can enter matches to win coins to enhance the clothes' which allow you to earn more coins?..ikr…


  • spgolfer3
    158 Posts
    Fri, Oct 1 2021 2:36 AM

    The only real value to apparel is when it comes to showdowns - Anything that makes my putting better is warmly welcomed 

    Showdown prizes are pretty good - Veteran level shows a good return on your 100cr entry. 


  • HamdenPro
    2,430 Posts
    Fri, Oct 1 2021 10:04 AM

    OMG...I know we all like to play these events, and I have played in all the Showdowns, if possible and, from time to time, if needed, Turf Wars and Clashes....but this a racket or not...consider a Showdown, 3 rounds, 1st round is 9 holes, the next 2 are 18 each so...the average ball, that you pay for, last for 2  or 2 1/2 rounds, assuming you do not play like someone who will remain nameless (but you know who you are), and don't lose every watering hole you come across, the average player will use up approx. 1 1/2 - 2 balls..

    (what is 1 1/2 ball you ask...ask the last coin hustler to tried to beat me in match play)...

    anyway, those balls cost $$$ and WGT gets it all...

    With Clashes and Turf Wars, lets add a pass (if you don't stick solely to the freebies each day) and, yes, balls, but more than showdowns because there are many battles so, balls, balls, balls (and in nameless' case....that could be an awful lot of balls)...all $$$ to WGT..

    Now, what do we win?

    In Showdowns, more coins to use to play in more showdowns. You may win clothes, or get gift boxes of clothes, from sponsors, so you can earn more coins to enhance the clothes, which will allow you to earn more clothes.....other than that, coins do absolutely nothing...…

    In Clashes and Turf Wars...if we our club is lucky enough to place in the dismal tier of 250-500 (which we usually do), and mind you, it cost a pass to play a round, we win extra passes (which we will get to below...cause I am just gettin' started....), you also win club XP which in turn can level up the club so you get more passes to use in the Clashes and Turf Wars or otherwise use to, yep, earn more XP for the club...Now, follow me the club levels up, each player, in turn, gets an increased XP bonus each time they will see this at end of each round where it shows your club level bonus XP.  Your XP is what moves you up to the next level which allows you to spend even more money for better clubs and balls so you can Tier Up, by improving your average, and then move back to farther tees, which then requires your to upgrade your clubs, so you can reach the fairways, in order to improve your game, and thus average, so you can continue to Tier Up and get better clubs...(for more info on this cycle....see Chapter XXIX of my soon to be released novelette which covers why staying a Pro, with starter clubs leads to a Happier, Healthier COVID free lifestyle in the modern world), ok, so where was I?

    I forgot.

  • Lionheart4303
    2 Posts
    Mon, Dec 6 2021 2:53 PM

    Absolutly brilliant overview of the money generation system of this game.Its only saving grace is that it happens to be a brilliant game so many are happy to spend the cash on it.And if you dont want to spend any cash you can still do it ,it just takes longer.still your piece is well said and brought a wry smile. Warranting my very first post on this forum..lionheart

  • HamdenPro
    2,430 Posts
    Tue, Dec 7 2021 8:07 AM

    Absolutly brilliant overview of the money generation system of this game

    Thank you. After having posted that a few months ago, it either just got through moderation or you are the first to recognize my brilliance, two months later. In either event, your words are appreciated.

    It makes me feel all warm, and fuzzy, knowing that my attempts to entertain, and engage, has resulted in your first post to these forums. 

    As for spending money, when it comes time, and it does at some point for everyone, that you break down and decide to, please note, there are wonderful deals to be found, including treble credits on certain offers through the mobile app. I would much prefer to buy someone (myself) something nice and get credits to boot!! As an aside, what is a recyclable sneaker?

    I would like to state to the individual who trolls these forums and loves to hand out trophies, and you know who you are, Lionheart should be acknowledged as having posted for the first time.  An award, btw, that I myself never got but I have seen it on other's pages.

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