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Multi-player games

Tue, Jan 5 2021 12:58 AM (15 replies)
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  • okiechuck
    4,507 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 1:42 AM

    Are we not able to see who is available (green), busy (red) or ready to be invited (blue)? I don't believe we have time to go thru our friends lists to fill a foursome for a stroke game and wait for them to accept or reject. There is only a certain amount of time before the game times out. I would appreciate an answer from someone. 

    Thanks, Chuck

  • Tigerpaw509
    1,285 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 3:48 AM

    When you click invite a list pops up with friends who are online.


  • okiechuck
    4,507 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 3:53 AM

    Yeah, I get all that but there is no way to tell who is available and who is busy without going thru each one. Thanks for your input though,


  • fineleg
    799 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 5:13 AM

    Indeed. I have championed the new version from day one and played exclusively on it for a couple of months,,and love it..  However it is clear that despite having over 12 months to do so, WGT have not manged to address the Social aspect of this game with PCEA.. and it is the Social aspect that is most important to me and I would suspect most players.

    Urgent  action I believe must be undertaken to provide an Accurate, "Live " friends list... what we have now is merely a collection of names highlighted Green-- and 99% of the time NONE of these players are actually playing ! WGT is  at risk of boring us  away from the game .. it`s like watching grass grow ! 

    I know PCEA is basically the mobile version re-branded.. and I have no computer skills at all-- but I find it hard to believe what me and so many other players are asking for cannot be implemented now.. driving hordes of current users .. and their money ..away from the game seems to make absolutely no sense at all..

    PS ; And how hard can it be to list players with the Flag of their OWN Country beside their name when inviting .. not all of us are Americans !!



  • GolfClown3
    494 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 6:31 AM

    Totally agree spending hours trying to set up games only to find that all names lite up green are playing NOT available to play. Surely it is not that difficult to convert old system so we know who is free and who is playing.

    Also the chat box is absolute rubbish, takes whole screen over and by the time typed message missed your shot !!


  • carlosdev
    2,476 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 6:44 AM

    Still spending 1 hour n close to set up a game.

    My nearest traffic signal works better than WGT :)

  • IzzySkint
    127 Posts
    Wed, Dec 30 2020 10:41 PM

    I totally agree! Top golf team, fix the issue when your in a multi-player game to show if you've joined a multi-player game, your flagged as busy (red)...should be simple!!

  • skccvb
    799 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 9:18 AM

    Yes, setting up multi-player games, particularly Alt-Shot, is so tedious as to discourage one from doing so. All friends online are "green"- this is an urgent re-programming need WGT!!

    Another HUGE issue is that once you have successfully invited a friend or friends to join your game, they cannot see their own friends list to suggest someone to be invited, which makes finding 4 players SO much more challenging...we need access for joining players to their friends list while in the AS game lobby!!

  • gillian5048
    78 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 9:41 AM

    Hours to set up a game? Really?

    I may not have the largest number of friends (71), but it only takes me a few minutes at most to set up a game. I play stroke play excusively.

    The biggest complaint I have with the new version is joining a game. Can some one help with this?

  • Pigskin14
    3 Posts
    Thu, Dec 31 2020 11:26 AM

    Been playing for years. I have a simple question. Why the hell does it appear that no one is playing this "new" version? I have been set up for a month but stayed with Flash until the last minute. Tried starting just about every multi player game there is and regardless of experience level, practice or scored, holes etc. I have seen almost no one playing.

    I have tried on 8 different occasions and have yet to play a game.

    Thoughts? Sorry if this has already been talked about but I didn't want to read a 120 forum page posts

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