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Thu, Feb 4 2021 9:36 AM (2 replies)
  • pinhighshortputt
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    Tue, Feb 2 2021 12:11 PM

    Dear Sirs, 


    The new system has been up for a little over a month ... a few suggestions to help your participants: 

    1.  when a player hits a shot .... you provide them with stats .... instead of removing them from the screen .... keep them in that box .... just dim the whole box and move it to the bottom right hand corner of the screen .... we are watching the ball and the results of the shot and those stats are gone by the time we go looking for them ....

    2.  you show stats for how far we hit the ball and what is left to the pin .... instead of erasing them show them in the bottom left hand corner .... it will help to prepare a player for his next shot .... (ex: on alternate shot - my partner hits a shot - we are watching the shot - by the time we go lookin for how far we have to the pin those stats are gone ... being a monday morning QB - 462 yd hole - partner's drive is say 282yds - put that 180 yds left to hole in a box - dimmed - in the lower left)

    3. when playing in a tournament - the club distances/winds/putts/greens seem to be more exaggerated then when i am playing an alternate shot or one-on-one match .... there are clubs and meter bar strengths which will combine for a specific distance .... but when i get into a tournament (specifically the country club tournaments), i can throw the numbers totally out the window .... the breaks on greens and putts are far more exaggerated then when a player plays a round ..... players are looking/seeking consistency from the game .... and I really dont care which way you go - just be consistent .... 

    4. i play for country club (CC) points all the time .... it highly disturbs me to enter a match, maybe hit one shot and then a player quits the match .... I get maybe 30 CC points and have to wait another 4 hours before I can play for CC points again (this is not fair to me at all - I am getting the shaft big time) .... when players pull out of matches - reward the player staying in the match - severely penalize the player pulling out of the match .... one-on-ones arent to hard to figure out .... alternate shots on the other hand will be a bit more difficult .... reward the team staying in the game - if my partner pulls out then I should not be penalize because he is trying to prove some point ....  

    I have many more but right now these are my biggest problems ..... and I am sure you are having many problems just trying to keep this platform up and running .... but it would be nice if these issues were address ..... and implemented .... 



    Dan Reilly


  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Tue, Feb 2 2021 12:22 PM

    What a respectful way of suggesting your ideas! Well done.

  • TomCarioca
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    Thu, Feb 4 2021 9:36 AM

    agree - hope that it will be noticed and considerd!